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OFFICEANGELStEmpINGGuIdEOffice Angels Temping Guide |
YOur ASSIGNmENtAt Office Angels, we place our temporary candidates into assignments basedon their skills, experience and a...
YOur ASSIGNmENt CONt’dWhen entering your hours, please make sure that you enter      7. Health & Safetythem on the correct...
YOur ASSIGNmENt CONt’dOn your first day                                                 Knowing how to use your dSE safely...
pAY1. Understand your pay slipJo BloggsXX Street Name                                                                     ...
pAY CONt’d2. How you’re paid                                              4. HolidaysOffice Angels will pay you every Frid...
YOur BENEFItS1. Travel Wings Plus                                            2. Angel of the Monthtravel Wings plus is a p...
EVALuAtION1. Right Result                                                  2. Psychometric testingright result is an onlin...
trAINING1. Interskill LearningInterskill Learning is Office Angels’ online training tool       SOFtWArE dEVELOpmENtthat of...
dIVErSItY ANd INCLuSIONOffice Angels is a member of the following four                  to protect your rights, Office Ang...
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Office Temping Guide


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A full guide on everything you need to know when becoming an Office Angels temp.

All the basics from pay slips to employment benefits.

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Office Temping Guide

  1. 1. OFFICEANGELStEmpINGGuIdEOffice Angels Temping Guide |
  2. 2. YOur ASSIGNmENtAt Office Angels, we place our temporary candidates into assignments basedon their skills, experience and availability to work. When a suitable assignmentarises, we will contact you to discuss the details. However, you are under noobligation to take it.If you do undertake an assignment through Office Angels, please understandthat you will be acting as an ambassador for our company, and therefore weexpect you to act in a professional manner and to adhere to the conditionsoutlined in your employment contract at all times.1. Registering with Office Angels signed copy to your local branch, and once the contract isWhen you come into your local branch of Office Angels, you signed, you are an employee of Office Angels.will be asked to complete mandatory registration forms andany evaluations that we feel are relevant to you. the contract will always include: •the reason for the assignmentYou will need to bring with you a form of officialidentification, such as a valid passport or Birth Certificate, •the place of workalong with a document displaying your National Insurance •the duties of employmentnumber. •the code of conductthe whole registration process will take up to 1 ½ hours. •the hours of employmentIf you’re unable to attend a full-length registration, pleaseinform us when making an appointment and we can email •the pay and paid annual leave entitlementthe forms and evaluation for you to complete at home. •the rules for continuation or termination of employmentBring these to your face-to-face meeting and registrationshould only take around 40 minutes. 5. If you’re sick or running late In the event of absence due to sickness or injury, you must2. Before the assignment personally inform Office Angels of the reason for theWhen your Office Angels consultant offers you an absence as soon as possible.assignment, they will explain what the role involves, alongwith the environment you’ll be working in. After confirming In respect of any period of absence, you should be entitledour choice with the client, we’ll contact you to sign the to Statutory Sick pay, subject to qualification in accordancecontract. with the rules of the scheme and you submitting appropriate medical certificates and self-certification.3. How you will be contactedIf you apply for a role or send your CV directly to Office If you are late for an assignment, please contact your localAngels, your recruitment consultant will contact you by phone branch no later than 8.30am on the day.or by email. please feel free to contact your local branch ifyou have not heard from them. 6. Timesheet Each week you will receive a timesheet on which you must4. The contract of employment record your daily hours. When recording your hours pleasethe assignment contract is a written agreement. It will be round them up to the nearest quarter. Each quarter of ansent to you by your local branch within the first two working hour represents 0.25 so if you have worked 7 ¼ hours youdays of the start of the assignment. You need to return a should write 7.25. 7 ½ hours would be 7.5 and 7 ¾ would be 7.75.Office Angels Temping Guide | page 2 of 10
  3. 3. YOur ASSIGNmENt CONt’dWhen entering your hours, please make sure that you enter 7. Health & Safetythem on the correct days and that you deduct any break Health and Safety is a partnership in which we look aftertime from your total hours. Any overtime worked must be ourselves as individuals and care for our assignmentauthorised and clearly marked as such. Ot1 = time and a workers.half and Ot2 = double time. We want to make you aware of our joint responsibilities inYou then need to sign and date the timesheet where this important area:indicated, and tick your travel Wings box, selecting yourmode of transport. After you have completed your timesheet, Our responsibilitiesplease ask a manager in your department to sign and date it •We will allocate assignments to match your skills andwhere indicated underneath the hours grid. experiencetimesheets are processed on a monday for the previous •As far as practically possible, we will do all we can toweek and payment is made to you on a Friday. ensure you have a safe and healthy workplace with adequate supervisionIt is your responsibility to get your timesheets completed, •the client that your assignment is with is responsible forsubmitted, and signed by yourself and the client in time for your health and safety whilst you are therepayroll. •We will make sure you are given information on safety procedures so that you can carry out your tasks without any danger to yourself or others •If at any time during your assignment you fail to understand any health or safety issue, please ask for clarification Your responsibilities •take reasonable care for the Health & Safety of yourself and others while you are working •make sure you familiarise yourself with the local emergency procedures of your workplace •Be aware of the safety rules and regulations as they apply to the site •report any hazardous situations to your Line manager •do not undertake tasks that you have not received training on, or that you feel are unsafe •do not misuse any equipment or safety devices •make correct use of all work equipment, machinery, substances and ppEOffice Angels Temping Guide | page 3 of 10
  4. 4. YOur ASSIGNmENt CONt’dOn your first day Knowing how to use your dSE safely can prevent discomfortOn the first day of your assignment, you should be told by and improve job satisfaction. these and other factors canyour Line manager: add up to make dSE work physically stressful:1. the location of the fire exits Are you sitting comfortably?2. the location and types of fire extinguishers Simple adjustments to both your work habits and work3. the location of the toilets and wash basins station can make a big difference to how you feel at the end of each day.4. Who the first aider/appointed person is5. Whether any task-specific training is required for the role the upper body is most comfortable when:6. the procedure for reporting accidents in the workplace •You sit with your back straight and head level7. Any other information relevant to your role or workplace •You lower back is supported to allow for the natural inward curvepersonal protective Equipment (ppE)devices and/or clothing designed to protect an individual Hands and wrists are more comfortable when:while in potentially hazardous areas. •upper arms hang relaxed at both sides •Hands and wrists are nearly at right angles to the upperthe majority of tasks undertaken will have been assessed for armrisk to the worker; in some circumstances, despite havingreduced the risk to a reasonably practicable level, risks may •Your wrists are straight and in line with the hand andstill be present. forearmShould this be the case you may be required to wear Your legs are more comfortable when:personal protective Equipment (ppE). You will be advised of •Keep your knees level with your hipsthis prior to under taking the assignment and must make sureyou know how to wear or use it correctly. please look after •put your feet flat on the floor or use a footrestit and if it needs replacing then inform your Line managerimmediately. reducing eyestrain Headache, burning, blurring or itching eyes, and nauseaEquipment provided for the task and fatigue.30% of accidents in the workplace are related to equipmenttools and/or equipment that have been provided for the All of these symptoms can be greatly reduced by followingjob should only be used if you are competent in this area. these precautions:Clients should provide training on the use of tools or •Adjust blinds to prevent glare from natural lightequipment, if they are necessary to carrying out the task. thiscan be anything from simple or powered hand tools to larger •Adjust the dSE screen brightness to low and set the contrastfixed apparatus or vehicles. to high •tell your Line manager if images appear blurry on yourSafe use of display Screen Equipment (dSE) screen as it may need professional maintenanceGenerally, the use of display Screen Equipment (dSE) can be •position your screen so that the top is leveal with your eyesundertaken without any undue risks to health, however, it isimportant that you know how to work safely. •Face the screen directly, not at an angleOffice Angels Temping Guide | page 4 of 10
  5. 5. pAY1. Understand your pay slipJo BloggsXX Street Name TAX CODEtown If you are on a Br code pleaseCounty Your payroll number contact your branchpostcode71 Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts, Wd6 1HY registered number: 01985032 COMPANY DIVISION OFFICE ANGELS 09W Worker No. NAME PERIOD PAY DATE IND 09385642 Joe Bloggs 41/2009 15/01/2010 W1 department tAX COdE N.I. NO./tABLE LEttEr Croydon (0208 681 3039) 647L SE123456A/A PAYMENT DEDUCTIONS Wk Ending timesheet description units rates Amount Deduction Amount 08/01/2010 02164007910 Standard 29.00 8.00 232.00 Tax 30.80 08/01/2010 02164221110 payment of holiday 1.00 47.12 47.12 NI 18.60 TOTAL PAYMENTS 279.12 TOTAL DEDUCTIONS 49.40 timesheet week ending date CUMULATIVES GrOSS pAY tO dAtE 9788.71 units = number of hours you worked tAXABLE pAY tO dAtE 9788.71 rate = your hourly pay rate pENSION tO dAtE 0.00 Amount = hours worked x pay rate tAX tO dAtE 928.60 EE’S N.I. tO dAtE 639.75 Your average holiday pay amount NET PAY 229.72Office Angels Temping Guide | page 5 of 10
  6. 6. pAY CONt’d2. How you’re paid 4. HolidaysOffice Angels will pay you every Friday in arrears by credit As an assignment worker, you are entitled to a maximum oftransfer to your nominated bank account, or by such method 28 days paid annual leave in each complete holiday may have been agreed between your local branch andyourself. Office Angels’ holiday year begins on the monday immediately following the last Friday in September and endsYou will receive your first wage two weeks after the start of on the last Friday in September.your assignment. All paid annual leave must be taken during the leave yearFor example, if you start working on monday 5th march, in which it was accrued and may not be carried over.your first pay date will be Friday 16th march, and then every Entitlement to paid annual leave accrues in proportion to theFriday after that. amount of time you worked. You are required to give no less than one week’s written3. How the pay is set notice of intention to take paid annual leave.You will be paid at an hourly rate which may vary accordingto the individual client assignment and, subject to any Full details are laid out in your contract of employment.deductions agreed with you, will not be less than theNational minimum Wage at the time of the assignment.the total pay you will receive will be calculated accordingto the total number of hours you worked on assignment tothe nearest quarter of an hour. deductions will be made atsource for tax and National Insurance.When you registered, you should have completed a p46/p38tax Form and a BACS payment Form. this ensures that whenyou start work, we have everything we need to pay yourwages into your elected bank account, preventing you fromincurring emergency tax.Office Angels Temping Guide | page 6 of 10
  7. 7. YOur BENEFItS1. Travel Wings Plus 2. Angel of the Monthtravel Wings plus is a plan administered by Office Angels, Each month, your local branch will nominate their Angel ofwhich enables us to pay a tax-free allowance to eligible the month, and present the recipient with an exclusive giftemployees towards the travel and or subsistence costs and certificate in recognition of their achievements.incurred whilst working at client locations. the plan meetswith the relevant taxes and national insurance contributionslegislation as published by the HmrC. 3. Angel of the Yeartravel Wings plus operates as a “salary sacrifice” Every year, all of the winners of Angel of the month are putarrangement, which means that eligible employees agree forward for the national Angel of the Year give up an element of their gross taxable pay in order toreceive the benefit of the Allowance. As the Allowance is taxfree, the addition of this Allowance to reduced gross paytypically means eligible employees receive a higher amountof net pay than had they not opted into travel Wings plus.Office Angels Temping Guide | page 7 of 10
  8. 8. EVALuAtION1. Right Result 2. Psychometric testingright result is an online candidate assessment system that to make sure we place you in the right environment, Officeis unique to Office Angels. Angels will ask you to complete a psychometric test.At registration you will be asked to take some tests that will psychometric testing is a simple process that involves onlineassess your skills. You could be tested on your secretarial, questionnaires/assessments that can be completed quicklyadministrative, aptitude or languages skills, and can and easily.complete the evaluation in branch or at home. Once youhave finished the tests, your branch will receive a detailed Our fully trained staff are able to administer andreport. these results will be shared with you at your give feedback on a variety of ability assessments andconvenience. psychometric questionnaires, including: •OpQ (Occupational personality Questionnaire) •CCSQ (Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire) •WSQ (Work Styles Questionnaire) •mQ (motivational Questionnaire) •Ability tests (Verify - Numerical, Verbal and Inductive reasoning)Office Angels Temping Guide | page 8 of 10
  9. 9. trAINING1. Interskill LearningInterskill Learning is Office Angels’ online training tool SOFtWArE dEVELOpmENtthat offers free online learning and gives businesses the •Web development technologiesopportunity to build the skills of their staff. •Java 2 programming •microsoft .NEt Software development toolsthis portal provides over 6,000 advanced online training •Generic Languagesmodules and a range of online learning, including mS 2007, •Software programming Fundamentalscustomer services, marketing, Hr, and finance. •Software development principles •Software testing FoundationsYou can log in and complete your training online, so whether •mentoring Assetsyou want to learn new skills or refresh existing ones, we have •test prepsthe training to fit your need. WEB dESIGNBelow is a non exhaustive list of training modules currently •Web Site design - principlesavailable: •macromedia •microsoft Frontpage BuSINESS StrAtEGY and OpErAtIONS •Adobe •Operations Curriculum •Scripting and Web Languages •Strategic planning Curriculum prOJECt EFFECtIVENESS •marketing Curriculum •project management Curriculum FINANCE, HumAN rESOurCES and AdmINIStrAtION •team Building Curriculum •Finance & Accounting Curriculum •Business Analysis •Administrative Support Curriculum dESKtOp COmputEr SKILLS •Human resources Curriculum •Adobe •mentoring Assets •Best practices for desktop users mANAGEmENt and LEAdErSHIp •microsoft Office 2010 •management Curriculum •microsoft Office 2007 •Leadership Curriculum •microsoft Office Xp •microsoft Windows 7 prOFESSIONAL EFFECtIVENESS •microsoft Windows Xp for End users •Communication Curriculum •microsoft Office 2003 •Foundation Skills Curriculum •microsoft project 2002 •personal development Curriculum •Home user: Home and personal Finance prOJECt EFFECtIVENESS •Home and personal •Lotus Notes 8 •project management Curriculum •Lotus Notes 7 •team Building Curriculum •microsoft Internet Explorer 8 •Business Analysis •microsoft Internet Explorer 7 SALES and CuStOmEr FACING SKILLS •microsoft Internet Explorer 6 •Sales Curriculum •Seagate Crystal reports •Customer Service Curriculum •SAp •Industry Foundations •mentoring Assets •testpreps •test prepsOffice Angels Temping Guide | page 9 of 10
  10. 10. dIVErSItY ANd INCLuSIONOffice Angels is a member of the following four to protect your rights, Office Angels adheres to the followingorganisations, together we help tackle diversity and inclusion acts of legislation:issues in our workplace as well as our clients. •Conduct of employment agencies and employment •Business regulations 2003 •Employment relations Act 1999 •Equality Act 2010race for Opportunity (rfO) is committed to improving •the police Act 1997employment opportunities for ethnic minorities across theuK. It is the only race diversity campaign that has access •Health & Safety at Work Act 1974to and influence over the leaders of the uK’s best known •Working time regulations 1998organisations. •data protection Act 1998 •Asylum & Immigration Act 1996 •Electronic Communications Act •National minimum Wage regulationsOpportunity Now is an organisation for employers who arecommitted to creating an inclusive workplace for women. Office Angels actively promotes equal opportunities,Opportunity Now empowers employers to accelerate change sustainability, safety and diversity in all of its activities.for women in the workplace because it makes good businesssense. Office Angels believes that being able to work is vital for social inclusion and contributes to the well being of society as a whole. We are advocates for the elimination of discrimination in the workplace and specifically train our staff to identify potentially discriminatory recruitment practices.Employers’ Forum on disability is the world’s leadingemployers’ organisation focused on disability as it affectsbusiness. their mission is to enable companies like us tobecome disability confident by making it easier to recruit andretain disabled employees and to serve disabled customers.Stonewall’s diversity Champions programme is Britain’sgood practice forum in which employers can work withStonewall, and each other on sexual orientation issues.Office Angels Temping Guide | page 10 of 10