My holidays in London Zala Šink


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My holidays in London Zala Šink

  1. 1. MY HOLIDAYS in LONDONAuthor: Zala Šink, 8.DMentor:Mrs Betka Mahnič
  2. 2. Activities went to theLondon Aquariumand the fish were The Madame Tussauds museumfascinating. It was was a true gem of our trip. Waxbig and had figures look fake on pictures, butdifferent themes : in real life, they look very realistic!deep sea theme,iceberg theme,historic theme...
  3. 3. Attractions The Big Ben was stunning and the view This is where I got to see also wasn‘t a complete waste of time. The the Crown Jewels, but, Westminster palace was, mildly said, sadly, I didn‘t take any enormous. pictures, because it was prohibited. This is where the guards are. They had to wear those nasty helmets even in summer.
  4. 4. Food 134/ckr_adactio_164930387--Fish_and_chips.jpg The traditional breakfastFish and chips IS consisted of toast,England. It was bacon, sausages,on every corner, cooked beans, eggs andhas a delightful tomatoes. It was quitescent and it is just huge, the portions wereyummy. made for giants!
  5. 5. Drinks y_milkshake.jpgI was surprised by the fact Milkshakes were athat tea wasn‘t so special. special thing. I choseThe whole athmosphere was whichever fruit I wantedspecial. I drank only a bit, and there were sobecause the taste wasn‘t many differentsweet, it was actually quite combinations, and allbitter. were so good!
  6. 6. Sources rd.JPG nster,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpg 930387--Fish_and_chips.jpg 15134/ ake.jpg