Retargeting for Demand Marketers


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Retargeting is now a widely accepted marketing technique for direct-response and brand awareness campaigns. Did you know that retargeting can also be highly effective for demand marketers? Retargeting can target buyers in the consideration phase and can help your brand stay top-of-mind while shoppers evaluate your complex B2B products and services. Key goals for demand marketers include rapidly growing top-of-funnel leads, and accelerating your pipeline of engaged prospects.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

-Why online display works for branding and demand generation
-How retargeting boosts top-of-funnel conversions, and helps accelerate the pipeline
-Tips to maximize the performance of your retargeting campaigns

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  • Retargeting for Demand Marketers

    1. 1. Retargeting for Demand Marketers Mani Iyer, Kwanzoo Hafez Adel, ReTargeter
    2. 2. Retargeting
    3. 3. What is Retargeting? Focus your ads on people who have visited your site, but left without converting
    4. 4. How Does Retargeting Work?
    5. 5. Why Use Retargeting? Reach & Brand Awareness Brings Users Back Performance Show the right ads to the right people. Over 95% of users leave websites without converting, and over 72% of users abandon their shopping carts. Repeated impressions  look bigger online
    6. 6. How Retargeting Can Turn Prospects Into Leads
    7. 7. Turn Prospects Into Leads 1. Keep your brand top of mind 2. Nurture prospects 3. Expanded reach 4. Targeted messaging and creatives
    8. 8. 1. Keep Your Brand Top of Mind • Today’s consumer is likely to do thorough research • Retargeting keeps your company in front of prospects while they evaluate the competition • Supplement marketing designed to drive traffic with site retargeting and email retargeting to stay in touch during lengthy sales cycles
    9. 9. 2. Nurture Prospects Are you getting site visitors, but they’re not completing the conversion action you’d like them to? • You work to drive qualified traffic, but 90-98% of site visitors simply don’t convert. • Retargeting gives you additional marketing touch points to encourage conversions like filling out a lead form, downloading a white paper, or signing up for a webinar.
    10. 10. 3. Expanded Reach • Start with broad parameters to ensure you’re capturing a large audience. • Not all visitors are in the same stage of the purchase cycle. • Once you have a better understanding of where visitors are, you can narrow based on level of engagement.
    11. 11. 4. Targeted Messaging and Creatives Knowledge of a previous action gives you an opportunity to segment users. Examples: • A user visits your blog, but doesn’t sign up for your newsletter? Show creatives with a CTA that encourages downloading a white paper instead of “Purchase Now” • Segmenting lets you get highly targeted with your banner ads to that you can push prospects down funnel paths that make sense for them.
    12. 12. Retargeting Strategies There are various ways to retarget prospects and continue generating demand: • Search retargeting • Email retargeting • CRM retargeting • Dynamic retargeting
    13. 13. Site Retargeting Serve ads to people who previously visited your site but left without converting. Retargeting keeps your brand top of mind and encourages bounced visitors to return to your site and convert. Facebook Retargeting In addition to reaching your bounced traffic all over the web, we can help you reach them on the worlds most popular social network: Facebook. Dynamic Retargeting Leverage advanced behavioral data to show people ads for the products they’re more likely to be interested in. Email Retargeting Supercharge email marketing by serving ads to anyone who opens an email. CRM Retargeting Bridge the offline-online gap in your marketing by serving ads to people with nothing more than an email or mailing address. DRIVE TRAFFICRETARGET USERS Audience Targeting Drive relevant traffic with ads targeted by demographic, geographic, contextual, interest and intent data. Search Retargeting Target by search behavior to show ads to people who are searching for more information about your product, service, your company or even your competitors.
    14. 14. Search Retargeting What: Serve ads to people with proven interest in your product or service.
    15. 15. Email Retargeting What: Serve display ads to anyone who opens your emails.
    16. 16. CRM Retargeting What: Serve display ads to people on the web with nothing more than an email address or mailing address.
    17. 17. Dynamic Retargeting What: Show people ads for products they’re likely to buy based on past behavior.
    18. 18. The Importance of Creative
    19. 19. Creative Design • Clear branding • Rotate creatives • Align ads with the buyer journey • Keep messaging fresh
    20. 20. Key Points • Retargeting can nurture prospects • Stay top of mind during lengthy sales cycles • Expand your reach with broad campaigns, then segment based on actions • Targeted messaging and creatives will speak to users • Utilize various retargeting techniques for an advanced strategy • Align creative with the objectives of your retargeting campaign for maximum impact
    21. 21. Learn More