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Pearl gemstone-A complete Guide to Pearl


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Pearl is said to be a natural and organic gemstone which is quite popular among people around the world due to its eloquent colors and high end characteristics. The stone pearl is being associated with the important planet Moon, which signifies peace, intellect, wisdom, happiness and joy.

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Pearl gemstone-A complete Guide to Pearl

  1. 1. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 Table of Contents About the book Copyright Preface About the author What is Pearl Gemstone What is Cultured Pearl Stone? History of Pearl Hunting Ban on Pearl Hunting Types of Pearl Stone Keshi Pearl Gemstone Black Pearl South Sea Pearl Stone How to Identify Pearl Stone Where to Buy Pearl Gemstone Online 2
  2. 2. About the book This book has been written in mind keeping the concern that exactly faces by those individuals who want to buy original certified pearl gemstone. However, due to lack of knowledge about pearl stone they fail to determine between natural and fake pearl stone. And history of the pearl stone where this stone is originated and who can wear this stone. By going through this book you will be aware with in and outs of pearl stone. 3
  3. 3. Copyright Author [] Editor [] Copyright © 2015 [] 4
  4. 4. Preface Since we know that gemstones holds a certain amount of importance in our lives. They possesses enrich properties which they use to influence the life of its wearer. As per astrology, there are nine gemstone which has authorized to affect the life of human being. These gemstones are attached with different planets and regarded to possess the powers of nine planets. Keeping the above line as base, in this book everything related with pearl gemstone is mentioned. 5
  5. 5. About the Author is an online e commerce site which deals in pearl gemstone and other precious gemstones. As a gemstone dealer we understand our responsibility to educate, assist and aware people about gemstones, their importance, characteristics and price. Thus, in this book we have been comprising every possible detail about pearl gemstone which would definitely assist you in purchasing right gemstone. 6
  6. 6. What is Pearl Gemstone Pearl gemstone unlike other gemstones not found in rock or mined otherwise it is an organic gemstone which is basically spotted in to the deep sea in the living creature mollusk. The pearl is composed of the calcium which is stored on the edge of the concentric layer of the mollusk. However, the creation of pearl stone is a very time consuming. The natural pearl stone is being created accidentally when a parasite intrudes inside the bivalve mollusk, consequently, by the presence of parasite inside the mollusk. Eventually, it gets annoyed by the sudden attack of the intruder and structures the pearl sac external mantle tissue cells and hides the calcium carbonate to cover the irritant parasite. This hiding process of calcium carbonate is repeated an innumerable number of times, and eventually; give birth to a natural pearl stone 7
  7. 7. What is Cultured Pearl Stone? T h e cultured pearl stone are those stones which are produced or cultivated with human intervention or, in other words, it is impossible to harvest cultured pearl stone without human intervention. Usually, this stone is produced when a parasite (irritant) is intentionally implanted inside the oyster of a shell of mussel. Eventually, by implanting an irritant inside the mussel of shell, causing the mollusk of the shell to get irritated by the intruder parasite as a result pearl sac of external mantle tissue cells secretes the calcium carbonate and conchiolin to cover the irritant. Ultimately, due to the continuation of this process cultured pearl stone is produced which look similar to the natural pearl stone. 8
  8. 8. History of Pearl Hunting Pearl Hunting is the process of spotting or extracting eye catchy pearl stones deep inside from the sea. The history of hunting of the pearl stone lies back in ancient times. It has been conferred that near about 2000 years ago the pearl hunting process was commenced. According to historians the hunt for pearl stone had been commenced by pandays of south India. They used to dive deep in the sea to gather the natural pearl stone from the oyster’s beds. The main intention behind there hunt was to trade these captivating pearl stones in foreign markets. Gradually, the trend of hunting pearl stone had been escalated across the world and in countries like Japan and Gulf of Mannar initiated to plunge in the sea to collect finest quality pearl stones. However, nowadays due to emergence of new technologies the job of hunting pearl stone has not remained complicated like earlier times. 9
  9. 9. Ban on Pearl Hunting Likewise, in earlier times, the sea workers had only basic equipment's and technologies that were not sufficient to support their survival deep inside the sea. In most of the cases they used to grip a mouthed basket to gather the pearl oysters and cover their nostrils with cotton cloth to block the entry of water they often used tortoise shell and greased their body to preserve heat. Due to the extreme complications involved in the process of discovering natural pearl stone and the limited availability of natural pearl stone. In fact around mid of the 19th centuries; it was almost rare to find a natural pearl oyster and during this period the inferior quality pearl stones were spotted hugely.And, considering the danger amount of danger involve in this activity, governments of almost all countries banned pearl hunting. 10
  10. 10. Types of Pearl Stone Pearl stones are one of the most overwhelming gifts which nature has endowed to humankind. Ever since the invention of pearl stone, it has been used enormously by the emperors and queens in their wardrobe. Nevertheless, even nowadays due to its scintillating color and enrich properties this stone has widely been used in the form of jewelry. Since, we know that the natural pearl stones are extremely rare to spot. Therefore, in order to satisfy the humongous demand of the users, pearl stones are cultivated or farmed inside the sea by human beings and they have been revered as cultured pearl stone. Cultured pearl stones are being produced or farmed in bounteous quantity at different regions worldwide. Therefore, throughout the world, different types of pearl stones are spotted. And, it has been named differently as per their origin and quality. So, in today's post we will discuss different types of pearl stone that exist in the world. 11
  11. 11. Keshi Pearl Gemstone Keshi pearl stone, in fact, being produced due to repercussion process during the creation of cultured pearl stone. In reality, Keshi pearl stones are not manufactured intentionally, however, while seeding the cultured pearl stone mistakenly a piece of mantle muscle from a sacrificed oyster is placed with a bead of mother of pearl within the oyster. While performing this process, if one of the piece of the mantle slips off the bead, consequently, a piece of pearl forms baroque shape about the mantle piece of the nacre. A keshi pearl is minor in size and it is largely being produced or cultivated in the freshwater of China. 12
  12. 12. Black Pearl Black pearl stone or Tahitian pearl stone are extremely rare to find, therefore, these stones are highly valued. The reason behind their low production is that the cultured technique which is in place to cultivate or implant black pearl or Tahitian stone does not concede to implant more than one pearl seed in nacre. Thus, the production of Tahitian or black pearl stone is reduced in the course of time. However, due to the introduction of new techniques like freshwater mussels allow to implant more than one seed of pearl at a time. Due to the emergence of new technologies; black pearl stone are largely being harvested from Tahitian and oceans of Fiji and Thailand. 13
  13. 13. South Sea Pearl Stone The pearl stone manufactured by Pinctada maxima pearl oyster is called south sea pearl stone. The color of the stones produced in the south sea can be white, silver, pink, cream and gold. South sea region is globally famous for their large production of cultured pearl stones. The pearl stones produced in the south sea regions are high in quality in comparison with other origins pearl stone. 14
  14. 14. How to Identify Pearl Stone Pearl is an auspicious cool nature gemstone of planet moon which bestows peace of mind, remove ill effects caused by moon , anger etc. Apart from this due to its elegant appearance, people specially women just love to wear pearl gemstone in the form of pearl earrings, pearl necklace, pearl ring. But due to presence of fake jewelry they get into the trap of fake jewelers, who just want to make quick money. So now a days due to modern technique, it is very difficult to distinguish between an original and fake pearl stone. But don't worry, here are few step by step guidelines which will help you to buy a real pearl stone. Rub the Pearl Against Your Teeth To Find Out the natural pearl stone, hold the stone with your thumb and forefinger and gently keep it at biting edge of your teeth. And, press it a bit and slightly rub it contrary to your teeth gently.If it is a natural pearl 15
  15. 15. or moti stone so it has a slightly rough texture which you will experience while doing this exercise.On the other hand a fake pearl stone will be highly smooth and won't feel any rough texture or friction against your teeth. Rub The Pearl Against Each Other Another Way Of Checking that pearl whether pearl is original or not is to hold two pearl in your both hands. Make them face each other, and now slightly rub them against each other , if while performing this exercise, you realize a fraction between stones so it is a real pearl stone. On the other hand a fake pearl stone is coated with smooth material which is why they don't ignite any fraction. Feel For the Coolness of the touch To identify a real pearl stone, you can do this trick as well. For this one, you have to take few pearl bead in your hand , remember not the one you have already worn, but the one which you are about to, hold them for few second. A real pearl stone will feel cool in your hands for few seconds. Before. it get warm.On the other hand, a fake pearl stone is composed of plastic so as you touch it you don't feel that coolness . So it aid you in distinguishing between a freshwater pearl stone and fake pearl stone. Feel the weight of Pearl stone To check the originality of stone, hold a stone in your hand a bounce it up, and feel the weight of it. A real pearl stone will carry a significant weight. On the other hand a fake pearl or moti stone will have a light weight. So these are few step which you can keep in your mind while buying a pearl stone. I hope this article has helped you to get insight details about pearl stone. If you liked it, do share it with you friends and family member to increase awareness among them. 16
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. Where to Buy Pearl Gemstone Online A natural pearl gemstone is known to bring love, peace and wealth in the life of a person. Therefore, a proper care must be taken while buying a pearl stone. Always opt out for a natural certified pearl stone. But, here question arises that where to buy pearl stone online? thus in order to buy natural certified pearl gemstone at low or reasonable rates you may pa a visit to this site: 18