Your guide to:Temping   Working as a temp is a brilliant way of exploring different jobs and industries. It’s also   great...
Your contract and                          running late for your assignment, make        already; but in some cases, despi...
Timesheets                                     Follow our five top tips on completing your timesheet:We’re pretty confiden...
Holidays                                    Travel Wings PlusAs a temp, you’re entitled to a             Travel Wings Plus...
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Office Angels Temping guide


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Office Angels Temping guide

  1. 1. Your guide to:Temping Working as a temp is a brilliant way of exploring different jobs and industries. It’s also great for making your work life fit nicely around your personal life. But if you’re going to make temping work for you, you’ll need to know the ins and outs. The good news is that at Office Angels, we take your care pretty seriously; which is why we’ve put together a handy guide packed full of everything that you need to know about temping with Office Angels.Your assignment Registering with us Before the assignmentWe never want you to feel out of your Just call or email your local branch and After we’ve managed to find you adepth and we always want you to enjoy we’ll talk you through the next steps. new job we’ll explain your hours,what you’re doing, so we’ll only ever We may need you to fill in a few forms, what the role involves, where you’llplace you on assignments that are right but we promise to make it as painless be working and the sort of environmentfor you, based on your experience, as possible. you’ll be working in; we’ll also giveskills and availability. you directions on how to get there, We’ll also need an up-to-date copy of and answer any questions you haveWhen you’re on assignment with Office your CV as we’ll use that to help bag about the job, the client, or theAngels, we’re your employer; which you the best jobs on the market, but company. And we’ll give you a callmeans you’ll be well looked after. our friendly consultants are always on the first day, just to check thatWe’re responsible for paying you, on hand to give you advice on how to you’re happy with the role.dealing with legislative requirements, write the perfect CV, should you need it.and keeping in touch with you and thecompany you’re working for to make When you come in to see us, you’llsure you’re both happy and content. need to bring along some official identification, such as a valid Passport “Not only have Office Angels found Because we have an altogether or Birth Certificate, and a document me the perfect temporary roles, they fabulous reputation for placing top displaying your National Insurance have been understanding to my notch jobseekers in all manner of Number. specific needs and requirements for office jobs, we’re trusted by hundreds both my skill set and availability”. of high profile clients to find the sort We love making your life that bit of skilled and motivated candidates simpler, which is why we’ve made it Candidate, Office Angels - Banbury who can hit the ground running. incredibly easy to register with us.Follow us
  2. 2. Your contract and running late for your assignment, make already; but in some cases, despite sure you give us a call before 9am, just reducing risk to a reasonable level, weassignment letter in case we need to find someone to can’t promise there won’t be any at all.Now for the heavy legal stuff: your cover for you.contract is a written agreement, so it If this is the case you may need to wearmust be completed before you start PPE - Personal Protective Equipmentany role. The good news is that once Health & Safety designed to protect you while you’rethe contract is completed, you’re in potentially hazardous areas. You’ll We’ll do everything we can with our be told this before starting yourofficially an employee of Office Angels; clients to care for your health and safety assignment though, as you’ll need toand personally, we couldn’t think of when you’re on an assignment. Health make sure you know how to wear oranything better. and safety is the responsibility of all and use it correctly. legislation says that Temporary Workers Your employment contract is really (Agency Staff) are treated exactly the Please look after it well, and if it needs useful because it includes important same as the clients own staff. We’ll replacing, let your Line Manager know. information on: do all we can to give you a safe and • How much annual leave you’re healthy workplace by reviewing any entitled to risks and addressing these. If you see anything you think is a health and safety How you’re paid £ • Code of conduct risk, it’s up to you to highlight this to You’ll receive your first wage two weeks • Rules around continuation or your Line Manager and to us. after the start of your assignment, and termination of your assignment after that, we’ll pay you every Friday in arrears by credit transfer to your You’ll also receive a letter once What to expect on your nominated bank account. the assignment has been agreed, first day confirming: So, if you start work on Monday 5 • Where you’ll be working We know that your first day in a new March, your first pay will be Friday 16 assignment can be nerve-wracking. March, and then every Friday after that • What the job involves You don’t know your way around, (as long as you submit your completed • What hours you’ll be working who your colleagues are, or where timesheet on time). anything is - and as a temp, you have • Pay rate to find your feet really quickly. But don’t • Job title worry; our clients are just as helpful How your pay is set and supportive as our consultants, so • Start date they’ll have you up to speed in no time. You’ll be paid at an hourly rate which will vary depending on each assignment; but you can rest assured Your Line Manager should tell you:If you’re sick or running late that your hourly rate will never be less • The location of the fire exits and than the National Minimum Wage atThere’s nothing worse than feeling like assembly points the time of the’re at death’s door when you’re due • Where the toilets areat the office; but we’re all human, so Your total pay is based on the numberif you are feeling under the weather • Whether you’ll need any training of hours you’ve worked to the nearestand really can’t come to work, let for the role quarter of an hour. Deductions will beus know as soon as possible. You • How and where to go to report made for Tax and National Insurance,might be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay accidents but the rest is all yours - unless you’ve(subject to the rules of the scheme and agreed any other you submitting the right medical • Any other information that’sdocuments), so pick up the phone as relevant to your role or workplace When you registered with us, yousoon as you know you won’t be able • Who/where the first aider is will have either submitted a P45 orto make it in. completed a P46/P38 tax form and a BACS Payment Form. This means thatAnd we know that all of our temps are when you start work, we already haveconscientious and super punctual, but Keeping you safe everything we need to pay your wages;sometimes trains, traffic, or unexpected it may reduce the risk of you payingdisasters can disrupt your morning Most of the tasks that you’ll be asked to do will have been assessed for risk basic rate tax.routine. If that happens and you’reFollow us
  3. 3. Timesheets Follow our five top tips on completing your timesheet:We’re pretty confident that you’ll 1. Round up your daily hours to the nearest this later in the guide), choosing your modewant to be paid for the hours you quarter (it makes it that much easier for us of transport if you’re claiming for that week. non-Maths boffins). A quarter of an hour iswork, so it’s really important that you written as 0.25; so if you’ve worked 7 hours 4. After you’ve completed your timesheet, askrecord them. For every week of your 15 minutes, write 7.25, or 7.75 for 7 hours a manager in your department to sign andassignment, you’ll be given a timesheet 45 minutes. When adding up your daily hours, date it do just that. Use it to record your make sure you write them on the right days, 5. Timesheets are processed on a Monday for and deduct any unpaid breaks from your total. the previous week, and you’ll be paid thedaily hours, and send it back to us at following Friday. But it’s up to you to getthe end of the week. It’s that simple. 2. Some clients may occasionally offer overtime, your timesheets completed, submitted and this would be input under OT1 or OT2. signed by yourself and the employer in time 3. Sign and date your timesheet and tick your for payroll - if you don’t, may not be paid Travel Wings Plus box (we’ll explain all about until the following week. Your unique reference number Assignment details Week ending date: Report to: Enter all hours to: Department: Assignment no.: Work address: Assignment title: Candidate SID/PN: Candidate name: Your work details Branch details will automatically be Branch: Branch address Consultant: and contact details: populated here Temp supplied as: Client details Client name: Invoice address:Please tick Invoice contact: PO Ref: Cost code 1: Cost code 2:the correct Hours worked H=Hours M=Minutes IMPORTANT: To receive Travel Wings Plus you MUST TICK THEboxes to show BOXES BELOW to indicate how you travelled to work each day and if you are claiming subsistence and SIGN the declarationwhat you’re Start time Finish time Total hours Break hours Net hours Basic hours OT1 hours OT2 hours No travel/ Public Travel Private Subsclaiming that subs cost trams vehicle Mondayweek Tuesday Complete your Wednesday working hours Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total: Assignment details Assignment staff member Please initial alteration to time hours Roundtrip mileage from home to client location is 12 miles I confirm and agree the net total of _______ hours (including overtime hours) have Assignment staff in Travel Wings Plus been satisfactorily worked and that payment in respect of these will be made according • If you use your own vehicle, tick the ‘Private vehicle’ box, if you have travelled under to your terms of business which have received from you and accept as the basis of 10,000 miles in current tax year you will receive 45p/mile if over 10,000 miles you Your Line Manager this transaction. will receive 25p/mile • If you use public transport, tick the ‘Public trans’ box. You will receive 23.8p/mile. • If you have incurred subsistence, tick the ‘Subs’ box. Rate is £3.60/day for work of 5 hrs or more. must complete this Name (capitals):_____________________________________________________________ • If you have incurred no travel costs, tick the ‘No travel/subs cost’ box. section Position:___________________________________________________________________ Declaration: I hereby declare that the qualifying travel and subsistence costs incurred by me as referred to above were incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the Date:_____________________________________________________________________ performance of my duties of my employment. These travel and subsistence costs were incurred by attending an assignment work place in relation to my employment. I have Client signature:____________________________________________________________ and will return receipts to support paid subsistence and travel for a period of 12 months after the period in which the cost was incurred. These receipts are subject to audit. Client: After signature please take a copy of this timesheet for your records. Please note that fees charged largely represent fees paid to the assignment staff and will be subject to Assignment staff signature:___________________________________________________ Sign and date here a separate invoice which is payable within 14 days of the invoice date. Date (DD/MM/YY):______________________________________________________________ Note: You won’t be able to claim Assignment staff: Please ensure that the timesheet is fully completed and signed and Travel Wings Plus if you haven’t make sure that the client receives a copy. Return the original to the branch BY 9.30am ON THE FOLLOWING MONDAY to allow payment by the next Friday. signed thisFollow us
  4. 4. Holidays Travel Wings PlusAs a temp, you’re entitled to a Travel Wings Plus is a plan As the allowance is tax free, themaximum of 28 days paid annual administered by Office Angels addition of this to reduced gross payleave for each complete holiday enabling us to pay eligible employees typically means you’ll receive a higheryear (which runs from January to a tax free allowance towards travel amount of net pay than if you hadn’tDecember). This entitlement is and subsistence costs incurred whilst opted into the scheme. You just needaccured in proportion to the you are on assignments for us. to speak to us to find out whetheramount of time worked by you. you’re eligible. Travel Wings Plus is a ‘salary sacrifice’You can’t carry days over, so all paid arrangement, which means that you Good luckholiday has to be taken during the year agree to give up an element of your We’re really excited about working within which it’s accrued. But remember gross taxable pay in order to get the you, so good luck in your assignmentto give us at least one week’s written benefit of the allowance. and be sure to get in touch if you havenotice if you want to take any time off - any questions.including any bank holidays Jo Bloggs XX Street Name Town County Postcode Hazlitt House, 4 Bouverie Street, London EC4Y 8AX Registered number: 01985032 COMPANY DIVISION OFFICE ANGELS 09W Your payroll Worker No. NAME PERIOD PAY DATE IND number 09385642 Joe Bloggs 41/2009 15/01/2010 W1 Department TAX CODE N.I. NO./TABLE LETTER Tax Code If you are on a BR Croydon (0208 681 3039) 647L SE123456A/A code please contact your branch PAYMENT DEDUCTIONS Timesheet Wk Ending Timesheet Description Units Rates Amount Deduction Amount 08/01/2010 02164007910 Standard 29.00 8.00 232.00 Tax 30.80 week ending 08/01/2010 02164221110 Payment of holiday 1.00 47.12 47.12 NI 18.60 date TOTAL PAYMENTS 279.12 TOTAL DEDUCTIONS 49.40 CUMULATIVES GROSS PAY TO DATE 9788.71 TAXABLE PAY TO DATE 9788.71 PENSION TO DATE 0.00 Units = number of hours you worked TAX TO DATE 928.60 EE’S N.I. TO DATE 639.75 Rate = your hourly pay rate Amount = hours worked x pay rate Your average holiday 229.72 NET PAY pay amount Visit our website:: Download our app: Check out our other guides: us