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Frequently asked questions


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PAO training tools for NRS's

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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. YouAreNavy
  2. 2. You are NavyAt the sea shore, where we have military bases, Navy has a substantial presence. But for most ofAmerica, the sailor at the local recruiting station IS the Navy.That’s the reason why your behavior must be exemplary at every turn. That’s also why you needto be a resource for answering a variety of questions raised by former Navy personnel living inyour communities, families of those veterans, media, and normal citizens who simply don’tknow where else to go.Following is some information that will help you respond to many of those questions.Funerals –Many veterans families are interested in having a Navy color guard participate in a formersailor’s funeral or memorial service. This is something that can be provided with enoughadvance information and via the right channels. In most cases, the LOCAL FUNERALDIRECTOR will be the best source for handling this. Even if this is a remote memorial service,the best initial contact for the family will be the local funeral director.Other similar requests can be directed to the Navy Personnel Command, 5720 Integrity Dr.,Millington TN 38055. Phone number there is 800-368-3202.Burial at Sea –Occasionally there is a request for burial at sea. This, too, can be directed to Navy PersonnelCommand at the contact above. Another number for this is 866-787-0081. People interested infinding out more can also go online to and enter “burial at sea” to get furtherinformation.Support Our Troops Activities –People will often decide to start collections of goods to send to troops overseas. The best sourcesfor determining what to collect and for distributing the materials is either a direct contact with adeployed service person or one of the following: - Operation Support Our Troops Illinois – 630-971-1150 – - Operation Care and Comfort – 2392 Walden Sq., San Jose CA – - -
  3. 3. Defense Department Related Subject MattersFrom time to time, people inquire about things that cannot be dealt with at this level. Thosematters typically can be funneled through the Department of Defense to find their way to theright spot.Subjects can range from inquiries about defense contracts or how to get copies of DD-214s tomilitary records of family members or how to forward correspondence to retired personnel. TheDoD website is Mail can be directed to:Department of Defense1400 Defense PentagonWashington, DC 20301-1400703-571-3343