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Testing of Network Health-Monitoring Software System : A Case Study By Oak Systems Pvt Ltd


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This case study is about the functional testing carried out on a Network Health Monitoring Software product. The product is used to monitor health of different resources/devices on the network using SNMP, HTTP Protocols.
Oak Team successfully carried out the testing of the product and enabled the customer to release it to the market at announced timelines.

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Testing of Network Health-Monitoring Software System : A Case Study By Oak Systems Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. Case Study on Testing of Network Health Monitor product
  2. 2. About Oak Systems  Specialist Software Services company  Established in 1998  ISO 9001 certified since 2003  Over 100 Software specialists  Multiple Domain expertise - Banking, Financial Services, Insurance,Medical and Healthcare  Embedded/RT applications, Avionics & Aerospace, Automotives,  Client server applications, Internet based applications, Telecom  Offices in Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia  Projects for India, Europe, USA, Asia
  3. 3. About the Customer A leading Network Management solution provider
  4. 4. About the Product  Product related to monitoring of Different servers using SNMP, HTTP protocols  End users - typically Data centers  Monitors various activities in a Network  Provides periodic data on different components of an application/Network  Provides statistical view on the Health of Network
  5. 5. Product Usage  In Real-time business scenarios like stock markets, to analyze performance of various servers with scalable business  In uptime of Network that can be linked to productivity  MIS in terms of Resource utilization in an organization
  6. 6. Oak Systems Stepped In Product was Tested in Unix/Solaris environment  Testing was required to be done in Windows environment (Functional)
  7. 7. Modus operandi  Determine Health report requirements  Select servers and attributes for monitoring  Prioritize the server test viz. OS,Routers/Switches first, APP server, DB in the order  Install the server
  8. 8. Modus operandi - Contd...  Configure the servers  Apply monitor test cases for each component  Simulate server action wherever necessary  Collect monitor data and check for correctness for each instance  Verify if health report is OK
  9. 9. Project Statistics  Duration: 6 months  Test team size: 4  Effort spent: 24 person months  No. of Test cases executed :2500+  Environment : Windows, Host of Servers
  10. 10. Our Value add  Rapidly put together a team of testers lead by a TL  Completed the testing in time with alternate strategies so that the product could be released to the market in time (Testing of around 700 monitors)  Suggested some changes to the product (like centralized agent concept)
  11. 11. Thank you To know more about this case study, please get in touch with us...