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Happiness at-work-drinking-in-the-rain


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Happiness at-work-drinking-in-the-rain

  1. 1. Happiness at work Drinking in the rain Drinking in the rain (signing too, if you like) How much water should you be drinking? We might be having one of the wettest summers since records began We’ll get it over with now and admit we’re not medical experts, but luckily, (yes, we’re not lying, it is actually summer), but in spite of sodden fields and the lovely people over at the Department for Health are, and according to mammoth puddles, it’s important to remember that your body still needs them, you should be drinking 1.2 litres (about six 200ml or eight 150ml plenty of water. And no, getting caught in a downpour doesn’t count. glasses) of liquid a day. That’s because hydration is all kinds of important for your overall health; What you drink is up to you, but as caffeine, fizzy drinks and too much 1.2 litres is the and that’s especially true when you work in polluted, overcrowded cities fruit juice can be bad for you, water is the king of all hydrators. If you find recommended that suck the moisture out of you quicker than a sponge on a tea-spill. water intolerably boring, you could squeeze in some fresh lime, or go for intake of liquid the sparkling option to really quench your thirst. And let’s not forget the a day to avoid When you don’t get enough to drink, dehydration can seriously slow health benefits behind milk - calcium and hydration in one. dehydration your brain, body, and professional performance - and no-one wants to be functioning at 50%. The problem is, if you’re used to not drinking A good way of keeping your fluid levels up throughout the day is to have all that much in the first place, it can be hard to tell when you are a bottle of water on your desk at all times. And in place of those seven dehydrated. cups of coffee, why not try adding a few mint leaves to hot water? How to spot when you should be drinking more Of course the guidelines don’t just apply to your working week alone. Ok, so your skin might not immediately shrivel up a la The Mummy, but When it comes to weekend or after work drinks, try to stay on top of there are some pretty big indicators that should leave you reaching for the ‘good’ fluids by drinking a glass of water in-between alcoholic ones. nearest water bottle. Well, not necessarily the nearest. Not if it’s someone Alcohol is about as dehydrating as it gets, so don’t let your efforts go else’s. That would just be stealing (unless it’s your mum’s, friend’s or to waste when you leave the office. partner’s of course - they have to share). So remember: keep a water bottle on your desk, drink plenty during the Feeling thirsty is the most glaringly obvious sign that you need some liquid evening and weekends, and try to mix it up a bit so you don’t get bored. in you quick sharp, but you should also look out for: Then all that’s left to do is enjoy feeling great. • Dark-coloured urine and not passing much urine when you go to the toilet • Headaches • Lack of energy • Feeling lightheadedFollow us on:www.office-angels.com