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Mini Executive Summary - rGreen Bank


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rGreen Bank helps to supply the community with endless normal daily activities joined to provide a fully funded higher education to all children with a community.

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Mini Executive Summary - rGreen Bank

  1. 1. Proud member of rGreen Consortium. WHAT IS rGREEN BANK? rGreen Bank ultimately alongside the partners within the rGreen Consortium, supply a community with endless normal daily activities joined toprovide a fully funded highereducation toall children within a community! We believe it’s time for children and their parents, family, friends and the community to raise funding for all children, even a specific child’s education, regardless of socio-economic status, we are creating rGreen Bank which will, among other things, empower our children, friends, families and local businesses to bind together and build stronger, more successful communities! Finally, a fun and easy way to teach your kids how to earn, save, and spend money! It has been proven that money habits are formed early in life. At rGreen Bank … We want to help young people everywhere learn about money management and provide the best possible chance for life success. As adults, we know the challenges of money management. We believe that a person, no matter their age, is more successful in every situation when they know how to earn, save, and spend money. We want to change the idea that banks and financial companies only take from our communities instead of investing in them. rGreen Bank works to provide our families with every resource and tool we can dream of so that we all can reap the benefits of an educated life. rGreen Bank is the first to offer Crowdfunding Campaigns for Students – our processes are revolutionary! rGreen Bank offers full service banking for the entire family, from savings accounts, to online bill pay, to loans, to learning tools, etc., all at very low cost…if any!!!
  2. 2. Safe, Secure,and RiskFree.  rGreen Bank takes every measure to ensure that our customers’ sensitive information stays safe and sound. All personal information is encrypted and stored in our enhanced secure database. We are extremely focused on security! rGreen Bank adheres to all applicable federal and state financial regulations, all managed via our beautiful Omni-Channel mobile and web applications.  No risk of debt, overdraft, or expensive mistakes.  rGreen Bank provides a financial education program with fun, interactive learning modules and games that teach your student age-based money management. Teachers and schools get in on the action too! They will receive supplement app-based learning modules with hands-on activities at school!  Students learn how to manage money with your supervision. Parents have a Dashboard to monitor and control spending ability and habits. Students can earn $ for chores or other goals set by parents. Good money habits last a lifetime. Endlesstypesof crowdfundingcampaignscan be created to fund a child’s education. Makeyour child’s day and make their life!  Kids are always so excited to receive their grown up rGreen Bank cards with their name and picture. Parents and Angel Investors can have their sponsored student on their rGreen Bank card as well (one photo per card).  Students can create a personalized avatar for our app and learning modules, personalize their app, and more! We are constantly coming up with new ideas to make every day fun for our members! Purpose-built for families,giving money to children, teaching them goals and financial responsibility,while contributing to their higher education, has never been so easy!  Members ask family, friends to sign up for an rGreen Bank “Angel Investor Account” to earn additional $$ towards a specific child’s education and allowance savings with their everyday purchases.
  3. 3.  All cards (parents and “Angel Investors”) linked to a student will pay loyalty rewards of at least 1% when the card is swiped, which will go toward the child’s education savings account and allowance card.  By shopping in our online rKid's Market using any credit, debit or pre- paid card and making purchases (both in-store and online) with their rGreen Bank Cards – both physical and virtual – and mobile wallets, parents and “Angel Investors” earn 5%-15% of their purchases toward their students’ education).  Parents, close friends and family can create an incentivized list of to-do’s they are willing to have the child complete (to-do lists are parent approved). After the to-do is completed by the child, the parent, close friend or family member releases the money to the child’s card. Onboarding is easy  Cameras capture driver’s license and supporting documentation with a click in real time.  Touch technology allows for powerful form capabilities and digital signatures that enable customers to sign documents right on their device using a finger or stylus. Together we can provide families with access to cash back for college opportunities as well as resources and information that can help them reach their college savings goals.  Earn college savings through eligible everyday spending.  Contribute to the rGreen Bank Education Savings Account, pay down eligible student loans, or simply request a check.
  4. 4.  Learn about ways to finance college.  Receive special discounts, bonuses, and money-saving offers. Future expansion includes plans for the businesses in our communities that are working directly with our Consortium partner, rCommunities for Education, to initiate banking relationships with rGreen Bank. Parental Controlsin the palm of your hand: Sit back and watch your student learn about money through completing tasks, spending responsibly, and working towards savings goals.  rGreen Bank Supports Credit, Debit for adults, and Pre-Paid cards. Cards are physical and virtual.  Pre-Paid Student Cards support 6-18-year-olds.  Parents and young people manage money together, encouraging saving through savings goals.  Parents can follow transactions in app.  Send money to your student’s card and set spending rules so you stay in control.  Set tasks & chores for your child to complete to earn extra money.  You decide where your student can use their card: in stores, online, or at an ATM (fees may apply).  Real time notifications tell you when, where, and the dollar amount of your student’s spending events.  Place spending limits.  Instant Top-ups and transfers.  Instantly block and unblock cards at any time for any reason (lost, suspended from privilege, etc.).  rGreen Bank cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted.  rGreen Bank provides a set of rich features, purposely built into and in conjunction with the parent’s Wallet.  rGreen Bank and Prepaid Card products are issued by a Bank of Record.  Push notifications - Real-time notifications for transactions, allowances and goals. See How rGreen BankWorks: Sign-up is as easy as 1-2-3 ControlActivateOpen rGreen Bank Easy. Secure. Happy. Parent Opens rGreen Bank Account Sets Parental Controls Tops Up rGreen Bank Student Allowance Card $$$ Credited to Student's Account Real Time TheStudent is ready to spend their earnings!
  5. 5. Our unique banking tool is designed for Students - Teachers - Parents - Volunteers Branchless banking at the power of 4  Low Risk, Compliant, and Secure 40K Accounts 1st Month & Over 5 Million Users the 1st year!!! In our financial model, we have even lowered the industry average deposit greatly for each user, to only $100/a month and the model still leads to deposits in the billions…. Bang! A new pace setter, taking over a 4.7 trillion-dollar industry Reasons to Join rGreen Bank  Manage everything right from your computer, phone or tablet (iOS or Android).  You choose how your child is rewarded - schedule regular allowance payments to your student.  Add tasks so they can earn extra money/rewards.  Make instant, one-time payments to them any time!  You write the rules, using our unique parental controls.  You decide where it can be used: stores, online, or at ATM machines.  Receive real time notifications telling you when and where your student is spending.  Instantly block and unblock cards at any time - for any reason.  Control the area within which your student’s card can be used via GPS Fencing. NOTE: See the rGreen Bank Membership Agreement for details on fees. rGreen Bank accounts are FDIC Insured through <Seeking an approved banking partner>. rGreenBank is a proud member of rGreen Consortium. The mission statement of all businesseswithinthe rGreenConsortiumis: “To protect parents’most valuableinvestment – their children; and the community’s most valuable investment – its future.” rGreen Bank profoundly bridges industry forward, pulls communities together, and leads to providing a fully- funded higher education for all children within a community! rGreen Bank and the business partners of rGreen Consortium are Evangelistic and all benefit each other!
  6. 6. We strongly believe that we can make a difference by offering robust products and services that empower every person and every entity within a community. We make life better! We are looking for the right relationships for our consortium of Startups! For more information, please contact: RJ Randall Co-Founder, Managing Director Phone: 1+ 407.325.6568 Email: