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Infrastructure Vulnerability Issues, Impacts, and Solutions with RackN


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This 1-pager sheet highlights a key issue for Infrastructure Vulnerability along with the impact a RackN solution can offer. The focus is on the impact of securing the enterprise with the latest patches and updates and how RackN can automate this process to allow companies to never skip another critical update based on their ability to perform the updates.

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Infrastructure Vulnerability Issues, Impacts, and Solutions with RackN

  1. 1. Infrastructure Vulnerability Start 30-day Trial Today at w w w . r a c k n . c o m RackN allows Enterprises to quickly transform their current physical data centers from basic workflows to cloud-like integrated processes. We turned decades of infrastructure experience into data center provisioning software so simple it only takes 5 minutes to install and provides a progressive path to full autonomy. Our critical insight was to deliver automation in a layered way that allows operations teams to quickly adopt the platform into their current processes and incrementally add autonomous and self-service features. It is this new layered automation process that will drive a new secure foundation for your infrastructure globally ensuring that you are solving the most common breach being leveraged by hackers, software and hardware patching. RackN Solution: Secure Foundation The rapid acceleration of dependency and reliance on computing infrastructure to operate businesses globally, 24x7 and independent of physical location has left a broad surface area for operational threats, data attacks, and even blackmail. Infrastructure security is no longer just securing the physical location of the hardware but also securing the applications, databases, and associated networks. Many security vendors provide complex, expensive solutions that still leave a fundamental exposure in your infrastructure as was seen in the recent Equifax hack. Simply patching the operating system, firmware, and applications is a foundational security practice that has become too complex for organizations to manage as they support heterogeneous hardware, global data centers, and even outsourced services with unknown hardware. Issue: Secure the Enterprise Marc Andreessen declared that “Software is Eating the World” as almost every aspect of your business is becoming digitized and protecting not just the data but also your business itself is a significant challenge. Almost every week we hear of a new hack that steals customer data, credit cards, or other business critical information that is causing a significant impact financially, with customer’s trust, and even business viability. Impact: Business is Digital RackN believes that a solid foundation in your infrastructure is not simply just loading an application on a server or provisioning bare metal but also providing the automated mechanisms to easily protect your infrastructure at the foundational level of the hardware bios, drivers, operating systems, etc. Our fast, simple, and open physical provisioning solution provides this security as part of your new infrastructure provisioning procedures.