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Resume’s me


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Published in: Career, Business
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Resume’s me

  1. 1. Resume’s Me
  2. 2. It’s MEHello !!! everyoneteacher and friends. Let me introduce myself.
  3. 3. Resume Name : Nathathai Surname : Rattanasusri Nickname : MinnieAge : 17Height : 165 cm.Weight : 52 kl.
  4. 4. ,,,Resume Add : Bangkok, Thailand Education : RSU Favorite food : Omelet Favorite color : Blue ,Orange Favorite Sport : Batminton
  5. 5. ,,,,Hobbies and interests ,,,,• Feeding and caring for dogs.• Read the book.• Interest in health and beauty.• Interest in writing and speaking Chinese.• Listening to music.• Watch the movie.
  6. 6. THX U, teacher and friendsHappy to be your friend!