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What is cultured pearl gemstones or moti ratna


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Thus, with the passage of time new ‪#‎technologies‬ have been introduced to cope up with the rising ‪#‎demand‬ or requirement of ‪#‎pearl‬ ‪#‎stone‬; the cultured pearl stone technique is developed. Under this technique, contrary to a natural way of pearl creation, an irritant is implanted inside the mollusk and suitable conditions have been fabricated so that the new pearl grows instantly inside the mollusk. - See more at:

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What is cultured pearl gemstones or moti ratna

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  2. 2. A cultured pearl gemstone is a technique of producing or developing pearl stone with human intervention.
  3. 3. This technique is a sheer distinct way of developing pearl stone in comparison to natural pearl stone.
  4. 4. A natural gemstone has basically come into existence when irritant intrudes inside a mollusk accidentally and over the passage of time it forms layers of nacre around the mantle of mollusks which gives rise to pearl stone.
  5. 5. A natural pearl stone is extremely rare and it takes a long time in the creation of natural pearl.
  6. 6. The price of natural pearl stone is extensively high due to its rareness and rich quality.
  7. 7. The reason of continuous rise in popularity of pearl stone it becomes coherent to develop a new way to accomplish the demand of people.
  8. 8. In comparison to natural pearl the cultured pearl stone is cheaper, but it appears alike to real pearl with similar characteristics and features.
  9. 9. People around the world cheer to adopt this fascinating piece of stone as a different form of jewelry.
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