Happiness at work infographic q3


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Happiness at work infographic q3

  1. 1. UK’s happiness at work Happiness at work by ageHappiness at work Happiest 13% Happy 31% 32% 39% 34% OK 37%UK happiness 16-24 year olds are the happiest age group at 54%, followed by Unhappy 12% 16-24 year olds who feel happy at work 35-44 year olds who feel OK at work 55+ year olds who feel the mostis on the up older workers - with the over 55s recording a 49% happiness rating. Most unhappy 8% happiest at work In terms of regional breakdown, Male and female happiness at workYour happiness means a great deal to Londoners are the happiest in the Male Female 30% 31% Women are slightly happier at workus - especially your career happiness; UK at 52% - 8% higher than the Happy: 30% Happy: 31% than men in the UK (31% and 30%which is why every quarter, we national average - followed by those OK: 35% OK: 38% respectively). Unhappy: 13% Unhappy: 12%measure workplace happiness all over in Wales (47%). Workers in the East Male Femalethe UK to get a better understanding Midlands are the least happy (25%),of how you’re feeling about your job. followed closely by workers in the Happiness at work by regionWe work with Opinion Matters, who South West (22%). Happytrack happiness and morale levels Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director OKacross the sexes, age ranges, and of Office Angels, commented: “The 38%regions, and we’re delighted to see Unhappy 28% UK has experienced a remarkablethat for many of you, happiness levels 12% summer; from the Queen’s Diamond Scotlandare on the up. 36% 33% 37% 38% Jubilee, to the Olympics and 12%With an 8% rise on last quarter, four Paralympics Games. Whether our Yorkshire and 7% North East Humbersidein ten UK workers said that they were increased happiness is the result of the 40% 33%happy, which is a positive improvement golden summer is impossible to say, 13% 34% 29%on this time last year when only 37% but with a more positive outlook for 36% North West 11% 25%of you described yourselves as being the jobs market than there has been 20% East Midlandshappy, and a quarter (24%) of you for some time, hopefully this trend is 32% 32% West Midlands 38%were distinctly unhappy. set to continue”. 15% 15% 11% Wales East of EnglandIn spite of youth unemployment Go to www.office-angels.com/happy 39% 25%being on the rise, those who are in to find out more or contact your local 13%work are getting happier; in fact, branch today for a friendly chat. South West 37% 40% 34% 33%Follow us on: 11% 11% South East Londonwww.office-angels.com