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AT WHICH I POST: 2001-2012


I have tried in what follows--in this 128 page(font-14) 24,000 word document--to provide : (a) a developmental outline of the internet posting process in which I have been engaged for the last decade and (b) an extensive but partial list of the sites at which I have posted in the years 2001 to 2012. The list is a reasonably comprehensive one of the websites where I have posted my writing, made postings with content on a range of subjects and responded to people about some aspect of the Bahá’í Faith as well as other topics and issues. List #1 of the five lists is an information site list which I began as far back as the late 1990s. The following lists provide information relevant to the internet tasks I have been and am now engaged in on many subjects and causes, some related to the Baha’i Faith and some not.

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A Master List of My Websites

  1. 1. THE DEVELOPMENT OF 8000+ INTERNET SITES AT WHICH I POST: 2001-2011 Preamble:
  2. 2. Part I: I have tried in what follows--in this 18 page(font-14) 8,000 word document--to provide a developmental outline of the internet posting process in which I have been engaged for the last decade. Some of my rational for this extensive work is also included. If desired I can provide an extensive list of the sites at which I have posted in the years 2001 to 2011. The list is a reasonably comprehensive one of the websites where I have posted my writing, made postings with content on a range of subjects and/or responded to people about some aspect of the Bahá’í Faith as well as other topics and issues. These lists provide information relevant to the internet tasks I have been, and am now, engaged in on many subjects and causes, some related to the Baha’i Faith and some not. The information below is, for the most part, for my own record. I do not expect the average person/s or institution/group to whom I happen to send this document and who begins to read it to take it all in. I have sent a copy of the list of over 100 pages to a very small handful of people and institutions: (a) whom I thought would find it useful and/or (b) who have asked to have a copy of this list. Given the fact that 100 pages is a massive quantity of information and really beyond the relevance and interest of most people I have written this shorter statement. Readers should not make any attempt to grasp the detail here, even of this abbreviated account, since it goes to nearly 20 pages as of 1 June 2011. On 1 June 2011 I brought this document up-to-date and it stands as it is in a virtually compete state—at least as far as it seemed necessary. The interest of others, if they have any interest at all, is most probably in terms of a general overview of my internet work. Each person, of course, will get a different sense of that overview, its meaning and relevance to their internet work and the teaching work in general. Readers are advised to just pass on when the going gets tough, when the labyrinth of information here gets too twisted and complex to take in. Readers should just try and obtain the most general of pictures of what they find here and the 1000s of hours of time represented by what is located on the more than 8000 sites at which I post. As I say, I have not listed these sites in this summary statement for fear of prolixity, but I can provide the list if desired.
  3. 3. In addition, there are many sites where I post my writing and engage in dialogue on issues and with content which are not included on my list. When one deals with a number of sites of the order of 8000+, and when they are listed and commented on briefly as I do, it is only too obvious that the exercise is a massive one involving literally millions of words. The processes involved in my internet posting and publishing are complex and extensive and I try in this document to provide a general and as comprehensive a picture of my activity for anyone who is interested. Keeping a detailed, accurate and comprehensive list of all my postings became beyond my capacity or interest by degrees by the end of the first decade of this 3rd millennium, that is by 1.1.’11. But a sketch is found here for anyone taking some general interest, a sketch in these nearly 20 A-4 pages, and the sketch is sufficiently detailed to be of use to anyone who does take a serious interest in my work on the internet and takes an interest in: (a) doing any similar work drawing on the approach I have taken herein, or (b) advising others who might entertain the possibility of: engaging in teaching and consolidation work, service and social activism processes on the net in ways similar to my own. I have taken only a mild interest in record keeping, an interest which leads to maintaining a modicum of order within this vast system of writing on the internet, writing as I say which involves literally millions of words and is now in 2011 the equivalent of perhaps 50 volumes at 80,000 words per volume. What is found here is, therefore, not totally comprehensive, but provides a reasonably complete picture. The lists of sites are intended to sketch this general picture of my work on the WWW, give those interested in what work I do a perspective on how they might locate my writings and, hopefully, see for themselves the wonderful opportunities for publishing and/or dialogue that are available to them should they desire to interact with others on the net is more than a superficial and relatively abbreviated way. The word publish is quite an accurate term for the internet work that I do. Readers who just want to survey what I have done in more detail for whatever reason can write to me at my email address: ronprice9@gmail.com. I am only too happy to forward to them a list of the 8000+ sites at which I have posted my writing and give them a full account of the process as it has evolved in the last decade since I have not included that list and that process in detail below in this statement.
  4. 4. I have written what follows for my own interest and record keeping as much as anyone else’s, as I say, so that I may find information I need to keep up with my particular pattern of burgeoning internet posting. This accessibility of data, this account of what I have done, is useful both to me and, I hope, to others. Since it is a work-in-progress so to speak, this account helps me keep some hold on this labyrinthine process. The following outline is one I have written and revised many times in the last ten years: 2001-2011. I have tried to keep it up- to-date with data because I really think I am onto something very valuable for those who want to be of value in our world of trouble and woe by utilizing their writing skills. It is exciting to me and, if I can transfer some of this excitement to others, that would be valuable in its own right. My story on the internet began insensibly in the late 1990s when I first had my own website and when I was about to retire from FT employment. The story goes through to 2011 with a special focus on the two Five Year Plans: 2001- 2006 and 2006-2011 as well as the new FYP which began in April 2011. There are now, as I indicated above, about 8000+ sites involved in this exercise and, given this massive number of sites, my presence at most of them is relatively thin because I try to scatter the seeds wide among many sites. This is not always the case, though, and at some sites I have a strong presence. There are now literally hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, accessing my writings in varying degrees of interest and extent. These 20 pages of descriptive prose are intended, then, to provide an explanation to readers, give them a taste, a sample, of the sites involved1 and how I go about what I am doing on the internet. These lists1 will serve as my base for a future of internet posting and teaching that I find very satisfying. Teaching the Faith, the Bahá’í Faith, has always been a very important part of my life. This list will serve, too, as a base/framework for any interested person, as I say, to find out more about this internet work, the latest chapter of my individual teaching initiative.-Ron Price-Updated On: 1 June 2011. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. 1 The listing below of internet sites is set out in an organizational form that divides the sites into Lists 1 to 5. It incorporates earlier lists in my computer as far back as 2001. It takes the process of site listing to 1 June 2011. The 1st list began in 2001; the 2nd list was composed mainly in 2002-2003; the 3rd in 2004-5. The 4th and 5th lists were made mainly from 2006 to 2011 for my convenience and the convenience of the few readers who take an interest in this work or to whom I send this information for their possible interest. Anyone wanting these lists, now contained in summary fashion in this single document of about 20 A-4 pages, can write to me and I will send them over 100 pages by email since I have not included those 100+ pages here. Part II: GOOGLE-MICROSOFT In the first year after I retired from FT work, July 1999 to July 2000, Google officially became the world's largest search engine. With its introduction of a billion-page index by June 2000 much of the internet's content became available in a searchable format at one search engine. In the next several years, 2000- 2005, as I was retiring from PT work as well as casual and most volunteer activity that had occupied me for decades, Google entered into a series of partnerships and made a series of innovations that brought their vast internet enterprise billions of users in the international marketplace. Not only did Google have billions of users, but internet users like myself throughout the world gained access to billions of web documents in Google’s growing index/library. This new technological library was a finer and more useful library than any of those in the small towns where I would spend my retirement in the years ahead in Tasmania. It was also a library with a myriad locations in which I could interact with others and engage in teaching and consolidation activities, service and social activism, in ways I had never dreamt of in the first four decades I had been a member of the Bahá'í Faith: 1959-1999. In 1994 at the age of fifty, and as I was beginning to eye my retirement from FT work in 1999, as a teacher and lecturer, Microsoft launched its public internet web domain with a home page. Website traffic climbed steadily and episodically in the years 1995 to 1999. Daily site traffic of 35,000 in mid- 1996, at the very start of the new Bahá'í culture of learning and growth, the new Bahá'í paradigm, grew to 5.1 million visitors by 1999 when I had taken a sea- change and retired to Tasmania at the age of 55. Throughout 1997 and 1998 the
  6. 6. site grew up and went from being the web equivalent of a start-up company to a world-class organization. I retired from FT work, then, at just the right time in terms of the internet capacity to provide me with: (a) access to information by the truckload on virtually any topic; and (b) teaching opportunities, both direct and indirect, far in excess of any I had had in my previous years as a Bahá'í. From 2001 to 2005 I also retired from most PT and casual-volunteer work and the google-micro-soft world expanded apace. This new technology had also developed sufficiently to a stage that gave me the opportunity, the capacity to post, write, indeed, “publish” is quite an appropriate term, on the internet at the same time. Having released myself from FT, PT, casual and most volunteer work, I was able to focus much more sharply on my writing, and Google and Microsoft offered more and more technology for this writing activity. This writing was aimed at teaching the Cause, at work in a Cause that I had devoted my life to since my late teens and early twenties. The Internet has now, in this 2nd decade of this 3rd millennium, become emblematic in many respects of globalisation. Its planetary system of fibre optic cables and instantaneous transfer of information are considered, by many accounts, one of the essential keys to understanding the transformation of the world into some degree of order and the ability to imagine the world as a single, global space. The Internet has widely been viewed as an essential catalyst of contemporary globalisation and it has been central to debates about what globalisation means and where it will lead. I now have several hundred thousand readers, perhaps millions, since it has become impossible to actually count how many readers come to my work across the 8000+ sites at which I have posted. The degree of each person’s engagement with my writing is impossible to measure. This engagement of others in parts of my internet tapestry, my jig-saw puzzle, my literary product, my creation, my immense pile of words across the internet is at times serious, at times frivolous, at times negligible and at times non-existent. There are hundreds of people with whom I correspond on occasion as a result over, say, a 12 month period. This amazing technical facility, the world wide web, has made this literary success possible. If my writing had been left in the hands of the traditional hard and soft cover publishers, where it had been without success when I was employed full time as a teacher, lecturer, adult educator and casual/volunteer teacher from 1981 to 2001, these results would never have been achieved. I have been asked how I have come to have so many readers at my website and on my internet tapestry of writing that I have created across the world-wide- web. I have so many readers primarily because I have registered and posted at
  7. 7. so many sites and locations. My tapestry of prose and poetry, a tapestry I have sewn in a loose-fitting warp and weft across the internet, is found at over 8000 websites where I have registered: forums, message boards, discussion sites, blogs, locations for debate and the exchange of views. They are sites to place essays and articles, books and ebooks, poems and posts, indeed, many genres of writing. I have registered at this multitude of sites, placed the many forms of my literary output there and engaged in discussions with literally thousands of people, little by little and day by day over the last decade. I enjoy these results without ever having to deal with publishers as I did for two decades without any success. Part III: One of the main reasons, if not the main one for my focus on internet work, is my inability to engage in extensive Baha’i community activity in the social domain, since the turn of the 3rd millennium. I had been not only employed and working some 60 hours a week as a teacher but I had been extensively involved in Baha’i activities in my Baha’i life from 1959 to 1999. Anyone interested in my story, my account, of my experience of bipolar disorder(BPD) can read the narrative at Baha’i Library Online(BLO). My BPD made it impossible for me to interact with others for more than about two hours at a stretch. Those who are interested can read the account of my Baha’i life including my recent involvement in core activities should they desire. These accounts help to place my internet work in the last decade in what I hope is a helpful context, the context of my life-narrative so to speak. These documents, numbers 2, 23, 24, 30 and 36, can be found at the following link at BLO: http://bahai-library.com/author.php INTERNET SITES---STAGE 1 LIST #1: 2001-2004 After two decades(1981-2001) of keeping a rather small collection of publishers and relevant files for the purpose: (a) of publishing a book of my own, (b) of publishing Baha’i material/activities in magazines and in the periodical press or (c) of simply buying hard/soft cover books written by someone else, I began in the Australian winter, June to August of 2001, forty days from the start of the Five Year Plan of 2001-2006, to keep what became in the next ten years an extensive collection/series of arch-lever files and two-ring binders. I recorded
  8. 8. publishers and websites that were useful in my work to promote my prose, my poetry and the Cause. By July 2003, two years into this file and site collecting exercise, I had a list of a large number of sites and publishers, several hundred locations, more than I could log onto regularly. I also acquired and listed many other sites in connection with various subjects, topics and disciplines much of which I have listed in my 100+ page statement and much of which I haven’t. The total number of sites came to more than 1000. In some ways this is not significant given the fact that the number of sites on the internet now numbers several hundred million. In July 2003 I divided this large list into several subsidiary lists, created to give some specificity, some individual subject location, to what had become a burgeoning, somewhat unmanageable, list. These subsidiary lists, taken together, were still unwieldy, but it served as a sort of library of locations when and if I wanted to draw on the information or log into a site and do a posting. These subsidiary lists are now located in various files: religion, the Baha’i Writings, Canadian poetry, Australian poetry and Baha’i history, inter alia. This list served as the core, the outline, of my site acquisitions or site activity two years after I had made a start with that original list of internet sites in the winter of 2001. In May 2001 the 2nd edition of my website went online and the Baha’i World Center officially opened the Terraces and the Arc Project. I use this date as a measuring time/rod/demarcation point for my work on the internet in these early years of my retirement from FT, PT and casual work in the teaching profession, 1999-2011. This 2nd edition of my website did coincide with the onset of my record keeping. In fact both my website and my recording began within the ten day period: 21/5/01-1/06/01---the official opening/completion of the Arc Project. By 2004 I had added many more sites and developed what I came to call my Publishing Volume 12. This Volume 12 can now be found in 20 Parts in my study here in Tasmania. I refer to this volume from time to time in this statement. This second list, this Volume 12, is a list I refer to in my computer directory as “List #2." I devoted most of my internet site attention to this Volume 12 as the early months of 2004 advanced. By April 2004 I was devoting virtually all my time to Volume 12. By October 15th 2004 Volume 12 had more than 500 additional sites, by June 30th 2005 it had more than 1000 and by April 21st 2006, five years into the original exercise, I stopped counting.1
  9. 9. I write all of this and kept the names of all the sites I had registered at, as I say, largely for my own information, just to keep a record of how this exercise evolved. I realized, too, that: (a) what I was doing had a significance to me that I had not anticipated and (b) a written statement might be useful one day if, in fact, what I was doing did take on a significance that was already becoming apparent. The story is here, I said to myself, if I ever need it for some purpose. I have sent, unrequested, copies or partial copies to several individuals and Bahá'í institutions just to give them an idea of the work I am doing. Thusfar, I have received two encouraging responses: one from the Universal House of Justice in relation to my autobiographical work, and one from the NSA of the Baha’is of Australia Inc. on 9 October 2007 in relation to my internet work. ___________________________________________ 1 I stopped counting in this List #1 below(not included in this abbreviated 20 page document) of 1000 sites. I began counting again in List #2. List #1 is not complete and as time goes on it becomes more incomplete as more sites get added. I no longer update this List #1. I have lost interest in keeping my computer file completely up-to-date because of the very burgeoning nature of the exercise. It has proved difficult to keep an exact figure of how many postings I do at each site and when and what the content was at each site. This is due to the number of sites on all the lists, that is, List #1 to List #5. With well over 8000 sites on all the lists it is unlikely that most readers will have any interest in the names of the sites or, for that matter, this general outline. But I write this overview for the reasons I have already indicated, and I can provide the list of all the sites, as I say above, if anyone writes to me. I will then send them over 100 pages of the names of the sites. Ron Price 1 June 2011 ______________________________ INTERNET SITES--STAGE 2: LIST #1 2001-2004: 1. Introduction: By 1 July 2008 when the new teaching Plan(2006-2011) was two years and two months old(April 2006-June 2008), the process of searching out sites, forums in the social sciences and humanities, in popular culture and to a lesser extent in the biological and physical sciences, forums for posting and publishing various items of my writing, various material in relation to the Baha’i Faith, responding to issues raised on the sites by others and engaging with specific individuals at
  10. 10. these sites, had developed far more than I had anticipated on 21 May 2001 at the start of the whole process. At the start of this site and internet searching process seven years before(2001- 2008), I simply had no idea of what it would lead to in the teaching and consolidation, service and social activism fields. My own website went into its second edition on May 21st 2001, the date of the official opening of the Terraces, as I said above. My website’s first edition went from 1997 to 2001 and had little to no value in the teaching work, at least relative to the years in the next decade. In the embryonic years of my internet life, the decade 1991 to 2001, I had no idea of the potential for placing my writings on this world wide web or interacting with others in relation to the Cause, my writing or, indeed, any other subject. In those years the internet was essentially a source of information and a basis for emails. As the seventh year of searching out sites for posting or publishing items was coming to its end, I found myself keeping only a very general record of my postings at sites where I was a registered member. To even log in to all the sites, as I have pointed out above, at a greater rate than once/month had become impossible even if I devoted, say, 10 to 12 hours to this internet process each day. I do not possess the energy or enthusiasm for this extended type of application, and core activities as well as my personal life off the internet had to be attended to. This activity, of acquiring and servicing sites principally, especially, for Baha’i purposes, came to occupy my time intensively in 2003 & 2004. In early 2004, after completing my third book, the fourth edition of my autobiography Pioneering Over Four Epochs, I looked for an extensive writing outlet and the internet satisfied this search. From 2005 to 2008 my activity at websites actually decreased, though, because: (1) of what I can only call internet fatigue and (2) I had turned to non-internet writing: poetry and autobiography. I kept going back to this posting process when I was unable to work on my book or books, when I was not moved to write poetry, when I got tired of reading and when I wanted “little writing and posting jobs” that I knew would contribute in their own way to the teaching work. During these internet-posting-days-or- hours I usually spent from 2 to 10 hours; the variation was and is large. Although it is possible to quantify the time I spend posting poems, essays and comments of various kinds on what are called threads at internet sites, I never kept an actual daily time record except in the most general of ways.
  11. 11. It is more simple to say I came to have three main activities: writing, posting and reading and I altered them to preserve my sanity and because I simply get tired of any one activity if pursued beyond a certain length of time. The average is, as I say, about 8 hours a day devoted to these three activities in total. 2. Developmental Background: The first edition of this particular list of sites, sites especially devoted to publishing and posting(1) in 2001/2 was a very short list consisting of only a small handful of locations. A second edition in 2003 became a third edition in April 2004. That original list of a few sites in 2001 had burgeoned to over 800 sites by January 1st 2005 and to over 1000 by May 21st 2005. The contents of what became eleven files(8 arch-lever files and 5 two-ring binders) and well over 1000 sites was now divided into 20 parts, a division that evolved naturally and was not based on any inherent system. As the sites were contacted and their forum outlines copied, filed and used for recording my postings, the collection of resource/site information, et cetera was brought together into these several volumes. This list, like the first list described in the first document(List #1) became, as I say above, too lengthy a list to really service properly. It required the work of other Baha’is and so I placed a notice/article in the Australian Baha’i Bulletin which appeared on October 12th 2004 across Australia. I also presented a workshop at the Tasmanian Summer School on “The Art of Using the Internet.” There was no response to my notice in The Bulletin and no evidence of any increased presence of Baha’is other than myself at the vast majority of the sites at which I had registered, except of course at specifically Baha’i sites, ten months after the advertisement. The participation of Baha’is at websites is difficult to assess when one is talking about 8000+ sites. The sheer magnitude of the task/process, the number of sites and the vast quantity of participants over all these sites is simply beyond any one person to assess participation levels by the thousands of Baha’is on the internet. I have given this entire package of 20 arch-lever files and 7 two-ring-binders the label Volume 12: Publishing because the total exercise is one of publication in some form or another on the Internet. I made several copies of an earlier list of sites for those attending the workshop on “the use of the internet” at the Tasmania Baha’i summer school in February 2005. Volumes 1 and 2: The Baha’i Faith and the Arts(1.1.,1.2, 2.1 and 2.2) and Volumes 3 to 17: Publishing(excluding Vol.12) contain a large body of sites on: Australian Poetry, Canadian Poetry, Cinema/Media Studies and several collections involving The Baha’i Faith and the Arts. These subjects contain a burgeoning list of sites, sites which I acquired and serviced during the first three developmental years 2001 to
  12. 12. 20042 but which, at least for the most part and at least since Ridvan 2004, I have come to service or contact relatively infrequently. This latter category of sites, while being devoted to posting and publishing as well, as the titles on that list indicate, is also devoted to obtaining information. At this stage of development, these sites serve as an archival base that I service periodically as the need, interest and desire arises. Sections like (a) Canadian Poetry, (b) American poetry, (c) diary/journal sites, (d) literature and (e) cinema/media sites I try to service more frequently but this, too, has become impossible on even a regular basis. 3. Future Development In the months and years that lie ahead I’m sure this base of 8000 sites will be extended into further parts and volumes. I hope, too, that the 1000 or more archival/information sites will find my presence there more extensively than thusfar. But, as anyone can appreciate, well over 8000 sites to post Baha’i material in some kind of teaching and consolidation, service and social activism capacity is too much of a bite to chew, as one might put it colloquially. This activity is clearly a publishing and teaching device that has assumed impossible dimensions. There is always work, publishing work and teaching the Cause in the process. Perhaps, too, I will develop a system for servicing the sites with more frequency and thoroughness, especially if others become involved in this activity which I am confident they will in the years ahead even if this involvement is not part of any coordinated exercise and even if, at present, I have not engaged anyone else in a similar level of activity. I simply provide others with information when they ask. There is necessarily a life other than posting stuff on the internet. It could be argued that I spread myself too thin and should aim for depth and not breadth and that may be true. Posting at sites has a certain serendipitous quality just like teaching the Cause in everyday life. On the internet, so in life, I have scattered seeds far and wide, but not necessarily deep/in one place. Depth, of course, is always difficult to measure and all I want to do in this brief outline is give readers a general picture of my website and internet activity. Since the completion of the 4th edition of my autobiography(note: not my website) by Ridvan 2004, I have had no specific idea/plan for another book, although intimations of a book to write occur from time to time, but I do not seem to have the inspiration, the specific direction, to take on a book. I spend some time occasionally working on the 7th edition of my autobiography and developing ideas for other books. But, in the main, I now work in this milieu of over 8000 sites3 when the spirit moves me. These sites provide enough to keep a marathon runner-writer busy into perpetuity, well into several more
  13. 13. Olympic games or, in terms of the Baha’i calendar, at least to the end of the first century of the Formative Age in 2021 or even the end of my own first century of living in 2044 and two Baha’i centuries.4 ___________________________________________________________ _______________________FOOTNOTES________________________ 1 The term ‘publishing’ refers to systematic posting of essays and, indeed, a variety of other material on the internet, material like: emails/letters, parts/chapters of books, poems, prose-poems, reviews of films books, inter alia. In addition this List #2 is comprehensive but not absolutely accurate due to the sheer number of sites involved. 2 In the six year period before the first edition of my own website, from 1991 to 1997, and the four years after the creation of the 1st edition of my website, from 1997 to 2001, I began to search out and contact websites. This was the first decade of my use of the email facility as well. These were embryonic years and I have no record of any results, any sites listed from this decade of beginnings. Of course I was still employed professionally as a teacher in Tafe until 1999 and as a volunteer teacher with a School for Seniors until 2004 or actively engaged in community work of different kinds until May 2005. I dropped these involvements at various times in the years 1999 to 2005, although some work in core activities continued and this can be found in my autobiography at Baha’i Library Online(BLO). From 1999 to 2001, during the first two years of my retirement, I began to set up my systems: files, categories, internet order and form, etc. here in George Town for future writing and work on the internet. In these first two years I really only began to see, insensibly for the most part, the potential for publication and teaching in this medium. But as the 2nd edition of my website went on-line in May 2001, at the start of the Five Year Plan(2001-2006) and at the same time as the opening of the Terraces, I began to see the internet potential for ‘seed planting.’ By April 2006, the end of that FYP, I was spending virtually all my time reading and posting on the internet; and in writing articles, essays and books generally. 3 A team of several people could be kept happily employed servicing these sites with a minimum of regularity and a periodicity of once a week, fortnight, month or whatever frequency, depth and breadth; indeed many more could also be employed should this exercise be seriously taken up by a group of Baha’is, especially/only people with skills at writing and depending on the time they could devote to this exercise. No coordination would be required for such an exercise, although if it was to be done in a sophisticated way that is another question. It would be too onerous and complex a task for me to engage in from
  14. 14. this remote backwater. Perhaps a small team of two or three would be best. In addition, there are many more sites which will be added to this list as time goes on. I think this idea, this proposal, is unlikely to be taken up in the short term, in the immediate years ahead. 4 I hope this brief essay provides a useful base of information, a useful outline, to anyone expressing interest in this activity of internet posting. I have written this introduction, as I say above, partly for my own use simply to outline just how this activity has developed in recent years and partly for interested others who think they might like to give their writing skills and their interest in teaching the Cause on the internet a good workout. Readers should not concern themselves unduly with the above process of development that I have outlined. It is essentially a sketch for my personal purposes and interest. But, as I have also said above, my interest in this process of record keeping is minimal and my reason for outlining the process has had, thusfar, little interest and value to anyone else. ___________________________________________________________ INTERNET SITES: STAGE 2 LISTS 2 &3 List #2: INTERNET SITES IN 20 PARTS (20 arch-lever files & 7 two-ring binders) A SUMMARY STATEMENT Most of the internet site information below was gathered after I stopped writing the 4th edition of my autobiography, Pioneering Over Four Epochs at Ridvan 2004. In late May 2004 I initiated the 5th edition of that book and a copy was placed in the Baha’i World Centre Library. Work on that 5th edition has continued from time to time as inspiration and relevant content has come to mind. Posting on internet sites came centre stage in 2004, but after several months of posting the spirit became exhausted with the process and had to move on to other activity. What is found here on this list below in Volume 12: Parts 1 to 20, was initiated in 2004 and continues to 1 June 2011 as I make this summary statement. On 23 May 2008 I had been engaged in this exercise for seven years since the opening of The Terraces(23/5/01), the opening of the 2nd edition of my website
  15. 15. and since recording my postings on the internet. The internet site titles/ headings from over 4000 sites now in 2008 I have listed in a document of some 100+ pages. They can be obtained from me under separate cover. As the months and years go on, of course, more sites, will be added. There are some 1000 sites(a guesstimation) put together from 2001 to 2011 which are for the most part only information sites. No posting is done at these sites, no dialogue, no interaction—just information is obtained. This list is comprised of both Baha’i sites and other interest group sites for information and publication and I have not included it here.1 I have subtracted these 1000 sites from the total of all my sites giving a working base of some 8000 sites at which to post, interact and teach. Each Baha’i who makes the effort to register and post at internet sites will obviously do so on the basis of his or her own interests and capacities. My list inevitably will not be another person’s list. But the following list of sites will give anyone who is interested in posting Baha’i material and what for them is ‘Baha’i related material’ an idea of the sites on which I am ‘working.’ Feel free to write to me for more advice on how you might take advantage of this immense teaching opportunity. -Ron Price, 1 June 2011. ___________________________FOOTNOTES____________________ 1 There are several lists of sites now which taken together come to over eight thousand sites. Some are Baha’i information sites and some useful sites for posting Baha’i related material. I have not included them all here; they are available to anyone who is interested. I have included here(above and below) a total of about 20 pages of A-4 size(font 14) material. 2 Given the range and extent of the internet sites I have posted at; and given the limitations of time and energy, the presence of the Baha’i Faith at most of these sites is still (a) embryonic, (b) slight and (c) requires much more development/interaction/postings to be noticeable or significant in any quantifiable sense. To put it another way, the Baha’i presence at these sites is still coming out of obscurity. But, for the most part, the history of these sites is coextensive with my own involvement. The years 2000/2001 and after were, in many ways, beginning years for many, if not most, of the sites. I am pleased that I was able to get involved in these foundation years. ----------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNET SITES: STAGE 2: (Stage 2 List 3) 3.17 THE BAHÁ'Í FAITH AND THE ARTS
  16. 16. VOL. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2.1(Volumes 1 and 2): These five arch-lever files had their origins decades ago, but it was not until the formation of a Working Group for the development of the Arts in the Australian Baha'i Community in 2003 that these particular files came into existence. Now in 2008 after five years, these resources have their present form as set out in their respective Tables of Contents. Volume 1.1 deals with film sites; volume 1.2 with general Baha’i sites. Volume 2 consists of section 2.1 contains material from Mark Foster’s Site. Volume 2.2.1(Volumes 1 and 2) has resources from the Jollyroger.com site. Volume 2 is not concerned explicitly with the Arts in Australia. There is a broad relevance of Jolly Roger and Mark Foster to the Arts as I see them and work with them on the Internet. It was this that inclined me to include them here under the head: The Baha’i Faith and The Arts.—1 June 2011. INTERNET SITES: STAGE 2: STAGE 2: List #4: I have a series of other arch-lever and 2-ring binder files on many topics, some of which I will list here: (a) psychology, (b) sociology, (c) media studies, (d) film studies, (e) history, (f) literature, (g) poetry, (h) creative writing, (I) anthropology, (j) Greek history, (k) Roman history, (l) interviews, (m) philosophy, (n) astronomy, (o) geography, (p) health, (q) historians, (r) fiction, (s) drama, (t) music, (u) art, (v) letters, (w) biology/botany & archaeology, (x) publishing, (y) religion, (z) wide range of Baha’i topics: history, writings, administration, et cetera. Some of these files contain specific sites which I have not placed on the above lists. List #4, then, is a sinuous list that, as yet, has not been set out into a coherent form. Perhaps at some future time I will do this— when it seems pertinent to do so. When each of the words in the above section from (a) to (z) is typed into the google search engine followed or preceded by my name an additional list of sites/entries/posts are found. STAGE 2: LIST #5: WORDS TO TYPE INTO SEARCH ENGINES TO ACCESS MY WORK Preamble:
  17. 17. This list below has many 1000s of entries on the internet for my poetry, prose and responses to people at internet sites. My guesstimation is that there are some 45,000 posts from the above 8000(circa) sites), but it is very difficult to make a total after ten years of posting(2001-2011) on the internet. I have only outlined below some of the process by which these entries can be accessed. These entries were first made in the Five Year Plan(2001-2006) and they continued to be added from month to month in the FYP, 2006-2011, and in the current FYP(2011-2016). I have tried to provide some summary of the present online access to my work on the WWW by listing (a) key words and phrases to type into search engines and (b) indicating the general rating or frequency of my postings listed under those key words. Readers should simply follow the instructions outlined below to access these entries. A.1 WORDS TO TYPE INTO SEARCH ENGINES LIKE GOOGLE TO GET ITEMS OF MY WRITING BY TOPIC: 1. Type my name Ron Price(with or without a space between my first and family name) followed by any of the following subjects, topics or words—and many others you might like to try somewhat at random. The results are literally 100s of 1000s of selections, sites and documents, items and readings, poems and articles, essays and ebooks, internet posts and discussion points, inter alia. The following list was composed in December 2009 and has not been updated since. It needs to be updated at least annually to keep it reasonably accurate. This entire business of record keeping had become an onerous one as the last years of the first decade of this internet activity developed(i.e. 2001 to 2011). ----------------------------- journal, diary, Universal House of Justice, Buddhism, The Báb, Hinduism, Literature, Bahá’u’lláh, tradition, poetry, Shoghi Effendi, history, Abdu’l-Baha, astronomy, ancient history, epochs, interviews, society, sociology, education, democracy, psychology, politics, schools, cinema, anthropology, teaching, geography, health, TV, Bahá’i, mental health, radio, religion, bipolar, depression, BPD, philosophy, lithium, media studies, writing, Christianity, pioneering, creative writing, Australia, popular culture, classical poetry, Canada, Thucydides, essays, Herodotus, movies, Virgil, George Town, letters, Autobiography, westerns, biography, Plutarch, social studies, Islam, war, Jolly Roger, Toynbee, Launceston, Gibbon, Shakespeare, Dickinson,
  18. 18. Wordsworth, epic, narrative, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, Burlington, Windsor. There are also: (a) many writers, (b) thinkers, (c) people with other skills in other disciplines, (d) other topic areas as well as (e) many other subjects one could add here. There are dozens of other topics I could add here. The list of internet sites in this report could all be added here. The site preceded by my name and typed into the search engine search box should enable the reader to locate my material. This is not always the case since internet sites have a certain dynamism; that is, they change their content, their layout frequently and it is often difficult to locate my material unless googlers is highly specific in their request. Generally, though, there is enough information provided here for anyone to access many of my postings/writing to assess its relevance, its suitability, its quality, its role as a teaching tool which is, of course, its main purpose. The above lists provide a broad and sufficiently detailed outline for anyone to draw on, for anyone to extend to topics of personal interest by inserting some other topic/name and evaluate my activity on the internet, if desired and for anyone to get some wide-angled view of just what I do on the Internet. INTERNET POSTINGS NOT EXPRESSED ON THE ABOVE LISTS A SUMMARY OF RON PRICE’S INTERNET PUBLISHING I have outlined below several categories of my writing, my writing projects of varying sizes, genres and subjects on the internet. You can gradually get into whatever categories of my work you desire, if at any time you do in fact desire, over the next few days, weeks, months, years or decades. Most of the following items went onto the internet in the period 2001-2011. Most of it is free of any cost, although some of the self-publishing material costs anywhere from $3 to $20. There are three general categories of printed matter I have placed on the world wide web. These categories are: 1. Books: 1.1. The Emergence of a Baha’i Consciousness in World Literature: The Poetry of Roger White. This 400 page ebook is available at Juxta Publishing Limited and can be downloaded free of charge. 1.2. A paperback edition of the above book is available at Lulu.com for $11.48 plus shipping costs from the USA. This self-publishing site also has a four volume work, a study in autobiography, entitled Pioneering Over Four Epochs which is 2500 pages long(four 600+ page volumes). The cost of these books is set by the two internet sites: Lulu.com and ebook Mall.
  19. 19. 2. Internet Site Postings: Essays, poems, parts of my autobiography and a wide variety of postings/writings in smaller, more manageable, chunks of a paragraph to a few pages are all free and can be accessed by simply: (a) going to any one of approximately 8000 sites or (b) typing some specific words into the Google search engine as indicated in the following: 2.1 Approximately 8000 Sites: I post at a wide range of poetry, literature, social science and humanities sites across a diverse mix of subjects, topics and intellectual disciplines in both popular and academic culture. The list of these sites is available to anyone interested by writing to me at: ronprice9@gmail.com. But a simpler method for readers to access many of my postings would be to: 2.2 Type Sets of Words At Google: There are literally hundreds of sets of words now that will access my writing at various sites. If you type, for example, Ron Price, followed by any one of the following words or word sequences: (i) poetry, (ii) literature, (iii) religion, (iv) Baha’i, (v) history, (vi) Shakespeare, (vii) ancient history, (viii) philosophy, (ix) Islam, (x) Australia Bahai and (xi) pioneering over four epochs, et cetera, et cetera, you will get anywhere from a few sites to over 150 sites arranged in blocks of ten internet locations. This last site, “pioneering over four epochs”, is a particularly fertile set of words to type into the google search engine. The main problem with this latter way of accessing what I have written is that my work is side by side with the items of other writers and posters who have the same name as mine and/or the same topic. I have counted a dozen other Ron Prices and I'm sure there are more. You may find their work more interesting than mine! There are some entrepreneurs, like car salesmen, evangelists, media celebrities, a fascinating array of chaps who have different things to sell and advertise, different skills and interests, than my offerings and abilities. 3. Specific Sites With Much Material: Some sites have hundreds of pages of my writing and these sites are a sort of middle ground, a different ground, between the two major categories I have outlined above. The Baha’i Academics Resource Library(BARL) for example, has more of my material than at any other site. My writings are listed there under: (a) books, (b) personal letters, (c) poetry, (d) biographies and (e) essays, among other categories/listings. The Roger White book is at BARL under “Secondary Resource Material>Books. I find this site useful personally, but
  20. 20. some of the poetry is not arranged in a visually pleasing form. Some readers may find the layout annoying. There are some sites at which my writing is found in a very pleasing form with photos and pictures and general settings to catch the eye. Some site organizers have their location beautifully arranged. I leave it to readers to read what pleases them and leave out what doesn’t. When one posts as much as I do one often writes too much, says the wrong things or upsets an applecart or two. It's part of the process. In cyberspace, as in the real world, you can't win them all. The pioneering over four epochs word sequence is, as I’ve said, a useful word package to access some 150 sites with my writing and has no competition from other ‘Ron Prices.’ Concluding Comments: I had no idea when I retired from full-time employment in 1999 to write full- time that the internet would be as useful a system, a resource, a base, for my offerings as it has become.1 There are literally millions of words now on this international web of words that I have written in the last TEN years(2001-2011). From the early eighties to the early years of this new millennium(1981-2001) I tried to get my writing published in a hard/soft cover and to get some coverage for the Cause or my own writings, but with little success. My guess is that in the years ahead the world will be awash with books and various genres of printed matter from millions of people like me posting various quantities of their writing. This is becoming obvious to anyone who examines the internet seriously even now. What I write may not be your cup-of-tea. In that case drink someone else’s tea from someone else’s cup. There is something for everyone these days in both hard and soft cover and on the Internet. If you don’t like my work or someone else’s go to sources of printed matter you like. One hardly needs to say this, but I do not expect what I write to be everyone’s cup-of-tea. For those who already do or may come to enjoy my writings, I hope the above is a useful outline/overview. For those who don't find what I write attractive to their taste, as I say, the above will give you a simple handle to avoid as you travel the net. I wish you all well in your own endeavors in the path of writing or whatever path your travel down. 1 I retired from FT teaching in 1999, from casual and PT teaching in 2003 and from most of my volunteer work(teaching and non-teaching activities) by May 2005. Except for some explicit/overt Bahá’í work for the George Town Baha’i Group and as part of the Baha’i community of Tasmania, I will have had six years(June 2005 to June 2011) devoted to writing as fully as possible and posting on the internet when inclined and when time permits.
  21. 21. Ron Price Latest Update: 1 June 2011 A summary of 8000 words and 19 pages From a longer document of: 24,000 words and 128 pages, if the names of all 8000+ sites are included.