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How to use Keyword Research To Write Content


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Keyword and SEO research are great tools to help you write better content for your blog

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How to use Keyword Research To Write Content

  1. 1. How To Use Keyword Research To Write Content Chris Nanni
  2. 2. Chris Nanni Technical Recruiter - Blogger - Digital Nomad - 100 000km+ and counting
  3. 3. Keyword and SEO research is a great tool to help you write better content for your blog.
  4. 4. SEO 101 How does Google work? Crawls links and indexes sites with it’s “bots” Provides search results based on the keyword you search and the relevance of the sites content Google uses over 200 factors to judge the content of your site What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, competing for the #1 Spot on Google Creating content which is optimized for Google to crawl and index your site
  5. 5. Why is SEO Important?
  6. 6. What are some of the SEO factors to consider? There are over 200 factors to consider, but there here are some of the best ones you can affect. Choosing the right keywords Your site MUST be mobile optimized (Reactive Design) The title and URL of your post ( The placement of keywords in your post Anchor Text - Read this report on The Best 3D Printers Using different headers and bolding certain text to emphasize your keywords ALT Text of images - Google can’t see! Help them understand your pictures
  7. 7. Keywords Are The Key Keyword research can help you create content for your blog by: 1. Validating that people are interested in your content 2. Picking the right keywords helps you SEO your post 3. Your keyword research will likely help you find other ideas to write about
  8. 8. What’s The Process? Step 1 Rough Draft Think of a few different ideas Start writing some rough content Don’t worry too much about SEO Step 2 Keyword Research Use Google Keyword Planner to find the focus keyword Search google and see what other people are writing about Allintitle search for competition of the POST TITLE Step 3 SEO Your Post Create a good title and URL Put your keywords in the right places Do your Meta and ALT- text Start working on the backlinks
  9. 9. Measure Your Results It’s extremely important that you track and measure your websites metrics: Google Webmaster Google Analytics
  10. 10. SEO… very hard, very important SEO is a HUGE subject It’s more of an ART than a science If you don’t want to do the SEO, then pay someone to do it for you You should at least understand the basics to make sure you’re paying for something worth your money
  11. 11. Email Me For Additional Info Get my SEO Bundle of resources: Subject: SEO Guide