Partitives explicacion y ejemplos


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Partitives explicacion y ejemplos

  1. 1. PartitivesLos partitives son un recurso que sirve para poder contar uncountablenouns, por lo tantoes muy importante conocerlosAquí hay una lista de los mas comunesabar of chocolate 2 containersa box of matches abarrel of beeracrust of bread abasket of fruitacube of ice abottle of milkadrop of oil apacket of cigarettesagrain of corn aglass of waterajar of jam amug of cocoaaloaf of bread atin of soupapiece of avase of flowerswood/furniture/paper/glass/chalk/information/wisdom 3 measuresapile of earth agallon of petrolapinch of salt apint of beer/milkaportion of food aspoonful of medicineasip of teaaslice of bread/cakeastick of chalk La forma correcta de usar un partitive es: A/AN + PARTITIVE+ CORRECT UNCOUNTABLE NOUN.Imagesbelongtoankama