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OAR Legislative Policy Agenda


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OAR Legislative Policy Agenda

  1. 1. Legislative Policy Agendaand Guide to the 54th Legislature 2013—2014
  2. 2. 1 OAR Government Affairs2 Message from the President3 2013 Government Affairs Committee3 2013 Board of Directors4 Economic Development and Taxation5 Land Use and Environmental Issues6 State Regulation of the Real Estate Industry and Real Estate Law8 Senate Directory12 House of Representatives Directory21 Senate Standing Committees23 House of Representatives Standing Committees
  3. 3. OAR Government Affairs Lisa G. Noon, CAE, RCE Chief Executive Officer 405-848-9944 Richard Phillips Lobbyist 405-919-3478The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® would like to say “thank you” to the returning and newly-electedlegislators of the 54th Oklahoma Legislature. Thank you for your commitment to the citizens of our state, andfor your dedication to ensure a brighter future for Oklahoma.Just like you, our Association is committed to the people of Oklahoma. We have more than 8,200 membersall across our state who are working hard every day, helping Oklahomans buy, sell and lease residentialand commercial real estate. That is why we are committed to the protection of private property rights as aphilosophical and business interest. The basic right to buy, sell, use and transfer real property directly impactsnot only the business of our members, but every business and individual in Oklahoma. The protection ofprivate rights is the tenet of all our lobbying efforts.You’ll find that our Legislative Policy Agenda for the 54th Oklahoma Legislature identifies three broad issueareas: State Regulation of the Real Estate Industry and Real Estate Law; Economic Development and Taxation;and Land Use and Environmental Issues. These three areas combine to form the foundation for privateproperty rights. In each area, we have outlined detailed positions to specific issues that may arise during thelegislative session.We believe we have addressed these issues in a manner which enhances the business of Oklahoma REALTORS®,and in turn all Oklahomans. We look forward to working with you in a successful legislative session. 1
  4. 4. Leadership TeamGreetings from the Oklahoma Association of REATORS®. We would first like to thankthe Oklahoma Legislature for your continued support on issues that affect homeownership as well as the health of the real estate industry. Oklahoma was populatedduring the land run years by those from all over wishing for a better life and a pieceof land they could call their own. This tradition is alive and well, and we thank you for Joe Pryoryour efforts and successes that have made our state a leading beacon of the current 2013 OAR Presidentrecovery. EdmondTogether we want to look at real estate through a wide angle lens that canincorporate so many issues that influence the quality of life and promote entryinto what has always been a large part of the American Dream: home ownership.As strategic partners, we come to you often for your help, but we also want you toknow we appreciate when you come to us about issues on real estate. This two-wayconversation is what makes our relationship unique.We know that going forward we will face many issues and that recovery is notcomplete, so know that our door is always open. Most importantly we want to thank Mary Terryyou for your overwhelming support of the new Broker Relationship Act that allows 2013 OAR President-Electus to tell Oklahoma consumers in the most honest way what we do in real estate Adatransactions, and it will build greater trust with the public.In the 54th Session we look forward to how working together honors the commitmentwe have all made to serve the best interest of what we believe is the greatest state inthe U.S. and with the pride that we have made the lives of our citizens better.Joe Pryor Kacy Bell 2013 OAR Treasurer Tulsa Tom Andrew, Enid Debbie Lynn Benton, Marlow Jerry Boston, Ardmore District 1 VP District 2 VP District 3 VP Chuck Harris 2013 OAR Secretary Angie Tyler, Bartlesville Steve Mann, Oklahoma City Bijan Babollah, Oklahoma City Oklahoma City District 4 VP District 5 VP District 6 VP2
  5. 5. Government Affairs CommitteeKevin Anderson, Tulsa Joan Hastings, Tulsa Kara Ormston, EnidGabrielle Barnett, Altus Gwen Holmes, Norman Axay Parekh, TulsaMargaret Barton, Ada Larry Ivey, McAlester Sherri Parker-Evans, NormanPam Barton-Stober, Oklahoma City Nancy Jackson, Shawnee Chuck Perry, GroveKacy Bell, Tulsa Shane Johnson, Oklahoma City Bill Poertner, Oklahoma CityAmy Bladow, Norman Lee Roy Kalka, Cushing Kimberly Price, Goldsby Nels PetersenMike Branson, Glencoe Penny Klein, Enid Philip D. Quinn, Norman 2013 ChairpersonLadonna Bryce, Shawnee Lorna Koeninger, Yukon Brad Reeser, EdmondKathleen Davis, Hendrix Kevin Lynch, Copan Thomas (Bill) Riley, Bartlesville Carolyn Thompson, Sand SpringsDouglas Emde, Stillwater Steve Mann, Norman Ted Rose, Laverne Hope White, Oklahoma CityMichelle Epps, Collinsville David Momper, Tulsa Jeff Shaffer, Enid Donna Willis, WeatherfordKathy Fowler, Enid Lake Moore, Muskogee Maggie Shirk, Oklahoma City Anne Wilson, Oklahoma CityTracy Glenn, Lawton Barbara Morton, Tulsa Theresa Stewart, Ada Carolyn Yeager, ArdmoreKristyn Grewell, Edmond Jessie Murphree, Duncan Mary Terry, AdaBoard of DirectorsTom Andrew, Enid John Erwin, Lawton James McCollom, Stillwater Warren Taber, NormanPatricia Ayling, Oklahoma City Gigi Faulkner, Oklahoma City Tamera McCullar, Eufaula Kenny Tate, Sand SpringsBijan Babollah, Mustang Peggy Foster, Cache David Momper, Tulsa Mary Terry, AdaJudy Bachman, Oklahoma City Andrea Frymire, Oklahoma City Don Moody, Duncan Carolyn Thompson, Sand SpringsMargaret Barton, Ada Pete Galbraith, Tulsa Molly Murphy, El Reno Todd Thornton, BartlesvilleKacy Bell, Tulsa Gerald Gamble, Oklahoma City Michelle Murray, Woodward Ken Tooman, TulsaBrenda Bentley, Lawton Terry Gartside, Tulsa Dennis Nevius, Edmond Angie Tyler, BartlesvilleDebbie Lynn Benton, Marlow Kathy Givens, Moore Jim Nicholas, Enid Shawna Vann, Oklahoma CityBart Binning, Oklahoma City Anthony Graham, Norman Axay Parekh, Tulsa Hope White, Oklahoma CityJoAnna Blackstock, Tulsa Gary Griffith, Tulsa Stacey Pennington, Bixby Kathleen Williams, NormanKaren Blevins, Edmond Dennis Hall, Tulsa Nels Petersen, Oklahoma City Kelly Willis, YukonJerry Boston, Ardmore Barbara Harris, Oklahoma City Peggy Pitts, Oklahoma City Carolyn Yeager, ArdmoreMontie Box, Sand Springs Chuck Harris, Oklahoma City Bill Poertner, Oklahoma City Becky Zarecki, Broken ArrowSusan Callendar, Shawnee John Hausam, Tulsa Patricia Probasco, EnidMike Cassidy, Edmond Lawrence Heiliger, Tulsa Joe Pryor, Oklahoma City Presidential Appointee:Leland Chinowth, Tulsa Sharon Hudgins, Cushing Marolyn Pryor, Norman Paul Northcutt, GroveSheryl Chinowth, Tulsa John Jones, Lawton Sam Rader, TulsaTonya Coffman, Edmond Sherri Jones, Muskogee Vinson Reed, TulsaBarbro Cox, Tulsa Frank Kell, Tulsa William Richert, TulsaMike Craddock, Tulsa Anderle Khaled, Tulsa Ted Rose, LaverneNeil Dailey, Broken Arrow Lorna Koeninger, Yukon Gail Scott, Midwest CityJudy Davis, Oklahoma City Linda Laster, Leedey Maggie Shirk, Oklahoma CityDenise Donaldson, Tulsa Brenda Lawrence, Collinsville Kelly Simmons, TulsaBetty Dosher, Tipton Bob Linn, Oklahoma City Kathy Sparger, EdmondHarriett Dunham, Pryor Ryan Litz, Edmond Larry Starbuck, MustangBryan Edwards, Tulsa James Livingston, Duncan Theresa Stewart, AdaDoug Emde, Stillwater Mike Malone, Moore Tom Strickland, LawtonMichelle Epps, Owasso Steve Mann, Norman Larry Stumpff, BartlesvilleRodger Erker, Tulsa Harry Marton, Stillwater Richard Sudduth, Tulsa 3
  6. 6. Economic Development and TaxationInvestment in real estate is an essential ingredient in the economic development of Oklahoma. Itis imperative Oklahoma’s legislative agenda include pro-business legislation aimed at attractingnew businesses and retaining and expanding existing business, thereby increasing investmentactivity in real estate. The structure upon which economic growth is based should be ad valoremtax reform, tort reform, reform of the worker’s compensation system and development ofeducation and technology. Infrastructures for Tax Structures Miscellaneous Business Growth• Strongly support a continued effort • Support meaningful ad valorem tax • Support efforts to prohibit private real to enact reforms in the worker’s reform to assure fair and accurate estate transfer fees. compensation laws and continue to assessment, levy and collections • Support efforts to increase financial ensure real estate licensees paid on a procedures which encourage real estate literacy education in Oklahoma’s commission basis remain exempt. investment. secondary schools system.• Promote housing opportunity and • Support the repeal of taxation on the • The Oklahoma Association of affordability throughout the state and transfer of business personal property REALTORS® will provide staff and seek new resources. in commercial real estate transactions. membership support to the National• Continue to work for significant tort • Continue supporting the repeal of the Association of REALTORS®’ lobbying reform. estate tax. efforts on national issues.• Carefully monitor legislation restricting • Assist local boards and associations • Continue to monitor the development the business use of telecommunications in any manner to ensure local of ethics rules and laws which affect systems, including broadcast faxes and governments do not impose additional campaign contributions and regulation e-mails. licensing/signage/transfer fees on of political action committees. Will work• Monitor tax incentives and tax credits REALTORS® as a condition for doing to ensure restrictions are not unduly for corporations and small businesses business within the jurisdiction. cumbersome and exclusionary. to ensure continued economic and • Strongly oppose any sales taxation of professional services including those of housing growth. REALTORS®. • Oppose any effort to increase the documentary stamp tax for any purpose. • Monitor and strive to analyze all tax- related legislation and tax increases coming before a vote of the people on a real estate and business impact basis. Carefully study any proposal which would eliminate the state income tax and any impact on the real estate industry.4
  7. 7. Land Use and Environmental IssuesThe protection of the quality of our air, water and land, as well as reasonable preservationof natural resources, must be weighed by the impact legislative protection enacts on privateproperty owners and their freedom to enjoy the uninterrupted use of their property withoutgovernment interference. The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® recognizes that propertydevelopment, management and preservation of natural resources is vital to the future ofhousing and the supply of marketable real estate.• Support just compensation for the • Carefully monitor any proposed confiscation of private property changes to termite treatment standards including unreasonable dedication, and applicator regulations. wetlands or exclusionary zoning. • Carefully monitor any legislation• Support voluntary conservation regarding surface, water, mineral, measures to increase the energy natural resources or air rights issues. efficiency of existing homes. • Continually monitor and analyze• Support a private property rights law legislation/regulation relating to growth which requires state agencies to analyze management strategies of urban rules and regulations to determine areas which restrict the use of private whether those rules and regulations property. result in a “constitutional taking” that • Monitor the list of endangered species requires just compensation. for Oklahoma and possible impact on• Support state programs that provide private use of land. tools to local governments to • Monitor any legislation and/or encourage collaborative and regional regulation relating to remediation comprehensive planning as long as it standards and additional disclosures for supplements, rather than displaces, properties used for the manufacturing local control and decision-making. of methamphetamines.• Oppose any legislation which unduly • Carefully study any proposals dealing and unnecessarily restricts the with eminent domain. use of private property or imposes unreasonable financial burden on property owners.• Carefully monitor any proposed legislation and/or regulation relating to further disclosure of any known moisture and mold problems or condition by real estate brokers and property managers.
  8. 8. State Regulation of the Real Estate Industry andReal Estate LawAn increase in consumerism will result in continued efforts to regulate the real estate industryand support services. The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® is aware of the increasingconsumer scrutiny of REALTORS®, their services and the cost of those services and will continueto improve the public image of REALTORS® by supporting high quality education which stressesethical standards and awareness of the laws and regulations pertaining to our industry. TheOklahoma Association of REALTORS®, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission,will work to ensure licensing laws balance the needs of the consumer with the economicconcerns of licensees. Real Estate Real Estate Licensing Laws Business Activities• Continue to support current licensing • Strongly support and be actively • Strongly oppose any mandatory laws as they relate to applicants with involved in legislation that supports requirement that an attorney or felony convictions. licensing requirements for closing attorney’s representative be present or• Support license reciprocity with other companies that do not preclude real involved in any aspect of the real estate states. estate licensees from closing their own transaction.• Oppose the consolidation of OREC in-company transactions. • Oppose state-imposed limits or functions with other state agencies. • Strongly support legislation that restrictions placed on “controlled• Oppose the creation of any specialty restricts texting and e-mailing while business arrangements” regulated permits under real estate licensing laws driving, while continuing to allow for under RESPA. as restrictive and unnecessary. general cell phone usage. • Oppose any effort, physical or financial,• Carefully monitor all legislation • Support open ownership of title which would inhibit access to public and/or regulations relating to insurance agencies which encourages records. unbundled services in the real estate competition and protects the public • Oppose regulations/legislation which industry. interest. attempt to erode the definition of• Monitor the Broker Relationships Act • Support changes to the abstracting laws “independent contractor” as it relates as needed. of Oklahoma to ensure they are fair to exemptions available for REALTORS® and affordable to Oklahoma property under state law. owners. • Oppose any legislation which would • Support changes in the title insurance allow banks and other financial laws which eliminate the requirement institutions entry into the real estate for an abstract in the issuance of a title brokerage or property management insurance policy. business. • Support efforts to digitize county • Carefully monitor all legislation records. and/or regulation which would6
  9. 9. potentially impact the availability and/or affordability of property insurance.• Carefully monitor all legislation regarding the activities involved in the closing of a real estate transaction. Such activities include but are not limited to: inspections, appraisals, abstractors, title insurance, mortgage origination, mortgage companies and homeowners insurance and other related trades. Real Estate Law• Strongly support and be actively involved in legislation that changes the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act which will require for- sale-by-owners to comply with the disclosure requirements.• Support the innocent landowner defense.• Oppose efforts to mandate property registration and/or inspections of rental properties.• Oppose required inspections on properties in conjunction with the issuance of occupancy permits.• Carefully monitor any legislation which would require property owners to provide storm shelters and/or evacuation plans to tenants.• Study the effects of requiring the disclosure of the covenants and restrictions of a subdivision to buyers of residential real estate.• Study the buyer inducement provisions of the Oklahoma Real Estate License Code and Rules.• Study legislation regarding property management and the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act. 7
  10. 10. 2013-2014 Senate Leadership President Pro Tempore Majority Whip Brian Bingman - R Kim David - 18 District: 12 District: 18 Room: 422 Room: 428B Phone: 405-521-5528 Phone: 405-521-5590 Email: Email: Majority Floor Leader Majority Whip Mike Schulz – R David Holt - R District: 38 District: 30 Room: 418 Room: 411A Phone: 405-521-5612 Phone: 405-521-5636 Email: Email: Assistant Floor Leader Majority Whip Cliff Branan - R Greg Treat - R District: 40 District: 47 Room: 417C Room: 530 Phone: 405-521-5543 Phone: 405-521-5632 Email: Email: Assistant Floor Leader Caucus Chair John Ford - R Bryce Marlatt - R District: 29 District: 27 Room: 424A Room: 427 Phone: 405-521-5634 Phone: 405-521-5626 Email: Email: Assistant Floor Leader Caucus Vice-Chair Rob Johnson - R A.J Griffin - R District: 22 District: 20 Room: 413 Room: 520 Phone: 405-521-5592 Phone: 405- 521-5628 Email: Email: Majority Whip Rural Caucus Chair Rick Brinkley - R Ron Justice - R District: 34 District: 23 Room: 512 Room: 423 Phone: 405-521-5566 Phone: 405-521-5537 Email: Email: justice@oksenate.gov8
  11. 11. Democratic Leader Democratic WhipSean Burrage - D Al McAffrey - DDistrict: 2 District: 46Room: 522 Room: 533Phone: 405-521-5555 Phone: 405-521-5610Email: Email: mcaffrey@oksenate.govAssistant Democratic Leader Democratic Caucus ChairmanRoger Ballenger - D Tom Ivester - DDistrict: 8 District: 26Room: 527B Room: 529APhone: 405-521-5588 Phone: 405-521-5545Email: Email: ivester@oksenate.govAssistant Democratic Leader Democratic Caucus Vice ChairJohn Sparks - D Susan Paddack – DDistrict: 16 District: 13Room: 533 Room: 533APhone: 405-521-5553 Phone: 405-521-5541Email: Email: paddock@oksenate.govAssistant Democratic LeaderCharles Wyrick - DDistrict: 1Room: 535APhone: 405-521-5561Email: wyrick@oksenate.govAssistant Democratic LeaderJerry Ellis - DDistrict: 5Room: 535Phone: 405-521-5614Email: Oklahoma State Senate State Capitol BuildingDemocratic Whip 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.Earl Garrison - D Oklahoma City, OK 73105District: 9 Phone: 405-524-0126Room: 533 Fax: 405-521-5507Phone: 405-521-5533 OKSenate.govEmail: 9
  12. 12. 2013-2014 Senate Cliff Aldridge – R Corey Brooks – R District: 42 District: 43 Room: 412 Room: 520 Phone: 405-521-5584 Phone: 405-521-5522 Email: Email: Mark Allen – R Bill Brown – R District: 4 District: 36 Room: 415 Room: 413A Phone: 405-521-5576 Phone: 405-521-5602 Email: Email: Patrick Anderson – R Harry Coates – R District: 19 District: 28 Room: 417A Room: 531 Phone: 405-521-5630 Phone: 405-521-5547 Email: Email: Don Barrington – R Brian Crain – R District: 31 District: 39 Room: 515A Room: 417B Phone: 405-521-5563 Phone: 405-521-5620 Email: Email: Randy Bass – D Nathan Dahm – R District: 32 District: 33 Room: 528B Room: 533A Phone: 405-521-5567 Phone: 405-521-5551 Email: Email: Larry Boggs – R Eddie Fields – R District: 7 District: 10 Room: 513B Room: 416 Phone: 405-521-5604 Phone: 405-521-5581 Email: Email: Josh Brecheen – R Jim Halligan – R District: 6 District: 21 Room: 513A Room: 425 Phone: 405-521-5586 Phone: 405-521-5572 Email: Email: halligan@oksenate.gov10
  13. 13. Constance Johnson – D Ralph Shortey – RDistrict: 48 District: 44Room: 534B Room: 514APhone: 405-521-5531 Phone: 405-521-5557Email: Email: shortey@oksenate.govClark Jolley – R Jabar Shumate – DDistrict: 41 District: 11Room: 519 Room: 521Phone: 405-521-5622 Phone: 405-521-5598Email: Email: shumate@oksenate.govKyle Loveless – R Frank Simpson – RDistrict: 45 District: 14Room: 533C Room: 513BPhone: 405-521-5618 Phone: 405-521-5607Email: Email: simpson@oksenate.govMike Mazzei – R Rob Standridge – RDistrict: 25 District: 15Room: 424 Room: 429Phone: 405-521-5675 Phone: 405-521-5535Email: Email: standridge@oksenate.govDan Newberry – R Gary Stanislawski – RDistrict: 37 District: 35Room: 414 Room: 427APhone: 405-521-5600 Phone: 405-521-5624Email: Email: stanislawski@oksenate.govRon Sharp – R Anthony Sykes – RDistrict: 17 District: 24Room: 533 Room: 426Phone: 405-521-5539 Phone: 405-521-5569Email: Email: lewis@oksenate.govWayne Shaw – RDistrict: 3Room: 513APhone: 405-521-5574Email: 11
  14. 14. 2013-2014 House of Representatives Leadership Speaker of the House Assistant Majority Floor Leader T.W. Shannon – R Dale DeWitt – R District: 62 District: 38 Room: 401 Room: 433 Phone: 405-557-7374 Phone: 405-557-7332 Email: Email: Speaker Pro Tempore Assistant Majority Floor Leader Mike Jackson - R Randy Grau – R District: 40 District: 81 Room: 441 Room: 324 Phone: 405-557-7317 Phone: 405-557-7360 Email: Email: Majority Floor Leader Assistant Majority Floor Leader Pam Peterson – R Paul Wesselhoft – R District: 67 District: 54 Room: 303 Room: 332 Phone: 405-557-7341 Phone: 405-557-7343 Email: Email: Majority Leader Assistant Majority Floor Leader Dennis Johnson – R Charles Ortega – R District: 50 District: 52 Room: 435 Room: 537 Phone: 405-557-7327 Phone: 405-557-7369 Email: Email: Majority Leader Assistant Majority Floor Leader Fred Jordan – R Randy McDaniel – R District: 69 District: 83 Room: 333 Room: 302-B Phone: 405-557-7331 Phone: 405-557-7409 Email: Email: Assistant Majority Floor Leader Majority Caucus Chairman Lee Denney – R Weldon Watson – R District: 33 District: 79 Room: 436 Room: 302 Phone: 405-557-7304 Phone: 405-557-7330 Email: Email: weldon.watson@okhouse.gov12
  15. 15. Majority Caucus Vice Chairman Assistant Majority WhipHarold Wright - 57 Glen Mulready – RDistrict 57 District: 68Room: 400-B Room: 338Phone: 405-557-7325 Phone: 405-557-7340Email: Email: glen.mulready@okhouse.govMajority Whip Assistant Majority WhipTodd Thomsen – R Mike Sanders – RDistrict: 25 District: 59Room: 408 Room: 536Phone: 405-557-7336 Phone: 405-557-7407Email: Email: mike.sanders@okhouse.govAssistant Majority Whip Assistant Majority WhipLisa Billy – R Steve Vaughan – RDistrict: 42 District: 37Room: 302A Room: 305Phone: 405-557-7365 Phone: 405-557-7355Email: Email: steve.vaughan@okhouse.govAssistant Majority Whip Assistant Majority WhipDennis Casey – R Todd Russ – RDistrict: 35 District 55Room: 300B Room: 300Phone: 405-557-7344 Phone: 405-557-7312Email: Email: todd.russ@okhouse.govAssistant Majority Whip Assistant Majority WhipJosh Cockroft – R Sean Roberts – RDistrict: 27 District: 36Room: 315 Room: 322Phone: 405-557-7349 Phone: 405-557-7322Email: Email: sean.roberts@okhouse.govAssistant Majority Whip Majority Caucus SecretaryJon Echols – R Elise Hall – RDistrict: 90 District: 100Room: 316 Room: 321Phone: 405-557-7354 Phone: 405-557-7403Email: Email: 13
  16. 16. Democratic Minority Leader Assistant Minority Floor Leader Scott Inman – D Wade Rousselot – D District: 94 District: 12 Room: 548 Room: 507 Phone: 405-557-7370 Phone: 405-557-7388 Email: Email: Minority Floor Leader Assistant Minority Floor Leader Ben Sherrer - D Mike Shelton – D District: 8 District: 97 Room: 500 Room: 539 Phone: 405-557-7364 Phone: 405-557-7367 Email: Email: Deputy Minority Floor Leader Assistant Minority Floor Leader Eric Proctor – D Emily Virgin – D District: 77 District: 44 Room: 540A Room: 500 Phone: 405-557-7410 Phone: 405-557-7323 Email: Email: Assistant Minority Floor Leader Minority Whip Steve Kouplen – D Chuck Hoskin - D District: 24 District: 6 Room: 541 Room: 509 Phone: 405-557-7306 Phone: 405-557-7319 Email: Email: Assistant Minority Floor Leader Assistant Minority Whip Jeannie McDaniel – D Cory Williams - D District: 78 District: 34 Room: 508 Room: 544 Phone: 405-557-7334 Phone: 405-557-7411 Email: Email: Assistant Minority Floor Leader Minority Caucus Chair Brian Renegar – D Jerry McPeak – D District: 17 District: 13 Room: 504 Room: 503 Phone: 405-557-7381 Phone: 405-557-7302 Email: Email: jerrymcpeak@okhouse.gov14
  17. 17. Minority Caucus Vice ChairJoe Dorman – DDistrict: 65Room: 540Phone: 405-557-7305Email: joedorman@okhouse.govMinority Caucus SecretaryCurtis McDaniel – DDistrict: 1Room: 539APhone: 405-557-7363Email: curtis.mcdaniel@okhouse.govMinority Appropriations and Budget AdvisorMike Brown – DDistrict: 4Room: 545Phone: 405-557-7408Email: Oklahoma House of Representatives State Capitol Building 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Phone: 405-521-2711 Fax: 405-557-7351 15
  18. 18. 2013-2014 House of Representatives Don Armes – R Mike Christian – R District: 63 District: 93 Room: 440 Room: 537C Phone: 405-557-7307 Phone: 405-557-7371 Email: Email: Gary Banz – R Bobby Cleveland – R District: 101 District: 20 Room: 406 Room: 325 Phone: 405-557-7395 Phone: 405-557-7308 Email: Email: John Bennett – R Donnie Condit - D District: 2 District: 18 Room: 326 Room: 500A Phone: 405-557-7315 Phone: 405-557-7376 Email: Email: Scott Biggs – R Ann Coody – R District: 51 District: 64 Room: 320 Room: 439 Phone: 405-557-7405 Phone: 405-557-7398 Email: Email: Gus Blackwell – R Marian Cooksey – R District: 61 District: 39 Room: 305A Room: 409 Phone: 405-557-7384 Phone: 405-557-7342 Email: Email: David Brumbaugh – R Doug Cox – R District: 76 District: 5 Room: 329B Room: 410 Phone: 405-557-7347 Phone: 405-557-7415 Email: Email: Ed Cannady – D David Dank – R District: 15 District: 85 Room: 546 Room: 433 Phone: 405-557-7375 Phone: 405-557-7392 Email: Email: david.dank@okhouse.gov16
  19. 19. David Derby – R Tommy Hardin – RDistrict: 74 District: 49Room: 337 Room: 323Phone: 405-557-7377 Phone: 405-557-7383Email: Email: tommy.hardin@okhouse.govJohn Enns – R Katie Henke – RDistrict: 41 District: 71Room: 434 Room: 314Phone: 405-557-7321 Phone: 405-557-7361Email: Email: katie.henke@okhouse.govDan Fisher – R Jeffrey Hickman – RDistrict: 60 District: 58Room: 326 Room: 411Phone: 405-557-7311 Phone: 405-557-7339Email: Email: jwhickman@okhouse.govKay Floyd – D Arthur Hulbert – RDistrict: 88 District: 14Room: 510B Room: 321Phone: 405-557-7396 Phone: 405-557-7310Email: Email: arthur.hulbert@okhouse.govWilliam Fourkiller – D Charlie Joyner – RDistrict: 86 District: 95Room: 542 Room: 336Phone: 405-557-7394 Phone: 405-557-7314Email: Email: charlie.joyner@okhouse.govLarry Glenn - D Sally Kern – RDistrict: 7 District: 84Room: 502 Room: 304Phone: 405-557-7399 Phone: 405-557-7348Email: Email: sallykern@okhouse.govRebecca Hamilton – D Dan Kirby – RDistrict: 89 District: 75Room: 510 Room: 334Phone: 405-557-7397 Phone: 405-557-7356Email: Email: 17
  20. 20. James Lockhart - D Skye McNiel – R District: 3 District: 29 Room: 505 Room: 433B Phone: 405-557-7413 Phone: 405-557-7353 Email: Email: Scott Martin – R Lewis Moore – R District: 46 District: 96 Room: 335 Room: 329A Phone: 405-557-7329 Phone: 405-557-7400 Email: Email: Steve Martin – R Richard Morrissette – D District: 10 District: 92 Room: 330 Room: 543 Phone: 405-557-7402 Phone: 405-557-7404 Email: Email: Kevin Matthews – D Jason Murphey – R District: 73 District: 31 Room: 510B Room: 437 Phone: 405-557-7406 Phone: 405-557-7350 Email: Email: Mark McBride – R Jason Nelson – R District: 53 District: 87 Room: 315 Room: 301 Phone: 405-557-7346 Phone: 405-557-7335 Email: Email: Charles McCall – R Tom Newell – R District: 22 District: 28 Room: 322 Room: 328B Phone: 405-557-7412 Phone: 405-557-7372 Email: Email: Mark McCullough – R Jadine Nollan – R District: 30 District: 66 Room: 435A Room: 320 Phone: 405-557-7414 Phone: 405-557-7390 Email: Email: jadine.nollan@okhouse.gov18
  21. 21. Terry O’Donnell - R Mike Reynolds – RDistrict: 23 District: 91Room: 319 Room: 301BPhone: 405-557-7379 Phone: 405-557-7337Email: Email: mikereynolds@okhouse.govLeslie Osborn – R Mike Ritze – RDistrict: 47 District: 80Room: 303B Room: 300APhone: 405-557-7333 Phone: 405-557-7338Email: Email: mike.ritze@okhouse.govPat Ownbey – R Dustin Roberts – RDistrict: 48 District: 21Room: 301 Room: 319Phone: 405-557-7326 Phone: 405-557-7366Email: Email: dustin.roberts@okhouse.govDavid Perryman – D Colby Schwartz – RDistrict: 56 District: 43Room: 539A Room: 329Phone: 405-557-7401 Phone: 405-557-7352Email: Email: colby.schwartz@okhouse.govAnastasia Pittman – D Seneca Scott – DDistrict: 99 District: 72Room: 510 Room: 539Phone: 405-557-7393 Phone: 405-557-7391Email: Email: seneca.scott@okhouse.govR.C. Pruett - D Earl Sears - RDistrict: 19 District: 11Room: 501 Room: 432-DPhone: 405-557-7382 Phone: 405-557-7358Email: Email: earl.sears@okhouse.govMarty Quinn - R Jerry Shoemake – DDistrict: 9 District: 16Room: 300C Room: 506Phone: 405-557-7380 Phone: 405-557-7373Email: Email: 19
  22. 22. Jason Smalley – R Mike Turner – R District: 32 District: 82 Room: 323 Room: 400 Phone: 405-557-7368 Phone: 405-557-7357 Email: Email: Aaron Stiles - R Ken Walker – R District: 45 District: 70 Room: 338 Room: 317 Phone: 405-557-7386 Phone: 405-557-7359 Email: Email: John Trebilcock – R Justin Wood – R District: 98 District: 26 Room: 404 Room: 324 Phone: 405-557-7362 Phone: 405-557-7345 Email: Email: justin.wood@okhouse.gov20
  23. 23. 2013-2014 Senate Standing CommitteesAGRICULTURE AND RURAL John Ford, Vice Chair (R) Subcommittee on Public Safety Susan Paddack (D)DEVELOPMENT Cliff Aldridge (R) and Judiciary Wayne Shaw (R)Eddie Fields, Chair (R) Rick Brinkley (R) Rob Johnson, Chair (R) Ralph Shortey (R)Ron Justice, Vice Chair (R) Mike Mazzei (R) Don Barrington, Vice Chair (R) John Sparks (D)Mark Allen (R) Susan Paddack (D) Joshn Brecheen (R) Ron Sharp (R)Don Barrington (R) John Sparks (D) Brian Crain (R)Randy Bass (D) Gary Stanislawski (R) Tom Ivester (D) ENERGYLarry Boggs (R) Al McAffrey (D) Cliff Branan, Chair (R)Frank Simpson (R) Subcommittee on Ralph Shortey (R) Bryce Marlatt, Vice Chair (R)Anthony Sykes (R) General Government and Rob Standridge (R) Rick Brinkley (R)Charles Wyrick (D) Transportation Eddie Fields (R) Bryce Marlatt, Chair (R) Subcommittee on Selected A.J Griffin (R)APPROPRIATIONS Cliff Branan, Vice Chair (R) Agencies Jim Halligan (R)Clark Jolley, Chair (R) Mark Allen (R) Patrick Anderson, Chair (R) Tom Ivester (D)Ron Justice, Vice Chair (R) Randy Bass (D) David Holt, Vice Chair (R) Constance Johnson (D)Randy Bass (D) Larry Boggs (R) Bill Brown (R) Rob Johnson (R)Cliff Branan (R) Earl Garrison (D) Harry Coates (R) Clark Jolley (R)Rick Brinkley (R) Ron Sharp (R) Nathan Dahm (R) Ron Justice(R)Harry Coates (R) Anthony Sykes (R) Tom Ivester (D) Susan Paddack (D)Brian Crain (R) Charles Wyrick (D) Frank Simpson (R)Kim David (R) Subcommittee on Health and Rob Standridge (R)Jerry Ellis (D) Human Services BUSINESS AND COMMERCE Greg Treat (R)Eddie Fields (R) Kim David, Chair (R) Dan Newberry, Chair (R) Charles Wyrick (D)John Ford (R) Greg Treat, Vice Chair (R) Anthony Sykes, Vice Chair (R)A.J Griffin (R) A.J Griffin (R) Patrick Anderson (R) FINANCEJim Halligan (R) Constance Johnson (D) Harry Coates (R) Mike Mazzei, Chair (R)David Holt (R) Dan Newberry (R) Brian Crain (R) Rick Brinkley, Vice Chair (R)Tom Ivester (D) Jabar Shumate (D) Nathan Dahm (R) Cliff Aldridge (R)Constance Johnson (D) Frank Simpson (R) Jerry Ellis (D) Nathan Dahm (R)Rob Johnson (R) John Ford (R) Kim David (R)Bryce Marlatt (R) Subcommittee on Natural Earl Garrison (D) John Ford (R)Mike Mazzei (R) Resources and Regulatory Ron Sharp (R) Jim Halligan (R)Dan Newberry (R) Services Jabar Shumate (D) Constance Johnson (D)Susan Paddack (D) Ron Justice, Chair (R) Clark Jolley (R)Rob Standridge (R) Eddie Fields, Vice Chair (R) EDUCATION Al McAffrey (D)Gary Stanislawski (R) Roger Ballenger (D) John Ford, Chair (R) Frank Simpson (R)Anthony Sykes (R) Corey Brooks (R) Gary Stanislawksi, Vice Chair (R) John Sparks (D)Greg Treat (R) Jerry Ellis (D) Josh Brecheen (R) Greg Treat (R)Charles Wyrick (D) Kyle Loveless (R) Earl Garrison (D) Wayne Shaw (R) Jim Halligan (R) GENERAL GOVERNMENTSubcommittee on Education David Holt (R) Greg Treat, Chair (R)Jim Halligan, Chair (R) Clark Jolley (R) Roger Ballenger, Vice Chair (R) 21
  24. 24. Cliff Aldridge (R) Larry Boggs (R) Josh Brecheen, Vice Chair (R) Ron Sharp (R)Nathan Dahm (R) Josh Brecheen (R) Larry Boggs (R) Wayne Shaw (R)Jerry Ellis (D) David Holt (R) Bill Brown (R) Ralph Shortey (R)Rob Johnson (R) Al McAffrey (D) Jerry Ellis (D) John Sparks (D)Kyle Loveless (R) Wayne Shaw (R) Eddie Fields (R)Bryce Marlatt (R) Ralph Shortey (R) Earl Garrison (D) Ron Justice (R)HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICE INSURANCE Ron Sharp (R)Brian Crain, Chair (R) Bill Brown, Chair (R) Charles Wyrick (D)Rob Standridge, Vice Chair (R) John Sparks, Vice Chair (D)Harry Coates (R) Cliff Aldridge (R) TRANSPORTATIONKim David (R) Mark Allen (R) Gary Stanislawski, Chair (R)A.J Griffin (R) Randy Bass (D) Kyle Loveless, Vice Chair (R)Constance Johnson (D) Corey Brooks (R) Don Barrington (R)Dan Newberry (R) Kyle Loveless (R) Randy Bass (D)Jabar Shumate (D) Mike Mazzei (R) Cliff Branan (R) Gary Stanislawski (R) Corey Brooks (R)JUDICIARY Bryce Marlatt (R)Anthony Skyes, Chair (R) RULES Al McAffrey (D)Rob Johnson, Vice Chair (R) A.J Griffin, Chair (R) Dan Newberry (R)Mark Allen (R) Rob Johnson, Vice Chair (R) Susan Paddack (D)Patrick Anderson (R) Don Barrington (R) Wayne Shaw (R)Brian Crain (R) Cliff Branan (R) Ralph Shortey (R)A.J Griffin (R) Rick Brinkley (R) Rob Standridge (R)David Holt (R) Kim David (R)Tom Ivester (D) Eddie Fields (R) VETERANS AND MILITARYJabar Shumate (D) John Ford (R) AFFAIRS Jim Halligan (R) Frank Simpson, Chair (R)PENSIONS Constance Johnson (D) Mark Allen, Vice Chair (R)Rick Brinkley, Chair (R) Clark Jolley (R) Cliff Aldridge (R)Corey Brooks, Vice Chair (R) Ron Justice (R) Patrick Anderson (R)Patrick Anderson (R) Bryce Marlatt (R) Roger Ballenger (D)Roger Ballenger (D) Al McAffrey (D) Don Barrington (R)Cliff Branan (R) Jabar Shumate (D) Randy Bass (D)Bill Brown (R) Frank Simpson (R) Larry Boggs (R)Tom Ivester (D) John Sparks (D) Josh Brecheen (R)Mike Mazzei (R) Rob Standridge (R) Corey Brooks (R) Gary Stanislawski (R) Bill Brown (R)PUBLIC SAFETY Charles Wyrick (D) Nathan Dahm (R)Don Barrington, Chair (R) Earl Garrison (D)Kim David, Vice Chair (R) TOURISM AND WILDLIFE Tom Ivester (D)Roger Ballenger Harry Coates, Chair (R) Kyle Loveless (R)22
  25. 25. 2013-2014 House of Representatives Standing CommitteesADMINISTRATIVE RULES, Doug Cox (R) General Government Marian Cooksey (R)GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT AND Lee Denney (R) Subcommittee Dale DeWitt (R)REPEALER Joe Dorman (D) Mike Christian, Chair (R) Mark McBride(R)Gus Blackwell, Chair (R) Jeffrey Hickman (R) Jon Echols, Vice Chair (R) Charles Ortega (R)Dan Fisher, Vice Chair (R) Chuck Hoskin (D) Scott Biggs (R) Brian Renegar (D)Kay Floyd (D) Sally Kern (R) Bobby Cleveland (R) Wade Rousselot (D)William Fourkiller (D) Mark McCullough (R) William Fourkiller (D) Jerry Shoemake (D)Randy Grau (R) Jeannie McDaniel (D) Curtis McDaniel (D)Arthur Hulbert (R) Skye McNiel (R) Todd Russ (R) Non-AppropriatedMark McCullough (R) Jerry McPeak (D) SubcommitteeGlen Mulready (R) Richard Morrissette (D) Higher Education Subcommittee Sally Kern, Chair (R)Mike Shelton (D) Jason Nelson (R) Lisa Billy, Chair (R) David Brumbaugh, Vice Chair (R)Todd Thomsen (R) Leslie Osborn (R) Randy Grau, Vice Chair (R) Larry Glenn (D)Ken Walker (R) Eric Proctor (D) Marian Cooksey (R) Fred Jordan (R) Sean Roberts (R) Elise Hall (R) Charlie Joyner (R)AGRICULTURE AND WILDLIFE Mike Sanders (R) David Perryman (D) Jason Murphey (R)Dale DeWitt, Chair (R) Colby Schwartz (R) Anastasia Pittman (D) Leslie Osborn (R)Steve Vaughan, Vice Chair (R) Earl Sears (R) Harold Wright (R) Wade Rousselot (D)Don Armes (R) Weldon Watson (R) Jerry Shoemake (D)John Bennett (R) Paul Wesselhoft (R) Human Services Subcommittee John Trebilcock(R)Scott Biggs (R) Jason Nelson, Chair (R) Ken Walker (R)Dennis Casey (R) Career Tech Subcommittee Jadine Nollan, Vice Chair (R)John Enns (R) Skye McNiel, Chair (R) Pat Ownbey (R) Public Health & Social ServicesJeffrey Hickman (R) John Enns, Vice Chair (R) Pam Peterson (R) SubcommitteeSteve Kouplen (D) Larry Glenn (D) Anastasia Pittman (D) Doug Cox, Chair (R)James Lockhart (D) Todd Thomsen (R) Dustin Roberts (R) Arthur Hulbert, Vice Chair (R)Curtis McDaniel (D) Steve Vaughan (R) Wade Rousselot (D) David Derby (R)Tom Newell (R) Cory Williams (D) William Fourkiller (D)Brian Renegar (D) Justin Wood (R) Judiciary Subcommittee Rebecca Hamilton (D)Mike Sanders (R) Mark McCullough, Chair (R) Lewis Moore (R)Jerry Shoemake (D) Common Education Scott Biggs, Vice Chair (R) Glen Mulready (R)John Trebilcock (R) Subcommittee Kay Floyd (D) Sean Roberts (R)Harold Wright (R) Lee Denney, Chair (R) Fred Jordan (R) Katie Henke, Vice Chair (R) Dan Kirby (R) Public Safety SubcommitteeAPPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGET Ed Cannaday (D) Terry O’Donnell (R) Jeffrey Hickman, Chair (R)Scott Martin, Chair (R) Dennis Casey (R) Emily Virgin (D) Bobby Cleveland, Vice Chair (R)Tom Newell, Vice Chair (R) Ann Coody (R) Gary Banz (R)Don Armes (R) Dan Fisher (R) Natural Resources & Regulatory John Bennett (R)Lisa Billy (R) Kay Floyd (D) Services Subcommittee Lisa Billy (R)Mike Brown (D) Marty Quinn (R) Don Armes, Chair (R) David Brumbaugh (R)Mike Christian (R) Josh Cockroft, Vice Chair (R) Donnie Condit (D)Ann Coody (R) Gus Blackwell (R) David Derby (R) 23
  26. 26. Joe Dorman (D) Sally Kern (R) Dan Kirby (R) HIGHER EDUCATION & CAREERJon Echols (R) Curtis McDaniel (D) Steve Kouplen (D) TECHLarry Glenn (D) Jeannie McDaniel (D) Steve Martin (R) Harold Wright, Chair (R)Dennis Johnson (R) Jason Nelson (R) Mark McBride (R) Justin Wood, Vice Chair (R)Kevin Matthews (D) Jadine Nollan (R) Randy McDaniel (D) Mike Brown (D)Mike Reynolds (R) Dustin Roberts (R) Jerry McPeak (D) Dennis Casey (R) Jason Smalley (R) Eric Proctor (D) Lee Denney (R)Revenue & Tax Subcommittee Todd Thomsen (R) R.C. Pruett (D) Dennis Johnson (R)Earl Sears, Chair (R) Emily Virgin (D) Mike Reynolds (R) Terry O’Donnell (R)Charles McCall, Vice Chair (R) Sean Roberts (R) Pat Ownbey (R)Gus Blackwell (R) ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & Mike Sanders (R) Emily Virgin (D)Mike Brown (D) FINANCIAL SERVICES Colby Schwartz (R) Cory Williams (D)David Dank (R) Randy McDaniel, Chair (R) Seneca Scott (D)Elise Hall (R) Dustin Roberts, Vice Chair (R) Ben Sherrer (D) HUMAN SERVICESDennis Johnson (R) Bobby Cleveland (R) Aaron Stiles (R) Pat Ownbery, Chair (R)Dan Kirby (R) Rebecca Hamilton (D) Paul Wesselhoft (R) Anastasia Pittman, Vice Chair (D)Steve Martin (R) Katie Henke (R) Arthur Hulbert (R)Jeannie McDaniel (D) Kevin Matthews (D) GENERAL GOVERNMENT Sally Kern (R)Wade Rousselot (D) Charles McCall (R) Paul Wesselhoft, Chair (R) Jeannie McDaniel (D)Jason Smalley (R) Skye McNiel (R) Terry O’Donnell, Vice Chair (R) Skye McNiel (R)Todd Thomsen (R) Richard Morrissette (D) Josh Cockroft (R) Jason Nelson (R) Jadine Nollan (R) Donnie Condit (D) Jadine Nollan (R)Transportation Subcommittee Charles Ortega (R) Charlie Joyner (R) Pam Peterson (R)Mike Sanders, Chair (R) Earl Sears (R) David Perryman (D) Ben Sherrer (D) Pam Peterson (R)Jason Smalley, Vice Chair (R) Mike Shelton (D) Mike Reynolds (R)Tommy Hardin (R) John Trebilcock (R) INSURANCE Jerry Shoemake (D)James Lockhart (D) Mike Turner (R) Dan Kirby, Chair (R) Justin Wood (R)Randy McDaniel (R) Marty Quinn, Vice Chair (R)Seneca Scott (D) ENERGY & AEROSPACE David Dank (R) GOVERNMENTAaron Stiles (R) John Trebilcock, Chair (R) Steve Kouplen (D) MODERNIZATIONMike Turner (R) Weldon Watson, Vice Chair (R) Kevin Matthews (D) Jason Murphey, Chair (R) Don Armes (R) Lewis Moore (R) Mike Turner, Vice Chair (R) Gary Banz (R) Glen Mulready (R) David Brumbaugh (R)COMMON EDUCATION Lisa Billy (R) David Derby (R) Todd Russ (R)Ann Coody, Chair (R) Mike Brown (D) Joe Dorman (D) Colby Schwartz (R)Dennis Casey, Vice Chair (R) David Brumbaugh (R) Dan Fisher (R) Mike Shelton (D)Gus Blackwell (R) Josh Cockroft (R) Elise Hall (R) Aaron Stiles (R)Ed Cannaday (D) Marian Cooksey (R) Richard Morrissette (D)Donnie Condit (D) Lee Denney (R) Seneca Scott (D) JUDICIARYDoug Cox (R) Jeffrey Hickman (R) Jason Smalley (R) Leslie Osborn, Chair (R)Lee Denney (R) Scott Inman (D) Ken Walker (R) Aaron Stiles, Vice Chair (R)Dale DeWitt (R) Charlie Joyner (R) Justin Wood (R) Scott Biggs (R)24
  27. 27. Jon Echols (R) Ed Cannaday (D) Bobby Cleveland (R) David Dank (R)Scott Inman (D) Mike Christian (R) John Enns (R) Chuck Hoskin (D)Dennis Johnson (R) Randy Grau (R) Katie Henke (R) Scott Inman (D)Fred Jordan (R) Tommy Hardin (R) Curtis McDaniel (D) Randy McDaniel (R)Steve Martin (R) Chuck Hoskin (D) David Perryman (D) Eric Proctor (D)Mark McBride (R) Fred Jordan (R) Anastasia Pittman (D) Paul Wesselhoft (R)Charles McCall (R) Leslie Osborn (R) Mike Ritze (R)Mark McCullough (R) Pat Ownbey (R)Richard Morrissette (D) R.C. Pruett (D) TRANSPORTATIONTom Newell (R) Brian Renegar (D) Charlie Joyner, Chair (R)Ben Sherrer (D) Mike Ritze (R) John Bennett, Vice Chair (R)Emily Virgin (D) Steve Vaughan (R) Josh Cockroft (R)Cory Williams (D) Larry Glenn (D) RULES Katie Henke (R)LONG-TERM CARE & SENIOR Todd Russ, Chair (R) Steve Kouplen (D)SERVICES Marian Cooksey, Vice Chair (R) James Lockhart (D)David Dank, Chair (R) Joe Dorman (D) Charles McCall (R)Donnie Condit, Vice Chair (D) Kay Floyd (D) Jerry McPeak (D)William Fourkiller (D) Marty Quinn (R) Jason Murphey (R)Rebecca Hamilton (D) Weldon Watson (R) Terry O’Donnell (R)James Lockhart (D) Harold Wright (R) Eric Proctor (D)Tom Newell (R) Marty Quinn (R)Charles Ortega (R) STATES’ RIGHTS Todd Russ (R)Mike Ritze (R) Lewis Moore, Chair (R) Earl Sears (R)Steve Vaughan (R) Sean Roberts, Vice Chair (R) Mike Turner (R) Ed Cannaday (D)PUBLIC HEALTH Dale DeWitt (R) UTILITY AND ENVIRONMENTALDavid Derby, Chair (R) Dan Fisher (R) REGULATIONGlen Mulready, Vice Chair (R) Kay Floyd (D) Colby Schwartz, Chair (R)Doug Cox (R) Elise Hall (R) Mark McBride, Vice Chair (R)Jon Echols (R) Tommy Hardin (R) Mike Christian (R)John Enns (R) Kevin Matthews (D) Lewis Moore (R)Randy Grau (R) Jason Murphey (R) R.C. Pruett (D)Rebecca Hamilton (D) Dustin Roberts (R) Mike Reynolds (R)Arthur Hulbert (R) Mike Shelton (D) Seneca Scott (D)Jeannie McDaniel (D) Ken Walker (R) Weldon Watson (R)Mike Ritze (R)Mike Shelton (D) TOURISM AND INTERNATIONAL VETERANS & MILITARY AFFAIRS RELATIONS Gary Banz, Chair (R)PUBLIC SAFETY Charles Ortega, Chair (R) Tommy Hardin, Vice Chair (R)Steve Martin, Chair (R) R.C. Pruett, Vice Chair (D) John Bennett (R)Ken Walker, Vice Chair (D) Gary Banz (R) Ann Coody (R)
  28. 28. 9807 N. Broadway Ext. Oklahoma City, OK 73114405.848.9944 OKRealtors