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From fragmentation to the holistic view of the working life


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Presentation at ICOH2018-conference in Dublin 4.5.2018.

Published in: Healthcare
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From fragmentation to the holistic view of the working life

  1. 1. From fragmentation to a holistic view of the working life - challenges, possibilities and solutions Pauli Forma ICOH 2018-conference Dublin 4.5.2018
  2. 2. 3.5.2018© FIOH | 3.5.2018© FIOH | • Improving occupational health has always been based on data. • Methods and tools have been based on scientific research. • Because of the digitalization we have more data and new possibilities to utilize the data. • In addition of possibilities, we also face challenges. • How to get full benefit from the digitalization and new technology? • How to avoid the situation where technology shapes occupational health practices in an unwanted way? Background of the presentation
  3. 3. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Structure of the presentation 1. About the data: from the fragmentation to a holistic view (case: work life indicators platform) 2. About improving occupational health by developing the the ecosystem (case: platform for occupational health) 3. Concluding remarks How digitalization changes practicing and improving occupational health?
  4. 4. 3.5.2018© FIOH | WORK HEALTH Changes in the environment of occupational health Wellbeing, work ability, occupational health Competitiveness, productivity, cost management, lengthening of the work careers Health care Drug development Personalised health care Genomics Customer in focus Health care reforms Demography Ageing of the population Migration Work life Disruption of jobs New skills and competences needed Changing organizatios Changing leadership Value creation Platform economy Data driven business Climate change Globalization Technology Digitalization, sensors, AI, robotics, IoT
  5. 5. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Why we need new approaches? Digitalization New sources of data New ways to utilize the data Fragmentation of data, “silos” Legislation Institutions Registers Actors Transformation of work Platform economy New segmentation model needed Customer needs “From reports to dashboards” Data for business development
  6. 6. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Registers Surveys Traffic Location “Work data” Welfare devices Buying behavior (Social) media Search engines Recruitment Old and new sources of work life data
  7. 7. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Phases during a work day Sleeps Commutes to work, (if does not work at home), brings children to day care Working Commutes home, takes children from the day care Time for hobbies and for the family Sleeps Workplace Every phase during the day has an impact on wellbeing of the employee.. and can be analyzed.
  8. 8. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Current state: fragmated work life data, no data for all new topics, big data not utilized. The aim: work life data through one dashboard, covers new topics and utlizes also big data ? ? ? Big data Big dataBig data Customers using work life data Big data Big data Big data Customers using work life data Current state with work life data and the aim
  9. 9. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Sources of data in the platform Data on work ability and work disability Data on safety at work Data on occupational health care Data from FIOH’s own services Data on wellbeing from different surveys “Big Data”
  10. 10. 3.5.2018© FIOH | PLATFORM FOR WORK LIFE DATA DATA INPUT PLATFORM AS A MEDIA DASHBOARD – WORK LIFE DATA AS SELF SERVICE RESEARCH SPIN-OFFS AND EXPERIMENTS TRANSFORMATION OF WORK D A T A THEME THEME API:s Collects near real time picture about work life to be approached from one single place. Includes interface for accessing the data and data driven contents. Features: • Dashboard • Visualisations • Sharing to social media • Data driven contents • Applications • Experts Concept
  11. 11. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Work life data platform in the making Going live in the first half of 2019. Creating customer profiles • Interviews • Work-shops • Survey • Online-working Co- creation with the customers • Tasks • Pains • Gains Identifying potential customers • Decision makers • Experts • Media • Researchers Identifying potential data • FIOH-data • Other data sources Project to conceptualise the platform Implementation Service design process …
  12. 12. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Some comments from the customers during the service design process “Fragmentation of work life data is a problem” (almost everybody) “Need for shared picture concerning the work life in Finland” (employer organization) “We need information on risks of the platform economy” (employee organization) “We could use your contents straightly via an interface” (media company) “We can contribute to your platform with our data” (social insurance institution) “The media needs objective, trustworthy data on work life” (media company) “We would like to have indicators to our own management system” (ministry) “How can we help you” (pension company)
  13. 13. 3.5.2018© FIOH | 3.5.2018© FIOH | Platform for occupational health
  14. 14. 3.5.2018© FIOH | 3.5.2018© FIOH | Rapid development because of the digitalization: • Remote receptions • Mobile applications • New services • New partnerships, e.g. with companies providing welfare devices • New strategic co-operation (e.g. with insurance companies) • New analytics (artificial intelligence) Latest development in the Finnish occupational health care sector
  15. 15. 3.5.2018© FIOH | The possibilities and questionmarks with the new technologies in occupational health • More realtime data • Possibility to measure and analyze new phenomenons • Possibility to utilize new data sources (big data) • Possibility to automatize processes • Focus shifts to the individuals? • Forgetting work alongside health? • From the holistic perspective to the narrow? • Effectiveness, reliability and validity? • Transparency? • Inequality? • Regulation? ?+
  16. 16. 3.5.2018© FIOH | HR-system providers Insurance companies Welfare device providers Occupational health care providers The ecosystem of the occupational health in Finland Pension companies IT-companies The national level platform for co-creation and development is missing Data-providers Consulting companies
  17. 17. 3.5.2018© FIOH | OH platform FIOH VTT Ministry Financer Research organization Organization IT-company Occupational health care HR-system provider Pension company Sensor technology provider Startup Data partner Expert in technology • Brings expertise and networks • Gets platform for development Regulator • Brings viewpoint of the regulator • Gets a platform for developing the IT-company • Brings expertise on tools (e.g. AI) • Gets environment for development Occupational health platform Occupational health care provider • Brings data and services • Gets environment for development Expert in occupational health • Brings expertise, data and networks • Develops OH with stakeholders Startup firm • Brings idea and knowledge on technology • Gets environment for development Sensor technology provider • Brings expertise, data and devices • Gets environment for development Pension company • Brings data and expertise • Gets environment for development HR-system provider • Brings expertise and data • Gets environment for development Financer • Brings financing • Gets good quality projects to finance in the steady environment Research organisation • Brings research-expertise • Gets data and collaboration Organizations (work places) • Brings environments for development and data • Gets environment for development Data partners • Bring data • Gets utilization of data
  18. 18. 3.5.2018© FIOH | The structure of the platform community services analytics Data-infrastructure data Co-creation with stake holders Data driven services Analyzing the data, scientific research Infrastructure for managing, organizing and utilizing the data The data Platform for work life data is one service on the occupational health platform
  19. 19. Some examples on actions possibilities of the platform Making predictions Steering the processes Pilots, evaluating the effects of interventions Innovating new services More precise prediction about the incidence of work disability Earlier and more effective intervention on the work disability problem New way to guide or help employer or supervisor New tool for examining the wellbeing. Combining of data + + Combining data from the different aspects of occupational health and making scientific research possible.
  20. 20. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Critical issues Trust Data protection and privacy • There are worries that new technologies bring more tight control and monitoring work (“new Taylorism” or “Digital Taylorism”). • Utilising of new technologies have to be negotiated between social partners. • Rights of the citizens (GDPR, MyData). • Regulation should enable utilizing modern tools and methods in occupational health.
  21. 21. 3.5.2018© FIOH | Concluding remarks • Digitalization certainly provides many new possibilities (more data, more analytics, new services). • We have to be sure that technology does not endanger or change our work in the field of occupational health in an unwanted way. • We have to focus on the whole ecosystem, because nobody can utilize the new possibilities and ensure the good practices on their own.