June 2014 PDX PUG: Ways to Plug Into the Puppet Community


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June 2014 PDX PUG: Ways to Plug Into the Puppet Community by Eric Sorenson, Puppet Labs

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June 2014 PDX PUG: Ways to Plug Into the Puppet Community

  1. 1. This page is intentionally left blank
  2. 2. Contributing The dos and don’ts of
  3. 3. con·tri·bu·tion noun: contribution plural noun: contributions ! ! 1. the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance. 2. an article or other piece of writing submitted for publication in a collection. ! ! from late Latin contributio(n-), from Latin contribuere ‘bring together, add’
  4. 4. But notice that this is not very prescriptive: ! nothing about having to write code, or what degree you have, or where you’re from, or what you look like
  5. 5. If you can move things forward,we’d love for you to get involved!
  6. 6. users authors devs
  7. 7. Bug reports Documentation fixes Testing Mailing list/Ask help Community building Comment on proposals Code!
  8. 8. On bugs
  9. 9. Search for duplicates File a good bug Metadata Updating your bug
  10. 10. This works for both old and new bugs! ! adding info to existing tickets helps a ton!
  11. 11. Feature requests help too,especially with use cases. ! focus on the problem
  12. 12. On documentation
  13. 13. Docs are hugely important; thousands of people look at them every day! ! how many of you have used Google as a debugger?
  14. 14. https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-docs
  15. 15. https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetdb
  16. 16. Perfection is not required; content is king! ! don’t need perfect grammar or speling; focus on building new and updated content
  17. 17. On testing
  18. 18. Software is only as good as the people that test it
  19. 19. Test new builds, release candidates, experimental features ! and try out fixes for bugs you’re following!
  20. 20. On performance
  21. 21. How many people think puppet is as fast as it can be?
  22. 22. Profile our stuff! Send us results! Tell us what’s slow, and when we regress!
  23. 23. Need more input!
  24. 24. On community
  25. 25. On code
  26. 26. "This is the Puppet community.There are many like it,but this one is ours."
  27. 27. Core platform FactsProviders Modules Layered tools
  28. 28. Patches
  29. 29. The CLA
  30. 30. What happens after you file a pull request?
  31. 31. PR triage Announce on mailing list Start hangout Pick a PR Discuss Merge! Close Submitter follow-up Committer follow-up Needs more discussion
  32. 32. http://resresres.deviantart.com/art/
  33. 33. Show up to the triage, Respond to comments, Be your own advocate
  34. 34. There are many reasons why a pull request may not get merged
  35. 35. Basic form, Quality, Correctness, Verification, Consensus
  36. 36. However!
  37. 37. Incorrect code helps! Incomplete code helps! ! you are not your code, and discussing ideas as a group can be highly valuable
  38. 38. Anti-patterns
  39. 39. Being impatient won’t get your bugs fixed more quickly.
  40. 40. Being hostile or overly confrontational does not help.
  41. 41. Wanting to be right at all costs is "scorched earth"collaboration.
  42. 42. Claiming to represent all puppet users is wishful thinking.
  43. 43. Expecting other community members to do work for you is unlikely to work.
  44. 44. Food for thought
  45. 45. We’re looking for more maintainers!
  46. 46. How can we improve ticket triage?
  47. 47. How can we get better diagnostic information from users when they encounter bugs?
  48. 48. How can we help new contributors find things to work on?
  49. 49. We’re all in this together, people!
  50. 50. deepak giridharagopal eric sorenson original talk by