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Cartooning the First World War: Professor Chris Williams (Cardiff University)


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Cartooning the First World War: Professor Chris Williams (Cardiff University)

  1. 1. Cartooning the First World War in Wales Digriflunio’r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf yng Nghymru Chris Williams Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd
  2. 2. Bruce Bairnsfather, ‘Well, If You Knows of a Better ‘Ole, Go To It!, Bystander, 24 November 1915’
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  6. 6. Staniforth’s First World War Cartooning Year Western Mail News of the World Total 1914 120 7 127 1915 277 34 311 1916 276 41 317 1917 284 39 323 1918 215 44 259 Total 1171 165 1336
  7. 7. JMS’s First World War cartooning 120 277 276 284 215 7 34 41 39 44 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 Western Mail News of the World
  8. 8. Western Mail, 31 March 1915 LOWER THAN BARBARISM
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  13. 13. Reverse of A338
  14. 14. Quick Search... Home Contact Us Login FAQs Blog Resources My Lightbox Glossary Useful Links Report a Fault You are here: Home Welcome to Cartooningthe First World War Cartooningthe First World War bringstogether all thewartimenewspaper cartoonsof Joseph Morewood Staniforth (‘JMS’), which originally appeared in theBritish Sunday paper the Newsof theWorld and theCardi! daily paper the Western Mail. Over 1300cartoonsdocument thewar’schangingfortunesand thewaysin which theconflict wasexperienced and represented by oneof the most popular visual artistsof thetime. Each cartoon ispresented with explanatory notesand with an open invitation to usersto comment on the imageand itspossiblemeanings. Thecartoonsareaccompanied by a rangeof resourceswhich help to contextualisethecartoonist, hiswork, and the newspaperswhich published him. Please note that the website currently holdscartoonsup tothe end of May 1917, with some from June 1917. In most casesthese are accompanied by commentaries: any remainingcommentarieswill be supplied in the very near future. In the next phase of work we will be uploadingfurther cartoonsand commentariesup tothe end of 1917. Cartooningthe First World War isa project supported by theHeritageLottery Fund and based at Cardi! University, whereit isled by Professor Chris Williams, Head of theSchool of History, Archaeology and Religion. Enter Keyword... Day Month Year By Event By Individual By Topic Search You can search by free text, use the drop down menusor by keyword. or Search by Date: or Search material by: Search Image of the Week Resources View Resources My Lightbox View Lightbox Contact Us To get in touch with the project team pleasefollow this Register If you would liketo register as a project user pleasefollow Blog [Title]TheVisual Cultureof the First World War Twitter #OTD1915 #WW1 as#waterpolo. Commentary at 2 hoursago via iOS THEPIEDPIPEROF CRICCIETH Western Mail, 22 September 1914 Click here tofind out more
  15. 15. Home Contact Us Login FAQs Blog Resources My Lightbox Glossary Useful Links Report a Fault You arehere: Home Search Results Enter Keyword... Day Month Year Lusitania Sinking (20) By Individual By Topic Username Password ADouble Event Western Mail, 15May 1915 View image details AFutile Dodge Western Mail, 2June1915 View image details ALabour Of Love Western Mail, 12April 1916 View image details ATugOf War Newsof theWorld, 5November 1916 View image details Absolutely Reckless Western Mail, 6February 1915 View image details Between the Devil and the Deep Sea Western Mail, 27July 1915 View image details Clutchingat Straws Newsof theWorld, 6June1915 View image details Greater Severity Needed Western Mail, 16October 1915 View image details NoThoroughfare ToPirates Western Mail, 8February 1916 View image details Search You can search by freetext, usethedrop down menusor by keyword. or Search by Date: or Search material by: Search Image of theWeek Login Login Now Not registered? Click hereto sign up now!
  16. 16. Major categories of JMS wartime cartoons Theme Examples Celebratory Of British and allied progress in various theatres of war Vilification of enemies Being very rude about the Kaiser, the German people etc Recruitment Encouraging voluntary recruitment, supporting conscription etc Mobilising the war economy Supporting increased taxation, state control, war loans etc Aimed at neutral countries Pressurising the USA (mostly) to enter the war against Germany
  17. 17. Minor categories of JMS wartime cartoons Theme Examples Sympathy towards allies Russia, France, Belgium, Italy Boosting public morale Endorsing the justice of the cause, stiffening resolve to see it through Endorsing political action Shift to Coalition government, to Lloyd George leadership, appointment of D. A. Thomas as Food Controller Condemning dissent Industrial action, pacifism, food hoarding, Irish Republicans, peacemongers Acknowledging failure Dardanelles, Mesopotamia, air defence, sacking of Churchill
  18. 18. Western Mail, 22 July 1916 OCCURRING TOO OFTEN
  19. 19. JMS’s ‘Welsh’ wartime cartoons Theme Examples Celebratory Of prominent Welshmen, of Welsh troops’ deeds Recruitment Praising, encouraging, chivvying recruitment in Wales specifically Mobilising the (Welsh) war economy Munitions, coal industry Condemning dissent Rev Thomas Rees, ILP, ‘peacemongers’, striking miners Articulating patriotism Welsh martial tradition and the war effort in Wales
  20. 20. Western Mail, 5 December 1916 ST GEORGE AND THE DRAGON (Not the Welsh one)
  21. 21. Western Mail, 23 November 1914 THE MEN WHO STICK IT
  22. 22. Western Mail, 18 February 1915 MAKING GROWTH
  23. 23. Western Mail, 29 May 1915 A WILLING WORKER
  24. 24. Western Mail, 19 July 1915 FAME AND SHAME
  25. 25. Western Mail, 2 October 1914 THE TWO MOTHERS
  26. 26. Western Mail, 13 February 1915 AN HONOUR FOR WALES
  27. 27. ‘Our Cartoonist: Exhibition of Mr J. M. Staniforth’s Art’, Western Mail, 1 June 1918 It is the business of the newspaper cartoonist in these days to reflect all the moods and phases of the war. … The piquancy and pathos of the war, the brightness and the gloom, the virtue and the vice, all find an apt, expressive, and illuminating reproduction in the cultured mind and facile pencil of the artist.
  28. 28. David Lloyd George, Western Mail, 19 December 1921 I am deeply grieved to hear of the death of Mr J M Staniforth – undoubtedly one of the most distinguished cartoonists of his generation. His work has always given me great pleasure … . Cartoonists of this type render great national service and no one has served his country more devotedly with the pen than ‘JMS’ …
  29. 29. Website: Facebook: Cartooning the First World War in Wales Twitter: @CartoonWW1 Contact: Chris Williams: Rhianydd Biebrach: