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Annual Report

  2. 2. Tami Sender celebrated 27 years of service in a room filled with admiring friends, family, staff, andvolunteers at the Renaissance Center on November 17, 2010. She officially retired on December 31,2010. She became the first female President/CEO of the Greater Joliet Area Y in 2003. The Past, Present & Future- Former Y CEO Larry Hemdal, Tami Sender and CEO/ Tami Sender and Family Members (above President-Elect Tom Sutter and below). “As I retire from the YMCA, I am very proud of all that we have accomplished. I have been blessed with a terrific staff, committed and involved board/council members, and dedicated donors. I leave knowing that the future of the YMCA is secure. Facilities and programs may change as our community’s needs require, but the mission of the YMCA will always remain the same. I extend to you my heartfelt thanks for sharing your time, your talents, and your treasures to assure that YMCA programs and services are available to all!” With Much Love and Appreciation ~ Tami Sender
  3. 3. February 7, 2011Dear Friends,Thank you! We know that this is typically how you might end a letter such as this one. However, we would beremiss if we did not begin this report by thanking the thousands of members, participants, volunteers, staff, anddonors for all their hard work, help, and support. 2010 was an interesting and wonderful year for your YMCA. Thisis not just because of the number of people we served, or how many dollars we raised and provided in financialassistance, but because of the difference we made in the lives of the people in our communities.This past year will certainly be remembered as a time of change and transition. The retirement of long-time staffmember and CEO Tami Sender after 27 years of service was a big event, of course. The gift of land in Morris,allowing for the future development of a Y facility there was extremely generous and visionary. And the launch,both nationally and locally, of our YMCA brand revitalization has provided our organization with the opportunityto engage our communities in a new conversation about the mission, impact, and purpose of the YMCA.The biggest change that occurred last year, however, has been in the lives of those we serve. It is their storiesthat you will read in these pages. Stories are a powerful way to communicate the great difference we make in ourcommunities. We hope that you will be as inspired and uplifted by them as we are. After all, the Y is much morethan numbers, facilities, finances, and statistics. It’s about people-our neighbors, friends, and families-and it iswith and through them that we change lives and strengthen the foundations of our communities.Youth Development-Healthy Living-Social Responsibility; these new areas of focus help us organize andcommunicate the impact that we have been making in our area for over 80 years. Through these lenses, we willcontinue to make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives by helping them reach their full potential. But we won’tdo it alone. It will take all of us working together to accomplish our mission. And so we close as we began--thankyou for being a part of our YMCA family. Enjoy the stories! Tom Sutter Mike Noonan President & CEO Board Chair ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: Collaborated with 38 Service Agencies & Businesses Engaged in 25 Councils, Service Clubs, & Chambers of Commerce 1
  4. 4. Galowich Family YMCA Camp Joydaka “At the Y, we believe in the greatness of every child, and it’s our mission to help them discover their God-given talents and reach their full potential.” Tom Sutter2 President/CEO
  5. 5. OUR MISSIONTo put Christian principles into practice by developing relationships among all persons and providingprograms that build healthy spirit, mind, and body.OUR CAUSEThe Y is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits committed to strengthening our communitiesthrough Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. This year, 21 millionpeople nationwide will come to the Y to learn, grow, and thrive. They will engage in quality programsbuilt on the Christian character values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. Every day,we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income, orbackground has the opportunity to enjoy the Y.OUR NEW Y BRAND STRATEGYWhat is it? The Y is not changing what we do. We are simply changing the way we talk aboutourselves. Research showed that our cause and impact is not fully understood. We are so muchmore than a “gym and swim.” Therefore, our nation’s 2,600 Y’s adopted a unified message totell our story so people better understand our cause. Studies also indicated that the majority ofAmericans believe the quality of life in their community has declined. The new Y brand provides anexciting opportunity to engage more people in our cause to focus on Youth Development, HealthyLiving, and Social Responsibility.What changed? The Y logo was updated with multiple color options, reflecting the vibrancy of ourorganization and the diversity of our communities. We have also adopted our nickname, “the Y,”because that is how most people commonly refer to us. However, our brand is not just a logo: it’sour reputation based on experiences people have with us. Our mission, core values, and dedicationto individuals, families, and communities has not changed.Anticipated Result? The New Brand message will give our staff, members, and community leadersan even better understanding of the Y, calling more people to join us in our work to strengthen thefoundations of our communities. 3
  6. 6. 2010 BOARD Executive David Weber C.W. Avery Family YMCA Board of Directors Dr. Larry Wiers Advisory Council Donna Zanzola Michael Noonan, Chair Barb Ziegner Kathy Kazmar, Chair Sandy Cowgill Max Zollner Fiona Alston Don DeGeus Judy Avery Eric Hanson Board of Trustees Margie Bonuchi Kathy Kazmar Dr. Ed Boswell Robert Klein Max Zollner, Chair Chief William Doster Ron Lindsay Jim Coats Robert Epley Gregory Peyla Richard DeGrush Mark Griglione Richard Snyder Edward Dollinger Victoria Matway Donna Zanzola Mary Lou Larson Diane Racich Bill Lauer Dan Thorse Metropolitan Dr. Peter Nichols Dr. James Waldorf Frank Turk Board of Directors Michael Noonan, Chair Budget & Finance Central City YMCA David Beck Dan Stevenson, Chair Advisory Council Don Claybaugh Don Claybaugh Christopher Parker, Chair Sandy Cowgill Allison Deninger *Gerald Pasteris Don DeGeus Bill Lauer Jennifer Colon Robert Epley Kevin Osterloh Ed Foxworth Ron Evenson Reverend J.E. Moore Arthur Galli, Jr. Program & Services Jayme Moore Mark Griglione Rhoda Schirmer Eric Hanson Board Eric Hanson, Chair A. L. Harris A. L. Harris Jerald S. Galowich Charles Jones Family YMCA Kathy Kazmar Robert Klein Robert Klein Paul Lagomarcino Advisory Council Bill Lauer Allan Lundeen Dr. Robert Stahl, Chair Ron Lindsay Richard Brandolino Allan Lundeen Erik Schelling Nicholas Macris Fred Wells Dr. Stephen Morimoto Tony Mravle Arthur G. & Vera C. Christopher Parker Smith Family YMCA Gerald Pasteris Gregory Peyla Advisory Council Cheri Rubocki Tony Mravle, Chair Dave Ruttle *Lonzell Wilson Ruth Silverman Reverend James Allen James Smith Pam Boucher Richard Snyder Sandy Carter Dr. Robert Stahl Tony George Dan Stevenson Charles Jones Maria Zavala4 *Chair for partial year
  7. 7. 2010 STAFFMetropolitan Offices Patty Hall Dave LeeTami Sender Membership Director Maintenance DirectorPresident/CEO Susan Krause Meg SchroederTom Sutter Youth & Adult Sports Director Youth & Family DirectorCEO/President-Elect Danielle Krohn Deborah TokarskiMark S. Langan Aquatics Manager Membership CoordinatorChief Operating Officer Brian O’ConnorCindy Conrad Property Manager Morris Family YMCA Julie Potocki Laurie HalaskaSenior Acct/Business Manager Aquatics Director Executive DirectorRose GansPrinter Maria Romero Arthur G. & Vera C. SmithLaTina Gildersleeve Youth & Family Manager Erin Williams Family YMCAExec. Administrative Assistant Mary WollgastSusan Lee Youth & Family Director Operations DirectorDir. of Association AdvancementKristie Lindgren Jerald S. Galowich Devin Bates Family YMCA Sports & Wellness DirectorAssociate Accountant Laurie Halaska Maurice FearsJose Medina Executive Director Community Outreach ExecutiveMarketing & Design Manager Devin Bates Luke GregoryAndy Midlock Sports & Wellness Director Aquatics ManagerChief Financial Officer Michele Brown Dave HeddenMichelle Smith Membership Director Joliet Jets YMCA Swim TeamVP of Mktg & Mbr Relations Betsy Donahue Head CoachNora Thiesen Youth & Family Coordinator Dave LeeAssistant Bookkeeper & Development Associate Dave Hedden Maintenance Director Joliet Jets YMCA Swim TeamCentral City YMCA Head CoachMaurice Fears Tracy Lynn JamesCommunity Outreach Executive Aquatics DirectorC.W. Avery Family YMCA Marlene KirschPam Lee Youth & Family ManagerExecutive DirectorLisa BehounekHealth & Wellness DirectorJessica CarterYouth & Family CoordinatorKristy DaveyAdministrative AssistantDori FugateMembership Manager Staff at the 3rd Annual YMCA Giving Gala5
  8. 8. CRAFTON FAMILY The Crafton family joined the C.W. Avery Family YMCA on Georgeann sums up the importance of the Y in their opening day in 2006. As their family has grown, so has their lives, “The YMCA means many things to us. For participation in Y activities. Ken is a regular at the 5:30 AM starters, it is a place for us to come and workout. We Cardio Interval/Boot Camp Class. Fitness classes are a very use the Y six days a week. We like that we can take important part of his daily routine since he lost nearly 100 a class with an instructor, or we can simply sweat pounds several years ago. Georgeann enjoys a variety of on our own. The Y is also a place for us to come classes to keep her in shape. All four of the Crafton children together and be social as a family. We have made so use the Y very regularly too. If it’s not swimming, tumbling, many friends here. Overall, the YMCA is one of the or Strength, Agility, Speed, Stability Classes, it’s T-ball, flag best choices we have made for ourselves and our football, and the youth basketball league. They also enjoy children.” the activity center and Y special family events. Georgeann, Matt (12), Ken, Evan (2), Abigail (6) & Ryan (10) “The YMCA is definitely a great place for family, and I know that it’s a safe place for my son to come after school to enjoy activities with friends.” - Georgeann Crafton, YMCA Member ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 14,332 Family Members had full privilege memberships at the 3 full service branches 10,342 Children and adults participated in aquatics programs at the 3 full service branches 8,022 Swim Classes 1,964 Water Exercise Class Visits 356 Joliet Jets YMCA Swim Team and6 Masters Swim Team
  9. 9. KEN TOWNSENDKen Townsend has coached basketball and flag football Ken volunteers simply because of people who gaveat the C. W. Avery Family YMCA for several years. He their time to him when he was a child. Therefore,also obtained a team sponsorship donation from his giving back is a “no brainer” for Ken. “I have beencompany TNG Networks this year. He and his wife, Angela, involved in sports for a long time, and there are abecame members when the Y opened in 2006. They have lot of life lessons that can be taught through sportstwo children, Juron (9) and Amari (7). The boys are both such as hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and teamcoached by their dad. Angela sometimes steps in to help work. I feel these are some of the basic qualities weout as Ken’s assistant coach. should all have as we go through life. “It also feels good to see kids who may not be as talented as others make baskets or score touchdowns and then be thrilled with their accomplishments. It gives them confidence. Additionally, kids who are particularly talented must learn leadership qualities to help their team accomplish its goal. So while the kids have fun in their league and develop their skills, I really enjoy watching them grow.” “Being a volunteer coach allows me to spend more time with my two boys doing something I love. Additionally, it gives me a chance to be a positive influence in someone else’s life.” - Ken Townsend, C. W. Avery Family YMCA Member & VolunteerASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 4,715 Children participated in sports programs at all 5 branches 1,067 Youth Basketball 3,363 Preschool and Youth 679 Sports Camps League Classes 7
  10. 10. BILL LAUER According to former Joliet YMCA CEO Tami Sender, Bill Lauer faithfully at the Galowich YMCA three days a week, is the perfect Y board member. He loves the Y and is not and his goal is to participate in a 5K Walk/Run by the afraid to ask tough questions before important decisions end of 2011. are made. As an active member for 68 years, and a board member for almost 50, Bill is extremely knowledgeable Thank you, Bill and Sharon, for loyally sharing your about the programs and facilities. He supports the Y time, talents, and treasure to further the YMCA financially, verbally, and by attending Y events. charitable mission! Bill’s love for the Y began as a kid. All his friends were there, and it was the place to be! After graduating college in the late fifties, Bill started volunteering at the Y because he believed in the mission and felt an obligation to give back. He met his wife Sharon 45 years ago while she was the Y’s Women and Girls’ Physical Director. Bill has been an amazing community volunteer, but he is remarkable for a different reason too. In June of 2007, Bill suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, which has only a 6% survival rate. Bill miraculously survived an emergency brain artery bypass thanks to an outstanding medical team, his loving family, and his sheer determination to live. Bill has recovered from a quadriplegic state and can now walk 1-1 ¼ miles with the aid of a cane. He works out “The YMCA has been an important part of my life, and I hope it will be for many more years to come.” - Bill Lauer, YMCA Member & Board Member ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 1 out of 5 total participants served received a program or membership scholarship 1,054 Seniors socialized and exercised in programs8
  11. 11. LYDANA DENAE HODGES“I always knew that I wanted to go to college, but the only “Young people need the support of a program like Teen Achievers. There is such a great distance to go in life,time college plans were discussed at high school was with my but being assured that you can go the distance makescounselor, and that was never really beyond ‘Where do you all the difference!”want to go?’ and ‘What do you want to be?’ - Lydana Denae Hodges, first Central City YMCA Teen Achiever college graduate“Maurice Fears started the YMCA Teen Achievers program atJoliet West High School when I was a senior in 2005. I knew thatsuch a program would be a huge asset to planning my future.”Dana recalls her Achievers group as being very personal andclose-knit. They discussed ways to finance their educationand how to successfully transition from high school to college.Her first college visit was with the Teen Achievers Program.“Although it wasn’t the school of my choice, the college visitopened up my mind to what I did and did not want in a school,and it further increased my desire to attend school.”Four years later, Dana became the first college graduatefrom the Central City YMCA Teen Achievers Program. With a3.3 GPA, Dana earned a Bachelors of Science in Managementalong with a Business Foundations Certificate from IndianaUniversity. She plans to pursue her MBA, with a concentrationin economics. “I am forever grateful to God, my family, MauriceFears and the Teen Achievers Program, and others who haveinvested their time and talents into my future.” ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 100% of Teen Achievers seniors have advanced to post-secondary education Since its launch in 2005, the Teen Achievers program has grown By 77% 9
  12. 12. 2010 ANNUAL GIVING DONORS Annual Giving Donors Dale Endres Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kiernan Diane Morgan Supporter (up to $99) Carl Engfer Marlene Kirsch Lauren Morman Andrea Alberico The Erwin Family Renee Koeune Donna Morrow Tracy Ardis Mr. & Mrs. Tom Evans Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kolb Tony Mravle Mr. & Mrs. Ben Benson Nikkie Eyman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Konczak Jim Murphy The Bergman Family Norma Fathauer Robert Kooyenga Mr. & Mrs. Larry Newton Mr. & Mrs. David Bergstrom Mr. & Mrs. Paul Feller Heather Krieger Jennifer O’Brien Carol Bernard Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ferchen Cindy Kryszak Marcella O’Neill Helena Bishop Angela Foltys Tim Kubis Lisa Onusaitis Bob Martin Auto Sales Jessie Foster Robin Kwasniewski Beverly Orchard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Borger Krista Francis Stephanie Landell Courtney Orlando Matt Boring Matt Fugett Mr. & Mrs. David Lau Eric Osborne Tina Brooks Mr & Mrs. Steve Gajcak Mr. & Mrs. George Leach Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Toole Maria Brown-Cook Mr. & Mrs. Marion Gaudiuso Christina Lee Mercedes Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Buckles Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gerding Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Leslie Mirjana Panagopoulos Diana Buechner LaTina Gildersleeve Ashliegh Leyva Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pasteris Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burla Lynn Grayden-Labiak Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Lilly Mr. & Mrs. George Pena Mr. & Mrs. David Calder Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Guthke John Lindstrom Mr. & Mrs. James Peters Cherie Chan Kallan Gutierrez Lockport Furniture Upholstery Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pierson Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Chavez Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Hall Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lopez Donna Pool Maureen Chrismer Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hammond Brent Lucarelli Jose Portales Mr. & Mrs. John Ciesniewski Shelbey Hammond Kelli Lucas Shirley Price Diana Collins Julia Harter Myrria Ludy Jackie Raley Cindy Conrad Roxsann Harter Kellyn Machacek Raley Carpet & Furniture Karen Craig Rosalind Hedke Lynn Martinez Cleaners, Inc. Laurie Czajka Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hernandez William Mason Ana Ramirez Louis DeBartolo Kevin Hir Mr. & Mrs. Edward Masters Mr. & Mrs. Val Rand Joe DeCicco Marolyn Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Blaise Maugeri Jennifer Rapp Irma Del Toro Mr. & Mrs. Michael Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Michael McClain Sharon Reed Gina Deubel Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Homer Emily McCluskey Marcus Rembert Rosemarie Devine Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hug Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Melton Mr. & Mrs. Mario Reyes Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeYoung Sonia Irume Miriam Merrill Michael Rittof Kirsten Diehl Jennifer Jachowicz Mr. & Mrs. Ken Mihelich Maria Romero Alessandra Direnzo Carrie Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miller Susan Rosenow Daniel Doll Loreta Janca Dale Miller Edward Sachs Elizabeth Donahue Stephen Jepsen Elbert Mills Sharon Salgado Mr. & Mrs. William Dow Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jones Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mitchelle Jennifer Sauer Dora Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kavanagh Mr. & Mrs. Troy Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schinderle10
  13. 13. 2010 ANNUAL GIVING DONORSMr. & Mrs. David Schnobel Mr. & Mrs. Rich Winiarski Mr. & Mrs. Don Claybaugh Mr. & Mrs. Gregory PeylaMargaret Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wojtkiewicz Michele Cozza Orlando PhillipsAnne Shanahan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Ken Crafton The Honorable Joseph C. &Timika Simpson The Wotton Family Kristy Davey Martha L. PolitoMarilyn Sims Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Young Mr. & Mrs. Joe DeLara Jane RapsonMark Spanos Marsha Zaranti Chief William Doster Mr. & Mrs. John ReddyDawn Sprengel Maurice Fears Remco Medical, Inc.Rea Stokes Builder Dori Fugate Mr. & Mrs. Jeff RubockiDr. & Mrs. Tom Streitz (Gifts from $100-$249) Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Galli Patricia RuthMr. & Mrs. James Svehla Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Alston, III Rose Gans Mr. & Mrs. David SilvermanJosiah Taylor Karen Banas Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Richard SnyderTerre Theis Jennifer Bartz Luke Gregory Audrey StoltzMegan Thomas Mr. & Mrs. David Beck Mr. & Mrs. Chad Grey Dr. & Mrs. Richard StreitzStephanie Thomas Lisa Behounek Patty Hall Mr. & Mrs. Tom ThanasVictoria Torres Arlette Benzinger Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Harris Mr & Mrs. Leonard ThompsonPatrick Trujillo Dawn Bergklint Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hayes Dan ThorseRhonda Tuminello Mr. & Mrs. Donald Black David Hedden Deborah TokarskiJames Ullian Block, Klukas & Manzella, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Heye Dr. & Mrs. James WaldorfVanessa Valdez Bob Baish Excavating James V. Smith & Associates Kelly Whitgrove-EglyMr. & Mrs. Alan Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bonuchi Ruth Janis Mary Wollgast Vanichtheeranont Dr. & Mrs. Edward Boswell Mr. & Mrs. Steve Jaszczak Mr. & Mrs. Craig WrightNancy Wesensten Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brandolino Betty Jones Mr. & Mrs. Kyle ZinggErin Williams Michele Brown Theodore Kanellakes, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cinquegrani Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Klafter Susan Krause William Lamb Mark Langan Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lauer David Lee Marian Lenz Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Lilly William Lipsey Mr. & Mrs. Allan Lundeen Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Macris Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Monk Dr. & Mrs. Peter Nichols Gary Niehaus The Honorable William Penn 11
  14. 14. CENTRAL CITY YMCA PROGRAMS Our Central City “Y Without Walls” programs are funded almost entirely through grants and contributions. Most of the children come from economically challenged families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in the following YMCA programs: Teen Achievers Teen Achievers supports disadvantaged youth by providing inspiration and guidance in setting goals to graduate from high school, gain entry into college, and ultimately achieve successful entry into a career of their choosing. Thirty- six students are currently enrolled, an increase of 77% since the program launched in 2005. To date, the success rate is 100% for graduating seniors to advance on to college. See Lydana Denae Hodge’s story on page 9 for further details. Central City Summer Day Camp Central City Summer Day Camp serves over 100 of Joliet’s low income families every summer. It is funded largely by Joliet Township Government’s loyal support. It is held at two of Joliet’s District 86 schools. The average cost per child is $25 for eight weeks of summer day camp, six hours a day including a healthy daily lunch.12
  15. 15. Laraway School Choral ProgramLaraway School Choral Program provides bi-weekly choral rehearsals for 4 weeks, culminating inthe 8th grade graduation performance. Participation averages 25+ singers in 7th and 8th grade.Central City After School Youth Basketball& Cheerleading ProgramsCentral City After School Youth Basketball Leagueand Cheerleading Programs are coordinated bythe YMCA for approximately 20 weeks. During the2009-10 season, 285 children participated in over100 games from the following schools: Cunningham,Farragut, Forest Park, Keith, Sanchez, Thigpen,and Woodland Elementary (Joliet District 86) andLaraway School (District 70). The YMCA providedtransportation and officials for the games. Theprogram is free to the children.Project SOARProject SOAR (Smith Opportunities for Activitiesand Recreation) brings together several localagencies who serve Joliet’s economicallychallenged families in an on going collaborativecommunity outreach. The YMCA sponsors theprogram providing 30 minutes of free swimlessons alternating with 30 minutes of recreationtime at the Smith Family YMCA once a week. Lastyear, 1,393 children were enrolled for 5-7 weeksessions. The YMCA provides transportationwhen necessary. See Warren Childs-Cooper’sstory on page 16 for further details.Local Agencies and Schools:Agencies: Joliet Housing Authority, Harvey Brooks Foundation, Warren-Sharpe Community CenterJoliet District 86 Schools: Culbertson, Forest Park, Keith, Marshall, Parks, Sanchez, and Woodland 13
  16. 16. 2010 ANNUAL GIVING DONORS Patron Medorizon The Michael & Susan Lee Family (Gifts $250-$499) Dr. & Mrs. Paul Morimoto morning coffee klutch Mr. & Mrs. Jim Coats Northern Illinois Steel Supply Eric & Victoria Matway & Family Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cowgill Jason Park Steve & Irene Morimoto Family Josephine Ellis Mr. & Mrs. James Racich The Mike & Chris Noonan Family Exelon Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Al Zanzola Park Vending, Inc. The Porpoise Swim Club First Community Bank of CHAIRMAN’S ROUNDTABLE Gus & Diane Rousonelos Plainfield Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fitton BANNER CLUB Gus P. & Deborah Rousonelos Healy, Bender and Associates Family Banners The Schmidt Family Johansen & Anderson (Gifts of $1,000 or more) Clarence & Brenda Schmitz Robert Klein Reverend Jim & Nancy Allen Tami Sender Dr. & Mrs. Robert Larson Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Michelle, Scott, Zach & Ben Smith Pam Lee Avery Fabulous Fifties The Smolinski Family Mr. & Mrs. John Manner Avery Fitness Class The Sutter Family Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Masters Jim Barry The Zollner Family Midland States Bank Trudy Batson Corporate Banners Drs. David & Celeste Morimoto Dr. & Mrs. Frank Bender Katie Nichols Jay & Lori Bergman (Corporate Gifts of $2,000 or more) The Betlej - Cambron Family Avery Gravel PCS Industries Kathy Blessent Caterpillar Rathbun, Cservenyak & Commercial Electronics Crane Fund for Widows & Children Kozol, LLC CYBEX Eastern Illinois NECA IBEW Local 176 Ruettiger, Tonelli & Assoc. The Don DeGeus Family Exxon Mobil Senesac & Lennon, LTD. CPA’s Klint & Kay DeGeus First Midwest Bank Drs. Robert & Arleen Stahl The Edward & Gloria Dollinger Family George Sollitt Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. Dan Stevenson Elizabeth “Bess” Eichelberger Harris Bank Nora Thiesen The Evenson Family Holly Club Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wiers The Feil & Egger Families Midwest Generation Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zaida Ron & Jerry Galowich Family PNC Bank Barb Ziegner Galowich Aquatics Staff Provena St. Joseph Medical Center Groundbreaker Paul E. Gantzert Reach Sports Marketing Group (Gifts from $500-$999) The Gladdings Family Rousonelos - Another Illinois Lean Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeGrush The Halaska Family Pork Producer Virginia Faber Larry & Carol Hemdal United Way of Will County Nancy Felman Vincent InsureOne Vulcan Materials Company Mr. & Mrs. Mark Griglione The James Family YMCA Board of Directors Mel & Annette Hedden Ron & Kathy Kazmar YMCA Staff Kiwanis Club of Shorewood Kevin’s Boot Camp KWM Gutterman, Inc. The Byron Lee, Jr. Family14
  17. 17. CAPITAL DONORS, GRANTS& ENDOWMENTSCapital Campaign Gifts Heritage Club Joliet Rotary Fund2010 Gifts Endowment Funds George & May Lloyd FundKristy Davey Herman J. Adelmann Fund Twilla S. Margaron FundMr. & Mrs. Robert Epley Jacqueline Bellizzi Fund Olive McMicken FundMr. & Mrs. Steven Heye Lois Berglund Fund Dr. Wyllie Mullen FundPam Lee Elizabeth “Bess” James Norris, Sr. FundMr. Frank Turk Eichelberger Fund Robert Pilcher Fund Erma Agazzi Chuk Fund #1 Tami L. Sender Fund2010 Grants Arthur G. Smith FundDr. & Mrs. Frank Bender Erma Agazzi Chuk Fund #2 Albert J. Felman Fund Vera C. Smith FundBest Buy Brent Wadsworth ChristianCaesars Foundation Larry Hemdal Fund Albert Johnson Trust Fund Character Development FundCaterpillar FoundationCrane Fund for Widows & Joliet YMCA Jets Swim Team ChildrenGordon Flesch FoundationHolly ClubJC PenneyJoliet Rotary ClubJoliet Township GovernmentJohn & Mary Lambert Memorial Fund for ChildrenMidwest GenerationRandstad CorporationTCF BankUnited Way of Will CountyY-USA “Pioneering Healthy Communities”Zonta Club The Brent Wadsworth Christian Character Development Fund is used throughout the year to help teach the values of caring, honesty, respect, & responsibility in all Y programs. 15
  18. 18. WARREN CHILDS-COOPER Warren is a four-year-old who attends the Warren-Sharpe Warren loves his weekly swim lessons and recreation Community Center day care. He has also been enrolled in time at the Y. His mother, Janess Childs, is a single the YMCA Project SOAR program (Smith Opportunities for parent. She feels privileged and blessed to live in a Activities and Recreation) at the Smith Family YMCA for the community that makes these opportunities available past two years. Project SOAR is a charitable community to her child. “If you are never exposed to the water, outreach program that is sponsored by the Y and offers how can you ever establish confidence or a comfort free swim lessons to disadvantaged children. It assists level?” Warren always reminds his mother that he other nonprofit agencies and schools serving Joliet’s low needs his swim trunks, towel, and bag on SOAR income, primarily minority, families. Funding is dependent day. “He has advanced to the next level where he is on grants, private donations, and endowment support. not fearful to jump into the pool while wearing his floatation device and get his head under the water. It’s not all about play! He is learning some basic skills that will eventually teach him to swim.” Studies indicate that nearly 60% of African- American and Hispanic children cannot swim. This is nearly twice as many as among Caucasian children. Project SOAR is helping to reverse this trend. Four-year-old Warren Childs-Cooper is always eager to swim at the Smith Y on SOAR day. One look at his bright eyes, broad smile, and strong kick confirms that he simply loves the water. “Mommy, I can swim like a fish!”, he often shouts at day’s end. - Warren Childs-Cooper, Project SOAR Participant ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: Project SOAR has served over 3,000 children since it began in January 2008: Joliet Housing Authority Laraway School Unity CDC Warren-Sharpe Community Center Harvey Brooks Foundation Joiet District 86 Elementary Schools St. Mary Magdalene Parish Salvation Army See page 13 for school list16
  19. 19. ANGELA CELMERThe Galowich Family YMCA has been fortunate to have “Most education majors get their experience fromAngela Celmer as a member of our staff team for the past classroom observations. I get to see what happens2 ½ years. She has shown her love and compassion for the in the kids’ day to day lives outside of the classroom.children while working as a counselor in the Summer Day Issues like bullying, homework challenges, and otherCamp and Before & After School programs. Angela believes school related scenarios come up frequently. Nothat working in these programs has been a life-impacting matter what happens at home or at school, the kidsexperience for her. Her favorite aspect of the job was the can always count on their friends and favorite Yopportunity to serve as a positive role model for her young counselor to listen and provide support.”and diverse flock of students. Angela expressed that sheis especially proud to work for the Y because it provides Angela has been admitted to Illinois State Universityscholarships so that no child is turned away if his/her family where she will study to become a Special Educationis unable to afford the fees. teacher in a public school system. The children and staff wish her well and look forward to her return as a Summer Day Camp counselor. “Working for the Y has been a blessing! It has taught me that all children are special in their own ways, whether they need a little extra help or not.” - Angela Celmer, YMCA Kidz Zone & Summer Camp Counselor ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 1,372 Children attended camps this summer at all 5 branches 84 Preschool Camp 609 Day Camp 679 Sports Camp 1,028 Children participated in safe and enriching before and after school programs 17
  20. 20. CECILIA ORTIZ Cecilia Ortiz and her sons Christian (8) and Ruben (5) are Christian further adds, “The Y is a really clean place very appreciative that the Y has made it affordable for them with white walls. You can go there to exercise and get to be members. Cecilia is a single mother who always has her bigger and healthier. The coaches also teach us how boys with her. She really enjoys Sandra’s Latin dance class. to play team sports, and it’s a lot of fun. They always Cecilia has visited all three Y branches and always finds the tell us to drink lots of water. I especially like the pool staff to be very warm, friendly, and helpful. because it is so warm. If people lose things, you can even turn lost stuff in to the front desk so that the Cecilia reports that her fitness classes at the Smith and owner gets it back!” Galowich branches have really grown in the past year. Additionally, “The kids’ sports staff is so passionate, and they do a great job with the children. I don’t know how they manage all the energy these kids have in such a positive way!” Her eight-year-old son Christian feels very at home in the Y. “There is always someone at the Y to help you if your parents are working out or taking a class.” “It’s nice to come to the Y and see friends that I’ve made in the classes. We share ideas and it helps us each with our goals.” - Cecilia Ortiz, YMCA Member ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 48,992 Teens and adults engaged in fitness visits at the 3 full service branches 266 Teens learned how to safely 48,404 Visits to Fitness Classes 322 Fitness Orientations use the wellness center equipment18
  21. 21. ALENA TUCKERWhen 3-year-old Alena Tucker started preschool camp Alena continues to attend the preschool classesat the Galowich Family YMCA last summer, she was a throughout the school year. She recognizes the YMCAlittle nervous and shy. But as the summer progressed, when passing by and tells her mommy that she has toshe became an expert at putting her shoes on the right go to “school.” Her mother, Marlene Kirsch, is the Youthfeet, a master at tie dying, and a better chef then her & Family Manager at the Galowich Family YMCA. Alenamom! Through YMCA Day Camp, Alena was able to learn has become very familiar with all the staff and theyand experiment in the perfect kid’s environment. She really enjoy her. She loves Ms. Betsy and sometimeswas able to use her imagination and create projects that accidentally calls her “Mrs. Pepsi.” Now the othershe proudly presented to her grandma and grandpa. children call Betsy “Mrs. Pepsi” too!As summer drew to a close, Alena became a very socialand charismatic little girl. She made numerous friends,improved her vocabulary, and got up in the morningprepared for “school” even if it was the weekend!“The YMCA is Alena’s second home; she knows whereeverything is at… mommy’s office, the KZ room, thegym, and the pool (all of her favorite places). It is avery important part of both of our lives.” - Marlene Kirsch, YMCA Staff Member ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 5,576 Children enjoyed preschool programs at the ymca 3,283 Swim Classes 1,558 Sports and Fitness Classes 735 Recreational and Educational Classes 19
  22. 22. RON EVENSON Ron Evenson and his wife Jeannine have lived in Morris, Joliet Area YMCA at the time, and the idea took root. where he started an explosives distribution and service It seemed logical that if the Y had a local permanent company, since 1983. They have a son and daughter and footprint in Morris, a campaign for a YMCA building five grandchildren. Ron sold the business in 2007 and now could become a reality.” stays busy with farming and real estate interests. Ron is involved in a farm partnership with his friend Ron has always been impressed by the YMCA but never lived Mark Jorstad. They were in full agreement to donate in a town that had one. “When our Community Foundation some of their land to the Y to make the dream of a began focusing on childcare, workforce development, and Morris YMCA facility a reality. Mark spearheaded the land use, I immediately thought of the Y. I didn’t feel that zoning and annexation process. As a result of Ron we needed to reinvent a childcare program, since the Y was and Mark’s vision and generosity, the Morris Family already chartered in our area and was operating off-site YMCA has a future home on 15+ acres of property programs. I met with Tami Sender, the CEO of the Greater located on Route 6 and Pioneer Road in Morris, IL. “You see so much enthusiasm and activity at the Joliet Ys and the new C.W. Avery Family YMCA in Plainfield. It is impressive to watch communities come together to embrace the Y and their programs, which strengthen their local neighborhoods. Why should a thriving community like Morris be without one?” - Ron Evenson, YMCA Board Member ASSOCIATION WIDE FACTS: 18,916 Individuals were served association wide 15,410 Full Privilege Members 1,660 Program Members 1,846 Central City Program Participants20
  23. 23. SERVICE AREA MAP C.W. AVERY CENTRAL CITY JERALD S. GALOWICH MORRIS FAMILY ARTHUR G. & VERA C. FAMILY YMCA YMCA FAMILY YMCA YMCA SMITH FAMILY YMCA 15120 Wallin Dr c/o 1350 S. Briggs St. 749 Houbolt Rd c/o 749 Houbolt Rd 1350 Briggs StPlainfield, IL 60544 Joliet, IL 60433 Joliet, IL 60431 Joliet, IL 60431 Joliet, IL 60433 815.267.8600 815.729.9622 x6 815.744.3939 815.729.9622 x5 815.726.3939 21
  24. 24. FINANCIAL SUMMARY 3% 7% Sales & Services Contribution Income: Membership: 2,850,629 $ Program: $ 2,573,529 47% Contribution: $ 441,468 Membership Sales and Service: $ 181,047 43% Program Total Income: $ 6,046,673 Expenses: Wages: $ 2,894,028 10% Supplies and Fees: $ 1,270,026 Depreciation/Capital Improvements 2% Debt Reduction: $ 123,197 Debt Reduction Ins. Benefits &Taxes: 567,929 $ 9% Ins. Benefits Utilities, Fees & & Taxes Operating Expenses $ 577,152 Depreciation/Capital Improvements $ 610,684 10% 48% Utilities, Fees & Wages Operating Exp. Total Expenses: $ 6,043,016 21% Supplies & Fees Bottom Line: 3,657 $22
  25. 25. FINANCIAL SUMMARY 17% Free & Subsidized ProgramsFinancial Assistance Provided in 2010: Membership & Program Scholarships: $ 479,398 50% Membership & Program 33% Scholarships Subsidized Programs Subsidized Programs to Youth & Seniors: $ 310,037 to Youth & Seniors Free & Subsidized Programs to underserved in Joliet: $ 158,527 Total: $ 947,962Total Support Generated in 2010: 7% 11% Endowment Special Contribtions United Way Allocation: 207,360 $ Income (Grants) YMCA Raised Support: 4% Annual Giving Campaign: $ 114,843 Avery YMCA Giving Gala Special Contributions 12% & Grants: $ 100,900 Annual Giving Campaign Endowments Income: $ 65,126 Avery YMCA Giving Gala: $ 40,250 YMCA Revenue 419,483 $ 22% United Way (Membership & Program Fees): Allocation 44% YMCA Revenue (Membership & Total: $ 947,962 Program Fees) 23
  26. 26. The John Logo has symbolized the YMCA mission financial circumstances. Programs and for over 165 years. It is a reminder that Christ was branches embrace diversity, reflecting the at the center of the initial YMCA movement. The needs and composition of the communities symbol represents the oneness of humankind and they serve. encircles the Greek letters for Christ. As one of the nation’s leading nonprofits Despite the Y’s recent re-branding movement, our committed to strengthening communities mission has not changed. The YMCA continues to through youth development, healthy living, put Christian principles into practice by developing and social responsibility, the Y believes that relationships among all people and providing everyone should be given the opportunity to programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and be healthy, confident, connected, and secure. body. The YMCA welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, special needs, or24
  27. 27. Y team sports are designed to teach introductory sports skills, fair play, teamwork,YOUTH and sportsmanship toDEVELOPMENT kids while reinforcing the Christian character values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. The Y offers a variety of options for adults to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Kevin’s Boot Camp at theHEALTHY C.W. Avery Family YMCA has a dedicated following ofLIVING nearly sixty members who faithfully arrive eager for the challenging 5:30 AM Boot Camp class three days a week. Fifteen YMCA members and staff volunteered for the Y’s Senior Chore Day last fall at an elderly couple’s home inSOCIAL Plainfield. The YMCA plans aRESPONSIBILITY variety of projects that give back to the communities we serve through volunteering with C.A.S.T., the YMCA’s Caring And Sharing Team.
  28. 28. www.jolietymca.org815.SAY.YMCA United Way of Will County