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House keeping equipment

  1. 1. SmartColor Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Product Guide Cleaning toolS For HealtHy BuildingS reStroom Quality Solar Panel Innovation WindoW Food ServiCe Ergonomics outlet HigH aCCeSS Green Cleaning Floor & ground maintenanCe Performance www.ungerglobal.comUnger Product Guide July 2012.indd 1 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  2. 2. The SmartColor Cleaning System combines Ungers superior cleaning technology with SmartColor the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding. Ergonomic cleaning products with color-coded enhancements help your employees easily organize both their equipment and their workday. Micro wipes, Washer, Mops & Buckets Page 3-5 Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning String Mops, Micro Fiber Dust Control Mop Page 6 Damp Mops, Mop Selection Guide Page 7 The Unger Restroom Cleaning System tools not only provide the products, but also a reStroom cleaning process that result in cleaner restrooms. The process is based on Sanitation, Productivity, and Ergonomics. Bucket System Page 8 SmartColor Cleaning SyStem Micro wipes, Mops, Handle Page 9 Toilet Bowl Brush, DustPan Page 10 Swivel, Corner Brush & Inspection Kit Page 11 HiFlo nLite system is the standard for cleaning solar panels which increases the total output your PreSCriPtion For by 30%. It is an enviorment friendly & cost effective solution. With HiFlo nLite the cleaning of Solar Panel solar panels becomes quick, easy and effective without using ladder or cranes. Evolutionary a HealtHy Building pole technology is 50% lighter in weight and the super light brushes are designed to get into the smallest corners. SmartColor Master Pole, Extension Pole, Brushes & Jets Page 12-13 Gooseneck & Clamps, RO Page 14 Get equipped with Unger‘s Window Cleaning Tools - high-tech solutions for today‘s fight against heavy-duty dirt. From dependable Unger classics to new innovations like MicroFibre WindoW and ergonomic grips, the pro window products can be used with the complete line of telescopic poles for hard-to-reach areas. Squeegees, Channels, Rubber Page 15-16 Washer, Microfibre Cloths, Soap, Liquiud & Pills Page 17 Scraper, Blades & Window Kit Page 18-19 Bucket on a Belt & Buckets Page 20 PREvEnT CROSS-COnTAMInATIOn AnD IMPROvE HEALTHy Hiflo CarbonTec Pole System Page 21 CLEAnInG PERFORMAnCE THROuGHOuT yOuR EnTIRE FACILITy Segregation of tools by “Cleaning Zone“ Unger cleaning products helps employees comply Possible colour areas: Food ServiCe with rigorous food safety standard and HACCP Principles. Unger cleaning tools are made outlet of food friendly materials such as Microfibre, Polypropelene, etc. Ergonomic tools enhances The SmartColor Cleaning System combines Ungers comfort & security. superior cleaning technology with the sanitation and productivity benefits of visual coding. Colour-coded enhancements to our ergonomic cleaning tools help CLASSROOM CLASSROOM your employees easily organize their equipment and BATHROOM BATHROOM Tool by Cleaning Zone Page 22 GyMnASIuM their workday. The results are improved hygiene, Griddle Cleaning Tools & Proess Page 23 Kitchen Hood Cleaning Tools & Proess Page 24 reduced risk, efficient performance and cleaner facilities. Unger High Access System! It offers Telescopic Poles in a variety of lengths with ergonomic Prevent Cross-Contamination HigH aCCeSS grips as well as several tools and accessories for everyday maintenance, dusting and cleaning. Unger makes it so you can reach it! • Separate cleaning tools into correct areas or tasks. Washroom tools stay in the washroom, kitchen tools EnTRy HALLWAyS LABS in the kitchen • Reducing bacteria and virus cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. • Proper use creates a healthy, sanitary building that benefits employees, occupants and visitors. Telescopic Poles, Attachments Page 25-26 HiFlo, FIXI-System, Hang up Page 27 Improve Training and Communication Dusting Page 28 • SmartColor is an intuitive visual coding system, removing language and literacy barriers when training KITCHEn CAFETERIA OFFICES a diverse workforce in proper cleaning processes. Unger offers a complete line of floor cleaning tools for various floor applications, and Floor & ground surfaces. It contains high quality tools for industrial or commercial needs. Unger provides the tools you need so that you don‘t have to bend, strain your back or dirty your hands while • Colour-coding also provides supervisors with quick visual indicators for monitoring employee activity maintenanCe to prevent tool or chemical misuse. cleaning. Floor Squeegees Page 29 Combi Brush, Floor Handles and Scraper niffty nabber, Bagger Page 30 Page 31 tHe Future oF Cleaning noW in Colour!Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 3 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  3. 3. SmartColor SmartColor SmartColor Cleaning SyStem SmartColor Cleaning SyStem Microfibre Cloth, Washer SmartColor Mop System, Bucket System Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning SmartColor miCromoP SyStem reStroom reStroom SmartColor miCromoP SyStem miCroFiBer grading SyStem (Patent Pending) SmartColor miCromoP • • Reduced bacteria by 96%* compared to traditional mops. Weights less than half the weight of traditional mops. The Mop Holder‘s • Ergonomic handle for more comfortable use. swivel head easily • Mop heads can be replaced without bending. 2 Different Grades of Microfiber Cloth reaches under toilets, • 15mm fibers clean floors, walls and stalls upto 10%* faster, behind urinals and in • Guidelines for choosing the right microfiber for the right task especially for heavy duty work. corners. • 7mm fibers designed for medium duty work on flat floors. Solar Panel Solar Panel • Optimize your return on investment (ROI) by purchasing the best grade for your needs Clean with less water. • Best quality microfiber available in each grade • Damp Mop is made of 100% polyester microfiber which miCroWiPe miCroFiBer Cleaning guide leaves floors streak free. Product Description Size SMARTCOLOR MICRO MOP 15.0 SMARTCOLOR MICRO MOP 7.0 SMARTCOLOR DAMP MOP Specifications Usages SmartColor MicroWipe 4000 Heavy Duty MicroWipe 4000 • Durability** 4000 • Highest quality grade textile MF40R Red cloth for toilets, urinals, etc. 16”×15” Heavy Duty • Scrub Factor**38 • Withstands excessive MF40Y* Yellow/Red cloth for mirrors etc. 16”×15” commercial washing cycles MF400 Green cloth 16”×15” • Absorbency*1700ml • Industrial soil loads-oils, MF40B Blue cloth 16”×15” or 5.2oz dry dust, embedded soils WindoW WindoW SmartColor MicroWipe 500 • Wash Cycles 1500 • Extended product life cycle- MC40R Red cloth for toilets, urinals, etc. 16”×16” lower long term cost MC40J Yellow cloth for mirrors etc. 16”×16” • For facilities that clean in MM40R • MM40Y • MM40O • MM40B MD40R • MD40Y • MD40O • MD40B DM40R • DM40Y • DM40O • DM40B MC400 Green cloth 16”×16” multiple shifts, 7 days a week MC40B Blue cloth 16”×16” SmartColormoP BuCKet SyStem SmartColormoP BuCKet SyStem MicroWipe 500 • Durability** 500 • Average life cycle Part n° Product Part n° Product Light Duty • Scrub Factor**34 • Light duty soil levels SM40G Mop Holder Grey BuCKG Bucket, Grey, 30L MM400/y/B Micro Mop 15mm Green/yellow/Blue COMBG Combo, Grey • Absorbency*1100ml • Good choice for daily dusting tasksFood ServiCe Food ServiCe MD400/y/B Micro Mop 7mm Green/yellow/Blue SPREG Press Grey or 3.3oz DM400/y/B Damp Mop Green/yellow/Blue • Wash Cycles 500 • Least aggressive mechanical action outlet outlet • Shorter product life cycle than medium duty SmartColor ComBo 30l Dual Bucket and Press as a Kit SmartColor WaSHer-ComPlete 7.0 • Dual bucket system with two compartments – keeps cleaning SmartColor SleeveS 7.0 HigH aCCeSS HigH aCCeSS solution and dirty rinse water separate. 35cm microfiber washer with durable T-bar handle for wet or dry cleaning of • Side Press for rinsing Unger walls and large flat surfaces, white boards, chalk boards, desks and counters, or SmartColor wet mops. stainless steel. Cleans better because tiny fibers penetrate irregular surfaces to • Floors get cleaner-because pull out dirt. Patented water wells in body of washer retain and release water with only clean solution is applied scrubbing movement. Replacement sleeves available and sold separately. • Easily fits onto standard cleaning cart.Floor & ground Floor & ground • Side Press locks directly into maintenanCe maintenanCe Smart Color WaSHer Smart Color SleeveS bucket to avoid accidental Part n° Product Part n° Product “pull out.“ CC35R T-bar (Grey) & Sleeve (Red/White) CS35R Red/White CC35y T-bar (Grey) & Sleeve (yellow/White) CS35y yellow/White CC350 T-bar (Grey) & Sleeve (Green/White) CS350 Green/White CC35B T-bar (Grey) & Sleeve (Blue/White) CS35B Blue/White 4 5Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 5 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  4. 4. SmartColor SmartColor SmartColor Cleaning SyStem SmartColor Cleaning SyStem SmartColor Damp Mopping SmartColor Damp Mopping System Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning & Dust Control System SmartColor String moP SmartColor damP moP SyStem reStroom reStroom Microfiber Features NEW Benefits of pre-moistened mopping. • Extreme liquid and dirt pick up. Less solution = faster drying time. Clean upto 200 sq.ft. per use. Perfect • Floors dry faster. Non-streaking. for health care facilities or single use applications. • Reduces bacteria by 96% compared to traditional mops. High-yielding and effective. Bacterial contaminations are reduced by up to 96%. unger String Mop Benefits • Easily attaches to Unger String Mop Holder. • Headband fits standard mop handles, holders and frames. damPmoP Pad Holder Solar Panel Solar Panel • Use with Unger‘s Dual Bucket System or any standard wringer. Made of heavy duty aluminium, Holder has a swivel head - glides Looped Ends & Tailbands easily across floors, has velcro pad attachment. • Increases performance and product life. • Greater floor coverage and control. • Prevents mop from tangling while mopping or laundering. Color coded • 4 colors for designated cleaning areas. • Prevents cross contamination. • Simplifies training. SmartColor damPmoP Pad WindoW WindoW 100% microfiber pad features high density looped pile for streak free results. Extreme durability through 500 wash cycles. Use with SV40G DampMop Pad SmartColor Holde. This uses less water & solution making the floor dry quickly. Size 49cm. String moP Holder Smart Color String moP SyStem SmartColor damP moP SyStem Part n° Product Part n° Product Size • Easy clip Mop Holder for String Mop. ST25R String Mop red Sv40G Damp Mop Holder 46cm/18” • Use with standard Mop Holder handles. ST25y String Mop yellow Dv40R Damp Mop (Red) 49cm/19” ST250 String Mop green Dv40y Damp Mop (yellow) 49cm/19” String moPHandleFood ServiCe Food ServiCe ST25B String Mop blue Dv400 Damp Mop (Green) 49cm/19” FC02G String Mop Holder grey Dv40B Damp Mop (Blue) 49cm/19” 23mm, 140cm Aluminium anodised outlet outlet SMH14G String Mop Handle 140cm Handle for String Mop. guide For SeleCtion oF moP SyStemS SmartColor miCroFiBer duSt Control moP Efficient 100% Microfiber Dust Mop Pad - Maximum cleaning performance. Machine washable for multiple uses. Looped fringe picks up loose particles. Ideal for hotel lobbies & large open areas. HigH aCCeSS HigH aCCeSS Convenient-requires no mop treatments - Dirt and dust pick up with no chemicals required. Dry floors = safer environments. Easy changeover of mops with Velcro back. Practical Design - Hook and loop strips for quick and simple pad changing. MicroMop 15.0 SmartColor SmartColor 30L System Unique mesh net adapter fits on standard dust mop frames. Mop Holder Presses Mops & Pads Ergonomic Benefits - Light-weight, reduces back strain. Grabs and holds MicroMop 7.0 dust particles and debris. Great for cleaning large open areas. DampMop SmartColor miCroFiBer duSt Control moPFloor & ground Floor & ground StringMop SmartColor Part n° Product Size maintenanCe maintenanCe String Mop Holder DCM60/90 Dust Control Mop Complete 60cm/90cm DP60/90 MicroFiber Dust Control Mop/Sleeve 60cm/90cm DA60/90 Dust Control Mop Adapter (Plastic) 60cm/90cm DampMop Pad DampMop DMF60/90 Dust Control Mop Frame 60cm/90cm Holder DMC00 Dust Control Mop Connector MicroDuster Mop DustMop Frame & Adapter DMH140 Dust Control Mop Handle 140cm X 6 7Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 7 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  5. 5. SmartColor reStroom Cleaning SyStem Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning reStroom Cleaning SyStem Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Microfibre Cloths, Mop System, HandleRestroom Cleaning miCroWiPe 4000 reStroom Heavy duty microfibre cloths for daily cleaning tasks 1. • Red cloth – power cleans toilets and urinals. 8. 2. • Yellow cloth power cleans- mirrors, wash basins, countertops and brightworks. • Proven to reduce bacterial build-up by 96%. 3. • Absorbs 6 times their weight for quick liquid 7. pick-up and easy rinse. 4. Solar Panel • Colour-coded to assist with management and 6. training, minimising cross-contamination. 5. • Good for about 1500 washings and dryings. miCroWiPe 4000 Part n° Product Size MF40R Red cloth 40x40cm/16x16” MF40y yellow cloth 40x40cm/16x16” SmartColor moPSyStem Mopholder and Microfibre mops for clean floors! IMPROVE SANITATION AND PERFORMANCE • The SmartColor MopSystem reduces bending, reaching and lower back injuries resulting in WindoW SInGLE SySTEM • SIMPLE PROCESS Mopholder less absences and healthier employees. SM40R SuPERIOR RESuLTS • The Mop Holder’s swivel head easily reaches CLEAnER RESTROOM under toilets, behind urinals and in corners. • Mops are easily fixed in clamps with the 3 hole flaps on each end. reStroom ComBo 30l • They don’t need to be removed during wash- out/pressing – quick and hygienic work. Dual Bucket and Press as a Kit Food ServiCe 15mm • Dual bucket system with two compartments – keeps cleaning solution • The SmartColor MicroMop system reduced and dirty rinse water separate. bacteria by 96%* compared to traditional mops. outlet • Floor gets cleaner, because only clean solution is applied. • Weighs less than half the weight of traditional • Side Press for rinsing Unger SmartColor wet mops. mops. • Easily fits onto standard cleaning cart. • Mops available in three microfibre grades: 15 mm, 7mm & DampMop. • Side Press locks directly into bucket to avoid accidental “pull out.“ 7mm • The 15 mm fibres clean floors, walls and stalls up • Rinse water empties easily into drain without lifting. to 10%* faster. Especially for heavy duty work. • The 7 mm fibres are designed for medium duty HigH aCCeSS work on flat floors. Clean with less water. • Damp mops are used on sealed or closed floors reStroom SideBuCKet where less water is needed. Part n° moP SyStem Product Size For storing additional items • Mop heads can be replaced without bending. SM40R Mopholder red 40 cm / 16” • Microfibres, less than 1/1000th the width of MM40R Mop 15mm 40 cm / 16” MD40R Mop 7 mm 40 cm / 16” traditional cloth fibres, removes dirt even in hard DM40R DampMop 40 cm / 16” to reach grouted areas. reStroom FloorHandle Floor & ground maintenanCe reStroom BuCKet SyStem 1,40m/55” handle for floor cleaning Part n° Product Capacity ergo Pole BuCKR Bucket, red 30l / 8 gal. use within Smart Mop Holder & Part n° Product Size COMBR Combo, red 30l / 8 gal. DampMop System 14425 Mop Handle, 140cm/55” SPRER Press, red Red Grip SMSBG Sidebucket 14426 Mop Handle, 140cm/55“ • The ErgoPole is a 1.40 m / 55" aluminum handle. Grey Grip 8 9 Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 8-9 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  6. 6. SmartColor SmartColor reStroom Cleaning SyStem reStroom Cleaning SyStem Toilet Cleaning, Dusting Brushes, Sprays & Inspection Kit Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning ergo toilet BoWl BruSH SWivelBruSH gray SWivelCorner BruSH reStroom reStroom Designed and developed for professional cleaning of (SB20G) gray (CB20G) toilets and urinals. ergonomiC Design Ideal for the removal of heavy dirt build-up on floors (SB20G) and in Revolutionary handle corners of walls and floors (CB20G). • Longer (26” / 66 cm) handle improves worker safety by creating distance Durable PET bristles for superior scrub- from the bowl to minimize back splash on body and clothing. bing action. Pivoting low file head, easy • The light-weight, high-quality handle and molded grip eliminate bending and to maneuver, helps reduce bending, lessen arm & wrist strain, back pain and fatigue. over-reaching and prevents lower back Solar Panel Solar Panel • The reinforced curved handle reduces contorting when scrubbing under injuries. Use with Unger poles - ACME the rim and in crevices. thread for safe fitting. Color coded with • Use with one- or two-handed grip. high value, rectangular decals. SaNITaTION Benefits SPrayer on a Belt Nylon brush does not harbor harmful (SOABG) bacteria Sprayer hooks to belt to transfer weight away from back and arms. • The holder isolates contaminants to reduce spreading Flexible hose allows trigger to extend 3’ and spray solution closer across surfaces. to cleaning surface without bending or reaching. Spray right or left • Excess solution collects in drip bowl reservoir and prevents handed, even upside down. 33oz. high-density plastic bottle can be WindoW WindoW brush from standing in liquid. replaced with any standard 33oz. bottle with Acme thread. Combine with SmartColor MicroWipe to make wet cleaning strain-free, fast • Colour-coded red for restrooms. and efficient. • Reusable durable heads are environmentally friendly PATEnTED and replaceable. • Ideal for daily and project cleaning. Increases PRODUCTIVITY inSPeCtion toolS Brush head provides a 360° cleaning surface Make Sure thatFood ServiCe Food ServiCe • The unique head shape and bristle angles allow easier everything is clean access to hard-to-reach areas, such as under the rim. with the outlet outlet • Superior cleaning action saves time. Restroom Inspection Kit • The changeable head quickly connects to the handle. There’s no metal that will scratch surfaces. and the • The light and sturdy holder can be hand carried, hung Inspection Mirror on a cart or set on the floor. • Easy to clean – step on footrest to unscrew the base, reStroom inSPeCtion Kit empty excess and disinfect. uv backlight HigH aCCeSS HigH aCCeSS • Lower waterline by pushing water out of trap with brush Invisible Ink Pen, only visible with UV-light. Use for employee head for project cleaning. ergo toilet BoWl BruSH training and spot inspections. Demonstrates your high clean- Part n° Product ing standard to the client. BBWHR Complete: Holder, Handle, 2 Brushheads Pocket size, operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). BBCOR Handle + 2 Brushheads BBHLR Holder ergoduStPan BBRHR 2 Brushheads reStroom inSPeCtion mirror Telescopic Inspection Mirror for viewing Ergonomically designed. Complete with broomFloor & ground Floor & ground BruSH SPray & inSPeCtion Kit EDPBR hard to reach areas under, inside and Part n° Product Capacity • The Dustpan is engineered to reduce spills. maintenanCe maintenanCe behind restroom fixtures. 2” round mir- SB20G SwivelBrush grey 20 cm • Minimises stress and strain on hands and wrists. ror, multi-swivel, chrome plated. Handle CB20G SwivelCorner Brush 20 cm • Swivel pan opens only when base hits the floor, extends from 11.5” to 18” reduces SOABG Sprayer on a Belt 750 ml then closes upon lifting. bending. Red vinyl grip. Fits in pocket. IKITR Restroom Inspection Kit • The Broom attaches to the handle IMIRR Restroom Inspection Mirror for convenient storage. 10 11Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 10-11 08/08/12 11:55 PM
  7. 7. SmartColor Solar Panel Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning Solar Panel Cleaning Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning CleaningSolar Panel Cleaning The HF i lo nl ite Pole offers the gold standard’ in terms reStroom of ease and results, combining just the right amount of rigidity to control your cleaning, but in a lightweight system that’s better for the NEW professional to use. The HiFlo nlite Pole system is the standard for cleaning solar panels, offering numerous advantages compared to other system: Low follow-up costs - Rapid return on investment Cleaning with ultrapure water, completely without chemicals - Environment friendly, no disposal costs. Solar Panel Reaching 15m without difficulty - No ladder required; increased safety Perfect balance - Better rigidity for more control, up to 50% lighter weight, carbon fibre technology Hi tech design - Every part of the system, from Clamps and Levers to brushes has been created to deliver the highest standards with cutting edge looks. maSter Pole Length : 6,63m/22ft – 4 sections. Section 1 – 26mm, Section 2 – 29mm, Section 3 – 32mm, Base Section – 35mm. PROFESSIOnAL CLEAnInG OF SOLAR PAnELS Endcap : Durable plastic prevents accidental damages to end of the Pole, Features side aperture for Hose. WindoW Material : Glassfibre and Carbon. Efficiency : Up to 30% higher solar output (HT67G) Environmentally friendly : Cleaning without chemicals Secure : No ladders necessary Even if some manufacturers claim that solar stations are self-cleaning - the opposite is the truth! Dirt from the clouds and the atmosphere like dust, oil etc. are absorbed by the rain and deposited on the panels. It is true that eXtenSion Pole rain removes part of the existing dirt, but it also deposits new dirt on the surface. The effect is that some of the Length : 3,41m/11ft - 2 sections. Section1 - 32mm, Base Section - 5mm. sunlight is stopped by that soilage and can no longer produce electrical energy. (see Pic.3) Material : Glassfibre and Carbon. Food ServiCe Application : Add on up to 4 Extension Poles to Master Pole to reach the required height. Colour : Yellow visual warning area at the top of Extension Pole helps to avoid unintentional separation from outlet the Master Pole. Negative electrode (HT35G) n-doped silicium Power network p-doped silicium BruSHeS Positive electrode Superlight Brushes feature high quality polyester bristles designed to get into the smallest corner. HiFLO nLITE Brushes feature up to ten HigH aCCeSS Fig.1 : Functional principle Fig.2 : Soilage Fig.3 : Reduced incidence of light quick release Jets, making it much easier the water flow and rinse surfaces. Sizes : 60cm. Bristles : Lightweight, solvent resistant polyester. Unflagged single Efficient saving right from beginning !! strands, ideal for efficient cleaning glass. The purchasing costs of the HiFlo nLite system amortize them- Jets : Quick release Jets. Interchangeable Pencil or Fan design selves - depending on the size and the frequency of usage of – mix and match depending on the type of the surface s the solar panels - within a very short period of time. you clean, e.g. 2 Fan Jets + 2 Pencil Jets. ng (nL60y) Floor & ground i Sav Saving of time due to easy and quick cleaning as well as the maintenanCe increased solar output due to the now possible shorter clean- Purchase costs ing intervals lead to major savings. The high-quality manufacturing of HiFlo nLite system results in Fan Jet long durability and low maintenance costs. Pencil Jet 12 13 Unger Product Guide July 2012.indd 12-13 08/08/12 11:55 PM