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NetBiz corporate presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Our Mission
  3. 3. At NetBiz, we aim to delight our clients by relentlessly delivering the most effectual creative online solutions. Our team believes that Speed, Quality, performance and Ownership are the four vital wheels spinning for the way we work and grow.
  4. 4. NetBiz operates from its development centre in Mumbai, India. We have our offices in Bangalore, Delhi & USA The team comprises of highly qualified and experienced designers, producers, developers and technologists, nearly 100 professionals from reputed institutions. NetBiz core strength lies in extending brand experience online by creating a visual treat for the users. We combine creative talent, technology and the brand to provide integrated solutions to our clients. The wide span of our expertise across myriad technologies and platforms enables us to handle any kind of online requirement today
  5. 5. Our Friends
  6. 6. Our Friends
  7. 7. Our Services
  8. 8. Flash Production Websites Microsites Brand Activation User Experience Design Technology Visual Identity Creation Creative Ideation Email Advertising Banner Advertising Buzz Marketing Information Architecture Usability Testing User Interface Design Rich Media eCommerce Content Management Systems Application Development Social Medium Optimization Traffic Generation Campaign Strategy & Management Media Planning & Buying SEO & SEM Landing Page Widgets Quality Assurance Blogging AdverGames Managed Hosting Intranet Extranet Portals
  9. 9. Our Operating Methodology
  10. 10. Define how we are going to solve the clients’ marketing objective Deliver the solution that will achieve the result
  11. 11. Technology Capability
  12. 12. ASP.NET AJAX OLAP PHP Visual Studio .NET Action Script Flex JavaScript WAP /WML Development Languages Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Illustrator Adobe Fireworks MX Corel Draw Sound Forge Silverlight Design Softwares MS SQL My SQL ORACLE Database
  13. 13. Our Clientele
  14. 15. Case Studies
  15. 16. Case Study Digital Strategy World
  16. 18. Kingfisher belongs to the new generation Indian Brands, young, peppy and fun. is a reflection of the Kingfisher brand online. The unique challenge for NetBiz was to deliver brand essence of the highest level while catering to businesses as unique and diverse as Beer to Aviation.
  17. 19. To provide the user a great experience of the Kingfisher Brand and live up to the positioning of “King of Good Times” Device a Loyalty points ecosystem and reward the users for engaging with every part of the website. Key User Message The portal was developed in two phases . The first phase attempted by Kingfisher was in the year 2000-01. In 2007 Kingfisher appointed NetBiz to revamp their portal as the existing one wasn’t able to engage the user. NetBiz after researching the portal realized that the key issue needed to be sorted was Technology . An ancient technology hampered the performance of the website. Solution 2001 - 2007 2007 - 2008 2008 - 2009
  18. 20. is an integration of Kingfisher existing businesses in Style, Sports, Aviation, Food & Beverages Style Sports Food Travel Cheers The solution delivered is an integrated e-commerce/CRM platform built on the Microsoft .NET framework . A series of supporting applications, using Web Services , were developed enabling multiple stakeholders and partners to deliver a seamless, customer experience throughout the year. In addition, a flexible hosting solution was implemented to meet the ever changing load and performance requirements Technology Upgrade Given the architecture , it required a customized CMS. So we engineered a CMS which could control the sections of the website. In 2008 NetBiz relaunched , this time with a complete new look and a re-engineered CMS , more robust and more scalable . This CMS gave us the flexibility of resizing different banners on pages. Content Management System
  19. 21. is an integration of Kingfisher existing businesses in Style, Sports, Aviation, Food & Beverages Style Sports Food Travel Cheers The website was designed in way as to make the user the “hero”. Every section was devised to be a two way communication, Kingfisher communicated its brand values while the users through the various website sections participated conveying strong liking for the propagated Brand Values. NetBiz wanted to get feed from yahoo, in India yahoo does not supply a API. NetBiz scripted an API which enables it to pull live feed from yahoo. Kingfisher being a social brand made it vital to use the social network sites to their optimum. Constant updates on flickr, facebook, orkut and youtube ensured that the User was never far away from his favorite Brand. Sections which gave out information like restaurant details, wine details and holiday details got a phenomenal user response, suggesting the brand connect of Kingfisher with all the good things in Life. Key User Message Social Networking Lifestyle
  20. 22. Style houses the Kingfishers hottest property, ‘Kingfisher Calendar’. It receives the maximum number of hits after There are various engagement properties built around Kingfisher Calendar. Kingfisher PhotoShoot application alone receives around 2 million hits every month. Users can click 100 pictures from a Kingfisher Calendar shoot video and pick their 12 best pictures and create their own calendar. You can even send this calendar to your friend. You can also create your own calendar from pre shot 24 images and add to a widget. This widget can be added to your blog, website or facebook. Users can check behind the scenes videos, and post question on photography in Ask Atul section. Special Highlight
  21. 23. Case Study Digital Strategy
  22. 24. Current Website
  23. 25. New Look
  24. 26. Godrej a 112 year old doyen of Indian Industry was looking for ways to get younger. They came to NetBiz with a brand new positioning of “Brighter Living”. NetBiz hasn’t just turned back the clock on Godrej but has also achieved key innovation and technological milestones along the way.
  25. 27. To make Godrej on the internet more youthful. An easy CMS prototype to manage and later on to update the website A Herculean task of integrating their 36 existing scattered company sites into One Mother site Key Objectives
  26. 28. NetBiz has in a very short time, turned the clock back of Godrej on the digital medium. The creative designs executed by NetBiz have been appreciated at all levels inside of Godrej. Not only has the website been made easy to navigate but by developing a Customized CMS we have ensured a longer shelf life for the website. Some of the Business like Property and Interio has received special treatment, making them unique to look at but still very identifiable as being a part of NetBiz Solution
  27. 29. We can proudly say that the CMS developed by us is at least 5 years ahead of anybody else. The CMS was developed keeping in mind a simple tenant, “Can Be Managed by Anyone”. The clean interface and the ability to manage 36 diverse sites through one CMS is a unique feat in itself. What makes it special is the ability of the CMS to work not on boring template designs but rather its ability to manage 36 sites with their own unique designs. The CMS developed by us can also manage applications as complex and open ended as a Room Planner and Walk Through. Content Management System
  28. 30. Content Management System
  29. 31. Room Planners are a relatively new concept in the Indian Digital World. Most Room Planners give the user a fixed palette of products to choose from, the room planner developed by us for Godrej Interio makes it possible for the user to choose any and every Interio product. This not only is a big jump from the piece meal room planners normally created but most importantly enables the user to be able to view each product in an environment of his liking. Room Planner 1 2 3
  30. 32. Walk Throughs Real Estate sites in India tend to be very information heavy and score negative on usability and user experience factors. The Godrej Properties website developed by NetBiz will be a breath of fresh air to the user. A one of a kind walk through and panoramic view created caters to the sense of aesthetics of the prospective house hunter. 10 customized Micro sites designed with the theme of “Natural Elements” don’t just enhance the user experience but are able to provide all the information to make the user experience of buying a Godrej Property easy and completely transparent
  31. 33. Case Study Digital Strategy
  32. 35. Key Objectives Version 1.0 Version 2.0
  33. 36. Setup of technical infrastructure in India as per the V2.0 guidelines. Adaptation of global creative/development of new creative as per India specific requirements. Realignment of functional specifications as per the new CMS requirements. Implementation of all necessary software for the security and measurement. Integration of all current information of into the new version. Testing of the new site and necessary revisions. Skills development of the web keeper team for the successful governance of the V2.0 version. Key Objectives
  34. 37. NetBiz manages the entire CMS for LG. This requires regular checking of the existing information and update of each section. NetBiz has deployed a dedicated resource to collect the content from LG contact points. In addition to the existing contents, LG will introduce new sections on the website on time to time basis to meet its business objectives. Creative plays a major role in enhancing premiumm image on LG website. NetBiz has deployed a team of creative developers and copy writers to work on LG account. Creative team is well trained on LG’s digital creative guidelines. Creative work involves development of flash and static banners for homepage and other sections, flash/static presentation for the new arrival section, flash/static landing sections for the SEM campaigns, flash product presentations, web customization of catalogues, TV commercials owner’s manual, development of new sections for offers/promotions and campaigns, etc. We also develop the creatives for banner campaigns for them. Content Management System Creative Development
  35. 38. NetBiz is responsible for the cleaning and optimization of the content received from LG. This includes formatting, grammar corrections, filling of missing information, software error check etc. NetBiz tests the quality of content (creative and data) for the entire website. Every new project goes through stringent quality test before getting live on the server. In addition to this NetBiz runs comprehensive QC test for the entire website on weekly basis. NetBiz is responsible for the resumption of e-commerce engine on the LG India website. We are working in close coordination with payment gateway partners for the smooth transitions. We are also executing the task of ERP integration for the product availability check. LG conducts periodic surveys for website feedback, product feedback, advertisement feedback, consumer insight etc.We do the complete interface designing (front & back end), questionnaires and generate reports to measure the website performance. Engineering a user-friendly system for collecting the customer complaints and also a status check for LG as to how many complaints have been addressed. The back end system developed by us handles the complaints, escalations, call monitoring, timely & reminders. Data Optimization Quality Testing eCommerce Management Online Survey & Research Voice of Customer System
  36. 39. Lay’s came up with a new campaign called Fight for Flavor. There were 2 products launched in the market. Consumers were asked to vote their favorite and so the one with the highest vote would survive. 2 of India’s biggest celebrities were roped in to represent each flavor. We developed an innovative way of voting. Users were asked to challenge their friends to play Wrestling, Arm Wrestling, Thumb Wrestling & Cricket games with them. Whoever wins, will earn that flavor votes. Since Lay’s is a social snack, these games were all multiplayer games built in Flash and using Flash Media Server. Website objective was to engage users with the brand and vote for their favorite. Fastrack came with its new positioning in the year 2007. They wanted to speak to the youths in the age group 18-20 yrs more strongly. They were jostling with their current website which was in plane HTML and wanted to engage with their TG more in their language. They wanted their TG to be more informed about their brand, products, history, attitude, news etc... Also a forum where they can interact with the brand and discuss on thei relevant topics.. We Built the website around the theme of “Fastrack School of Fundas”. The website look was a college setup which would immediately connect with their TG. The product display was in a format of a book and titled ‘Style Book’. The website tone was completely youthful. Another highlight was the tone of the website was very sunny during the course of the day, but if you visit the website in evening it would be more dark. Background NetBiz Solution Background NetBiz Solution Website: Client: Fastrack Website: Client: PepsiCo
  37. 41. Banner Campaigns
  38. 43. Games
  39. 45. Thank You