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We are learning from each other


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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We are learning from each other

  1. 1. Food that we like and the food that we don’t like
  2. 2. With the pupils, we decided to spend thelessons showing in different ways whichfood we love and which we do not like.Pupils like drawing and working on thecomputer so some of them decided to carryout the task on a computer, using a paintingprogram, while the others decided to drawor do a collage.
  3. 3. • First of all I discussed the pupil’s daily diet, and then we talked about the food that they like and the one that they do not like.
  4. 4. • On a school day• For breakfast I eat a croissant.• I eat a snack at school.• I eat my lunch at school.• I like macaroni best when I have lunch at home.• During the meals I eat some sweets.• I dont eat dinner.•• At the weekend• I start my day with a toast.• For lunch I like lasagna best.• For dinner I eat a toast. Mihael Šturm 4.b
  5. 5. • Some interesting pictures came out of the discussion and some drawings.
  6. 6. • The pupil from the fourth class, decided to do a collage. We collected some magazines together and we searched for the right pictures and we created two collages.• At the same time we wrote about his daily eating habit.
  7. 7. • On a school day• For breakfast I eat pudding.• At school I eat a cheese roll for my snack.• I start my lunch with some soup then I continue with what follows.• During my lunch and dinner I eat some sweets or some yoghurt.• For dinner I usually eat bread with some chocolate spread.• Some more sweets can follow.• At the weekend• I eat what is prepred for each meal.• For breakfast I eat pudding.• For lunch I eat a selected soup and other selected dishes.• For dinner I eat a selected spread on my braed. Vid Bizjak 4.b
  8. 8. • Three pupils from the third class decided to draw the food that they love and the food that they don’t love.
  9. 9. Poem about food• O, food! O, food!• Vegetables, fruit, spaghetti, fruit cakes I dont like!• Apples, sweets, buckwheat braed, meat, fish and milk I like!• For milk, braed, vegetables fruit and fish keep me healthy .• Sweets dont!• However,• Milk, braed, fish, apples and sweets I eat moderate!,• Mo- de –rate!• Pam pa ram! Vid Bizjak
  10. 10. • Made by:Vid BizjakMihael ŠturmDominik PršaAnže MartinčičDenis HodžićTim LoborecJan KožuhRrezon HysenaiNik Fojkarwith mentor Li-An Kozmelj