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Mobile Marketing PPT Template


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Capitalize on the age of mobility with an effective mobile marketing campaign. Communicate the importance of mobile marketing and put your company’s measures and strategies into action with our professionally designed PowerPoint template.

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- definition of mobile marketing
- mobile marketing development and trends
- advantages of mobile marketing
- up-to-date statistics
- strategies for implementation
- design templates for tablets and smartphones
- mobile marketing as part of CRM
- information about data protection

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Mobile Marketing PPT Template

  1. 1. PREMIUM POWERPOINT SLIDES Mobile Marketing
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing POWERPOINT TEMPLATE
  3. 3. AGENDA MOBILE MARKETING introduction Statistics implementation Strategy Data protection Trends
  4. 4. If your plans don’t include mobile, Your plans are not finished. Wendy Clark, Coca Cola
  5. 5.  A component of mobile commerce M-Commerce: use of wireless handheld devices to buy and sell goods and services  Interaction with customers through wireless telecommunications and mobile devices connected to mobile service providers, WIFI networks, Bluetooth, DVB-H and UMTS  Cell phones provide direct contact to customers (one-to-one-marketing)  Businesses offer customers a variety of services and promotions (i.e. games, ringtones, videos, news, product information, shopping opportunities and payment transactions) through Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) INTRODUCTION Mobile Marketing
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION Mobile Marketing Mix Promotion policy Mobile advertising, permission marketing and direct response marketing Product policy Free or paid mobile products Price policy Price and distribute mobile products Place policy Determine distribution platforms for mobile products
  7. 7. In 2015, Google initiated a ranking System: Mobile-friendly websites will rank higher in search results. INTRODUCTION Google Mobile Usability Update
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION Features of Mobile Marketing Source: Smaato Publisher Platform SPX (2015) Location IndependentTimeIndependentInteractive& Immediate Localized Entertainment& Emotional Connection Personalized & Targeted Availability Maximum ReachMinimize Waste Circulation
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION Graphics
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION Advantages of Mobile Marketing precision Personalized and targeted communication with customers promotions Promotions provide further buying incentives cost Mobile marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies Contact Close contact with customer, even after purchase
  11. 11. STATISTICS Forecast of Global Mobile Data Traffic 2,5 3,7 6,2 9,9 14,9 21,7 30,6 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Source: Cisco (2016)
  12. 12. STATISTICS Number of Mobile Internet Users US Internet Users (by device), 2015-2021 In Millions Note: people of all ages with access to the Internet via computer/laptop or mobile device (browser or app) at least once a month, * including smartphones and tablets 32,1 36,6 40,7 44,5 47,2 49,8 52,3 24,7 20,3 17,9 15,2 12,9 11,5 10,7 204 210,4 214,6 218,3 221,1 222,6 223,5 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Source: eMarketer, 2017 Number of users: mobile-only Internet Number of users: computer/ laptop Internet Number of users: Internet, computer and laptop
  13. 13. mobile advertising spending STATISTICS Estimate of Mobile Ad Spending per Country by 2018 (in %) Source: Investment Bank Digi-Capital (2015) 11 10 9 43 8 6 4 3 3 3 China Japan UK USA Germany Brasil South Korea France Australia Argentinia
  14. 14. STATISTICS Mobile Search Behavior 48% start their searches on search engines 33% start their searches directly on popular websites 26% start their searches on apps Source: Smart Insights, 2017
  15. 15. IMPLEMENTATION Mobile Marketing Options Online Mobile Offline Portal E-Mail SMS/ MMS Apps Keywords Print & TV Communication Loyalty Newsletter Leads & Sales Push-Services Cross-Selling Coupons & Flyer Brand & Sales Mass Mailing
  16. 16. IMPLEMENTATION Cost Factors Technical implementation  messaging processing  creating an infrastructure for feedback channels  administration of mobile applications  technical advertising resources  integrating existing systems Planningand concept  conceptual consulting services  creative development Evaluation and analysis  implementing technical analysis tools  preparing and evaluating response data  analyzing effectiveness of advertising Addressing target audience  advertising and sponsoring costs  provision of own data and contents  sharing profile data with external suppliers
  17. 17. IMPLEMENTATION Mobile Commerce Platform – Example Confirm the order Receive a text message confirming payment Receive a text message with the order invoice Check if cashless payment is possible and pay directly with your mobile phone Select a service option Mobile commerce platform
  18. 18. IMPLEMENTATION Goals App-Downloads Downloads allow users to obtain apps quickly and easily. Product Sales Other products can be sold along with the app Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Contact with existing customers must be maintainedPhone Calls Since many consumers prefer to make contact by phone, a telephone number should be provided. Lead Generation Use new search functions to create wider distribution and reach new target groups. Mobile Website Traffic Specific strategies should be implemented to increase information retrieval via the app. Brand Awareness The brand (brand message) must be continuously shared with target groups to maintain brand recognition. Ziele
  19. 19. IMPLEMENTATION Mobile SEO – Konfigurationen nach Google Configuration OriginalURL OriginalHTML cODE Responsive Web design Dynamic provision Different urls
  20. 20. STRATEGY Elements of a Successful Mobile Strategy Mobile as a change projectPersonal service via mobile devices Analyze and optimize mobile developments  Check mobile activity with KPIs (app download rate, return rate, visit times, etc.)  Targeted market observation Mobile optimization of websites  Better search engine ranking  User-friendly presentation Networking with target group  Continuous networking with customers  Customized offerst  Offer mobile services  Personal contact with customers  Mobile affects all areas and departments of a company  Mobile projects as part of digital transformation
  21. 21. STRATEGY User Interests Free gifts Meaningful and relevant content Location-specific products and services Receiving necessary information with little effort Visually-appealing banners Personalized advertising What kind of advertising interests mobile internet users?
  22. 22. STRATEGY Mobile Marketing Strategy Analysis Fundamental Questions  Does the existing strategy include social media?  How much content is actually reaching mobile consumers?  What are the advantages/strengths of this marketing strategy?  What is the current marketing budget? Is it being used effectively? Business Basics. What problem does the app solve? Does the app fill a gap in the market? What are the benefits of the app? Who is the app for? How can consumers get the app? MobileSWOT-Analysis:Analyze 4 factors – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Gap-Analysis: Is there a gap between the current and target strategy?
  23. 23. STRATEGY Value Chain and Market Players STEP 1 STEP 6STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 Advertisers Operators Networks Consumer Device Manufacturer Mobile Marketing Provider Content Providers Search Engines Advertising Marketers
  24. 24. DATA PROTECTION Authorization Obtaining consent IN WRITING Via signature ELECTRONIC Opt-in/opt-out method (by consent) EMPHASIZE Consent should be emphasized along with other clarifications Consent information EXTENT OF DATA COLLECTION STORAGE & USE PURPOSE CRITICISM Mobile marketing is often criticized due to gaps in data protection. Companies are trying to personalize advertising with user data in the best way possible. Download at
  25. 25. Smartphones Dominate our Lives Whether as an element of Internet of Things or to cope with other tasks, smartphones play an ever-increasing role in our lives. Native Advertising Better than traditional display ads, component- based ads that are viewed on smartphones bring new opportunities for publishers. Security and Privacy The number of transactions and other payments via smartphones is increasing. Bots Revolutionize Online Marketing Bots analyze messages and can react to them. For example, language assistants are increasingly used in customer chats. AMP Standard Mobile sites can be loaded faster, have a coherent design, and benefit from higher search engine visibility. TRENDS 10 Mobile-Marketing-Trends (1)
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