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Reading comprehension 2


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Reading comprehension 2

  1. 1. ReadingWii UMr Francisco Martínez| The Wii U is an upcoming home video gameconsole by Nintendo|and the direct successor tothe Wii | the console has been described asbelonging to a new eighth generation||The Wii U is Nintendos sixth home console andfeatures a new controller with an touchscreen| Thecontroller allows a player to continue a gaming session by displaying the game even when the television isoff | The system will be fully backwards compatible with Wii|and Wii U games can support compatibilitywith the Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board| It will not be backward compatible with Nintendo GameCubemedia| Questions. 1) What is a Wii U? _____________________________________________________________________________ 2) What relation has with the Wii? _____________________________________________________________________________ 3) What generation of consoles is the Wii U? _____________________________________________________________________________ 4) What kind of controller the Wii U has? _____________________________________________________________________________ 5) What is special about the new controller ? _____________________________________________________________________________