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Amethyst Systems


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Amethyst Systems

  1. 1. S erve your clients O ptimize technology A ctivate community R each your potential Amethyst Systems Functional Spa Management Rhana Pytell [email_address] 619-847-1680 Travel in good company and know where you are going….
  2. 2. Message Sustainability and Wellness at every Touch Point. Cultivate a Culture of Sustainability and Community. Optimize Profitability and Market Share with technology.
  3. 3. S pa = F eeling and L iving C onnected
  4. 4. S pa … W e curate earth-passionate lifestyles, optimum Wellness, and Beauty.
  5. 5. S pa L ifestyle = a life of E co- c onnection.
  6. 6. The S pa Concept has migrated from earth friendly…. to E arth p assionate.
  7. 7. S pa is personal, conscious, and Restorative … modeled after N ature.
  8. 8. 360 degree sustainability checklist Waste - Output Zero Waste Nothing to Landfill Recycle, Compost Energy - Input Renewable Energy Choices Conservation Practices Materials - Input Renewable Conservation Natural and Organic Industry- Input Influence the Supply Chain Community- Output Contribute to Solving Problems Products and Services - Output Wholesome, Healthy, Non-Toxic * From the Business Guide to Sustainability- SCORE Assessment Model
  9. 9. R estoration is a path…….
  10. 10. R estoration is a practice….
  11. 11. O ur s ervices S ustainability Systems Design purchasing operations messaging B usiness Management Systems web-based customized affordable
  12. 12. S pa M anagement S pa C onsulting Mention LinkedIn and receive a complementary consultation on a spa business topic of your choice. Rhana Pytell Amethyst Systems 619-847-1680 [email_address]