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Mario´s day Past simple verb To Be: Was/ were


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Presentation and exercises of the simple past form of the verb to be with summary chart at the end. You need to download the Mario Bros font.

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Mario´s day Past simple verb To Be: Was/ were

  1. 1. Present simple excercises
  2. 2. Across 1. Luigi is a Down 1. Mario is a 2. Peach is a 3. Mario is a 4. Mario is a 5. Yoshi is a
  3. 3. Mario Luigi Princess Daisy bowser peach
  4. 4. Yesterday was a very funny day for Mario. He / at the castle with Peach, Luigi and Daisy, when Bowser arrived. Was Wer e
  5. 5. Bowser / very angry!werewa s
  6. 6. Mario and his friends / playing games. werewas
  7. 7. And Bowser / invited wasn´tweren´ t
  8. 8. Daisy / happy because she wanted to play with Bowser. wasn’tweren’t
  9. 9. / you bad with Mario? Yes, I / . But now I'm sorry. Were Was was were
  10. 10. Mario and Bowser became friends and played games together all day.
  11. 11. 1. Was mario at the cinema? : Yes, he was / No, he wasn´t 2. Was Daisy at the castle? 3. Were Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy reading books? 4. Was Bowser invited? 5. Was Bowser sorry? 6. Were they friends in the end?
  12. 12. 1. _______ Mario’s day funny? a) Were b) Was c) Wasn’t 2. Luigi and Daisy ___ at the castle. a) wasn’t b) were c) was 3. Bowser ______ very happy. a) weren’t b) were c) wasn’t
  13. 13. 4. Mario, Peach, Daisy and Luigi ___ reading books. a) were b) weren’t c) was 5. Bowser ________ Invited a) was b) weren’t c) wasn’t
  14. 14. 6. Daisy ________ very sad. a) was b) were c) wasn’t 7. Bowser _____ crying. a) were b) weren’t c) was
  15. 15. Affirmative Negative Question I WAS INVITED I ____________INVITED ____I INVITED? You __________ INVITED You WEREN’T INVITED _____You INVITED? He __________INVITED She ________ INVITED It _________ INVITED He ___________ INVITED She __________ INVITED It WASN’T INVITED WAS______ He INVITED? ______She INVITED? _____It INVITED? We _________ INVITED They WERE INVITED We____________ INVITED They __________INVITED WERE _______ We INVITED? _______They INVITED?