Office Angels: Career Planning Guide


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Having a plan when it comes to your career can really help you to achieve your career goals. The team here at Office Angels have put together a guide to making the most of your career planning.

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Office Angels: Career Planning Guide

  1. 1. Your guide to:Planning your perfectcareer Whatever direction you want your career to take - be it as a PA, Customer Service Advisor, or Office Manager - the best approach to making it happen is with a little structured planning. Having a career plan can give you something real and exciting to aim for; it can also help you to stay positive when it’s a bad day at the office. Because we’re experts when it comes to helping you achieve your career objectives, we’ve put together a short guide - full of useful tips - to help you along the way.See your career as a journey Know what motivates you Hone your skillsThis will keep you energised in the good Work feels less like work when you enjoy Once you’ve decided what interests andtimes, and focused when things aren’t it, so think about what interests you and motivates you, the next step is to makeso great. You’ll probably need more suits your lifestyle, and consider which sure your skills match your chosen careerthan one employer to get to where areas you’re passionate about. It’s also path. For some careers, you might needyou want to be, so work out some good to have a job that incorporates the to think about gaining qualificationsmilestones based on skills, salary, or things that you’re naturally good at, but through further education, but a lot ofresponsibilities. Your career is something challenges you at the same time. That the time, you just need to invest ayou build continuously, rather than an doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be good little time in building the sort of skillsendless string of jobs; so concentrate at something new though; many skills are that make you more employable inon increasing the knowledge, skills and transferable and some just need a polish a competitive market. Office Angelsexperiences that are valued by employers or a bit of direction. Education Zone offers over 7,000 freeand keep an open mind on the precise online training courses, so if your skills doroute you take to get there. need a bit of honing, we’ll have you up to scratch in no time. Just speak to your nearest branch for more information.Follow us
  2. 2. Qualifications vs. experience Put your plan in context Consider all optionsSome roles ask for specific qualifications, Market conditions will always effect how Whilst you might have your end goalbut whilst employers may be attracted quickly you can fulfil your ambitions. in sight, it’s a good idea to keep yourto people who can boast skills on Whilst drive is important, you need a options open. Planning for your futurepaper, they’re even more impressed by healthy dose of realism too. During is brilliant for making you feel safe andanyone who’s been committed enough difficult times, many companies slow secure, but if another job that intereststo gain experience in their chosen field. hiring or limit progression opportunities, you comes along, don’t be afraid toEmployers will rarely advertise these sorts but that doesn’t mean things will stay that explore other routes. Sometimes, it’sof positions, so you will probably need way. Try to see the bigger picture, remain the jobs that we never even thought ofto ask. Target any companies that could flexible and open-minded, and remind that turn into the most exciting careers.offer you relevant experience in your yourself that you’ll get there with a littlechosen area, volunteer your services perseverance, and a touch of patience.and get building that CV.Ask for evidence Know your employer’sIf promises of career progression are expectationsmade at interview, make sure they’re If you want to get ahead, it helps tonot being made sweepingly. Ask the have the support of your manager.interviewer for real life examples of Get to know what they expect of you inhow they’ve supported their other both your current role, and in terms ofemployees in reaching career milestones. progression; always asking for regularShow ambition and focus, but without feedback, advice, and guidance as youappearing pushy or expectant. Get the go. If you prove your worth, they won’tbalance right, and they’ll be keen to want to lose you and will be keen tosnap you up. offer you further opportunities. So make a plan, expand it, adapt it, and don’t be afraid to change it along the way. Your career journey should be an exciting one - full of surprises and opportunities, so enjoy it. And if you want to talk to us about shaping it, just get in touch. Visit our website:: Download our app: Check out our other guides: us