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Data Scientist - Recommendation Engine


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At this point, we have 2 roles with us as “Data Scientist” where client needs someone with Machine Learning, Algorithms and with Big Data Tools like Hadoop, Hive, Kafka etc. Someone with Recommendation Engine/ Recommendation System preferred. Recommendation Engine/ Recommendation System also known as Recommender System/ Search Relevance Engine, Personalization Engine, Personalized Search, Personalized Relevance Algorithms. You can call me at 925) 418-5601 or email at

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Data Scientist - Recommendation Engine

  1. 1. CONTACT: RAMESH RB PHONE: 925) 418-5601 EMAIL ID: RRAMESH@BAYONESOLUTIONS.COM Required:  Master's Degree in Computer Science/Engineering required  Experience working with Recommendation Engine/ System  Minimum of 6 years of experience within Java and Big Data environment.  2+ years experience with Big Data ecosystem: Spark, Hadoop, Flume, NoSQL, etc  Experience with machine learning, good with algorithm  Experience with High availability scalable web applications  Experience with Cloud enabled Microservices  Experience with server side Javascript, Node.JS focused on scalability and performance  Experience with jQuery, Backbone/angular, Marionnette, Handlebars a strong plus