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  1. 1. ContentsIntroduction – Review this to understand what public affairs support is contained on this disc and how itcan be helpful to your personal recruiting effort. Included here is information about: Street-Smart Recruiting – the methodology of making your recruiting work easier School Access Edge – Things that you can offer to bring to your schools to make entry easier, etc. School News – This details the school news program. One-on-one vignettes for your use are in another section.One-On-One School NewsVignettes– These are Q&A vignettes for submission to school newspapers,newsletters, magazines, intranets, and community news outlets. Vignettes include: About America’s Navy About Navy Ships About Navy Submarines About Navy Aviation About Navy Nuclear About Navy Dentistry About Navy Medicine About Navy Nursing About Navy Cryptology About Navy Chaplains About Women in the Navy About Navy Recruiting post bin Laden About Navy ROTC About Navy Special Operations About Navy SEALs About Navy Seebees About Navy Jobs About Navy Education About Navy Fire Control About Navy Opportunities for Prior ServiceEvent Management and Resources – This includes information about RADs, and assets at your disposalfor making your presence at events especially memorable. Included is information about our recruitingtruck and trailer, football toss, pull-up bar, photo-op prop, Navy Simulator, Navy Suburban, canopies,convention booths, etc.
  2. 2. Navy Jobs Fliers – Two-sided fliers address Navy Jobs/Educational Opportunities on one side, and Whatit takes to be a sailor on the other side. Find the flier for your station, print it out, and use it as a generalgive-away item at all of your events and functions.Sensitive Issues – How to respond when certain situations arise.Fleet Hometown News – Forms and information for getting news about a sailor to the local newspapers.Frequently Asked Questions – These are things you should know so that you can respond effectively topeople in your community.DEP News Releases – These are news releases that you can issue for every person who enrolls in thedelayed entry program.After Action Reporting – This form should be completed and submitted to your PAO after every event,including school job fairs, booths at county fairs, athletic events, etc.Public Affairs Guide – All on this disc is assembled here in a complete document. This is it.