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University Library Consortium in Sri Lanka


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Published in ETTLIS 2010, India.

Published in: Education
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University Library Consortium in Sri Lanka

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CONSORTIUM:A TOOL FOR RESOURCE-SHARING AMONG UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES WHICH ARE COMING UNDER THE GOVERNANCE OF UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION, SRI LANKA T. Ramanan Snr. Assistant Librarian/ Eastern University of Sri Lanka (Mrs.) S. JayasuriyaLibrarian/ Central Library, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  2. 2. Brief of the Presentation• Introduction – Library Resources• Objectives• University Library Resources• University Library Consortium & RS• Conclusion – negatives• Conclusion – positives• Recommendation
  3. 3. Introduction (a)• Sri Lanka – developing country - small island = good communications to encourage networks• 15 universities funded by UGC• Reducing budget allocations; increasing costs of service purchases & provision• Pointers to need for increased co- operation, rationalization of funds, sharing of resources.
  4. 4. Introduction (b)• In these situations individual univs’ and national resources being wasted;• IT developments encourage networking & consequently resource-sharing• However statistical evidence indicates that these situations are not being exploited• A concept paper (with no consequent actions yet) suggests centralized governance of resources allocated.
  5. 5. Objectives of Study1. Current situation & problems faced2. Analyze existing resource-strengths / weakness of individual univ. libs.3. Identify hindrances – human, political, administrative, technological etc to concept of consortia4. Devise acceptable model for future development.
  6. 6. Univ. Libraries – existing resources• Monetary• Collections’ strengths (& weaknesses)• Expertise (HR)• Automation capabilities• Increasingly sophisticated user demands• Services’ delivery shortcomings
  7. 7. Univ. Library Consortium - RS• Elements observable in current practices – Interlibrary Lending – Sharing of achieved articles/ Doc. Delivery – Searching Online Bibliographic data – Transfer of technological advances• Obstacles to introducing consortium practices in libraries – Absence of cooperative collection development policies/ acquisition policies, least use of union catalogues, etc.• Barriers to establishing a consortium at universities’ and national levels
  8. 8. Barriers to Consortia• Ownership – challenged• Size & status consciousness• Egoistic barriers• Physical/ geographical barriers• Urgency of user needs• Administrative barriers – audit issues &• Traditional barriers
  9. 9. Something on Connection• “To communicate with one another, even if we know each other very well, is extremely difficult. Understanding comes when we meet on the same level at the same time…” - J. Krishnamurti(‘The First and Last Freedom’; 10 p.)
  10. 10. Conclusions - negative• Current financial resource allocations inadequate to meet current user needs• Lack of current resource-sharing practices• Administrative obstructions• Uncooperative human attitudes• Fear of loss of autonomy / status consciousness• Insufficient existing infra-structure
  11. 11. Conclusions - positive• Libraries experiences exploiting existing subject networks – AGRINET, HELLIS, etc.• World Bank IRQUE / HE project - financial support• PERI/ INASP – making available of e-Resources• National level support i.e. SCOLIS, UGC• Slow realization of need for action• Slow awakening appreciation that consortium may provide solutions to problems.
  12. 12. Recommendation - ModelUniversity of University of University of University ofMoratuwa Peradeniya Kelaniya Sri J’ pura Librar Librar Librar Librar y y y yUniversity of University ofRuhuna Jaffna Librar Librar y yOpen University of University ofUniversity of Colombo SabaragamuwSL Librar a Librar Librar y y yUniversity of EasternWayamba, SL University, SL. & Control Policies Librar Librar y yUniv. of Visual South Eastern& Performing University ofArts Librar SL Librar SCOLIS - y y UGCUniversity of RajarataUva Wellassa University of SL Librar Librar y y
  13. 13. Any Questions....?•••