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Mobility today & what's next. Application ecosystems.


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Mobility today & what’s next. Application ecosystems.

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Mobility today & what's next. Application ecosystems.

  1. 1. Mobility today & what’s next.Application ecosystems.Petru JucovschiTechnical Lead for Windows & Windows
  2. 2. • Last projects (media projects on HTML5):–––• Currently in development:– World Press Photo 2013– TIFF 2013– Festivalul George Enescu 2013
  3. 3. +300 Romanian apps (Windows 8 and Windows Phone)
  4. 4. Agenda• Define Mobility• Is it easy / hard to be Mobile?• Mobility on and with Windows• GO DOs
  5. 5. What does mobility mean?Cross-Platform Tools | – hereDeveloper Economics 2013 | – here
  6. 6. What is the current market?
  7. 7. Findings
  8. 8. 1. Developers and publishers mostlyvalue reach and revenueopportunities, in that order.
  9. 9. 75% of developers use up to three mobile platforms
  10. 10. 2. For developers interested inmaking money, 67% earn less than$500 per app per month and arebelow the app poverty line.
  11. 11. 3. Developers using HTML for webdevelopment have access to a muchlarger user base comprising desktopand mobile users and 29% earnmore than $500 per app per month
  12. 12. What about appsdevelopment?
  13. 13. Today – native apps• Windows – C/C++, C#, VB, HTML5/CSS/JS• Windows Phone – C#, .NET Framework• Apple iOS – Objective C, Cocoa Touch• Android – Java, Android SDK/ NDK• Blackberry – J2ME/ BB Java NDK
  14. 14. What do we expect?
  15. 15. 1. The most important selectioncriterion for developers is thebreadth of platforms that the toolsupports, cited by nearly 60% of thedevelopers
  16. 16. 2. The ability to tap into existingdeveloper skills is the second mostimportant reason for tool selection
  17. 17. Technology approaches in cross-platform tools• JavaScript frameworks (from traditional Web to Mobile Web)• App factories (“create your own app” with drag & drop)• Web-to-native wrappers (Portable Interpreted Code)• Runtimes (Cross-Compiled Portable Code)• Source code translators
  18. 18. From traditional Web to Mobile Web• UI– Scalable UI:CSS3 Media Queries vs Form Factors– How much UI will be generated on server side vs. client side?• Logic– Async programming:(.NET: async/await) vs (JavaScript: JS Promises): Promises/A: Common.js, jQuery, dojo, node.js, …– Data manipulation (JSON:select)– Namespaces– Modules & AMD (RequireJS)– Object Orientation (Prototype.js & MooTools)– Other patterns
  19. 19. Technology approaches in cross-platform tools• JavaScript frameworks (from traditional Web to Mobile Web)• App factories (“create your own app” with drag & drop)• Web-to-native wrappers (Portable Interpreted Code)• Runtimes (Cross-Compiled Portable Code)• Source code translators
  20. 20. Some examplesVendor (Tool) Technology approach Authoring language Deployment format Satisfaction ratingsAdobe AIR Runtime Actionscript Native, Hybrid 3.7 (low on device access)Adobe Flex SDK addition to AIR MXML Native, Hybrid 3.7 (low on device access)Corona Runtime Lua Native 3.8 (low on device access)Titanium Runtime HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Native 3.8 (low on device access)PhoneGap Web-to-native appwrapperHTML5, CSS, JavaScript Hybrid 3.7 (low on develop & debugexperience)Marmalade Source code translator C++ Native 3.9 (low on learning curve &UI capabilities)JQuery Mobile Framework HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Web apps 3.9 (low on device access)Sencha (Touch) JavaScript Framework HTML5. CSS, JavaScript Web apps, Hybrid 3.7 (low on device access)Xamarin (MonoTouch)Runtime C# .NET Native 3.9 (lowest score is 3.8 forpublishing experience)
  21. 21. Findings
  22. 22. 1. 50% of mobile developers theHTML-based set of technologies asa deployment platform or as adevelopment platform
  23. 23. 2. HTML is equally used acrosssmartphones, tablets and desktop
  24. 24. Native Interpreted Cross-compiledApplication installer size   Installed application size   Runtime performance   Mobile bandwidth usage   Consistency of function and appearance   Release date synchronization   Performance   Battery use   Reuse of existing assets   Access to device features   Development environment price   Evaluation criteria | 1
  25. 25. Native apps Hybrid apps Web appsEase of discoverythrough native appstoressearch on referrals(Facebook, twitter, other)Reachfragmented acrossmultiple platformsworks on almost all devicesDepth of experiencefull access to platformresourcesaccess to native API at theexpense of less capable UIlimited by browser sandboxCustomer ownership andtermsApple Appstore enforceonerous termscomplete ownership ofcustomerEngagement andrecurring usenotifications and homescreen iconno notifications, difficult toget user to save the linkMonetization potentialhigh on iOS and WP, butdifficult on Androidno accepted method ofpaymentEase of cross-platformdevelopmentreplication developingfor multiple platformssignificant fragmentation foradvanced appsEvaluation criteria | 2
  26. 26. Evaluation criteria | 3If you are … And you want to … Then use …CIO wanting to mobilizeenterprise applicationsRe-use existing .NET applications Xamarin (MonoTouch), iFactr, ExpanzConsumer brand, new to appdevelopmentEasily create your first brandaffinity appApp factories like Spot Specific, Tiggzi, Mobile Nation HQDeveloper newbie Create 2D games Games Salad, Corona, AppMobiPublishing companyExtend your web content acrossall major smartphone platformsApp factories or web to native wrappers, e.g., PhoneGap,Uxebu, PresspadSmall to medium enterprise Want to create enterprise appsAppcelerator (Titanium), Verivo, Netbiscuits, DragonRad,Expanz, Xamarin (MonoTouch)Software developerPrototype ideas with a rapiddevelopment cycleRunRev LiveCode, Proto.ioSoftware developer Write a 2D game Marmelade, SiO2, EDGELIB, Cocos2DSeasoned game developer Create engaging 3D games Unity 3D, Unreal, MarmeladeDesigner in a digital agency 2D games Gamesalad, Cocos2D, AppMobi, ImpactJS, LImeJSDesigner in a digital agencyRich multimedia experiencesdeployed through an app storeAdobe AIR, Corona, Appcelerator
  27. 27. What about Windows?
  28. 28. Visual Language called ModernUISamuel Moreau, Director UX Design and Research – Build 2011
  29. 29. Windows 81024x768+Landscape, Portrait, Snapped, Filled10 inch screens+Windows Phone8800x480, 1280x720, 1280x768Portrait, Landscape<5 inch screenForm factors
  30. 30. NetworkingSensorsProximityStorageDataSaver ManagerLocationTouchOnline IdentityKeyboardLaunchers & ChoosersIn-App PurchaseThreadingBase Types
  31. 31. Native app developmentUI• HTML5 + CSS3• XAML (+ Direct 2D/3D)Logic• JavaScript• C/C++, C#, VB
  32. 32. Summary• Computing is in transformation …• Developers are looking for good cross-platformtools and native support of HTML5 on devices• Also, they are still looking for viable ways ofmaking real money!
  33. 33. GO DOs• Invest in abstraction layers specific to UI/UX• Learn HTML5• Find ways to reach larger user base and follow thetrends in adoption of mobile platforms• Target desktops, tablets/convertibles andsmartphones and adopt Windows• Contact us if you have an idea!
  34. 34. Thank you!Petru JucovschiTechnical Evangelist for Windows & Windows