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Pa support cover letter


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PAO training tools for NRS's

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Pa support cover letter

  1. 1. Public Affairs SupportTo make your recruiting job easier.Many recruiters will look regard what’s on this disc as make work projects – things that you don’t havetime for. But a few smart recruiters will recognize that the things contained here can help to make yourjob easier, if you just INVEST a little time wisely, using this material to help you broaden your reach totarget market individuals.It will only take you a few minutes to instantly make some of these materials work for you. Here are afew key assignments that will take you just 30 minutes to complete, but can help you enlarge your poolof qualified and interested candidates:Navy Jobs Flier – Open the section on Navy Jobs Fliers and find the one that pertains to your station.Print it out. Also print out the “What It Takes to Be a Sailor” sheet. Then copy a dozen of them as two-sided fliers. This is the easy way to make sure everyone you contact can have basic information aboutNavy jobs, education support, and what it takes to be a sailor. With this, you can initiate a Navyconversation with anyone – target market or not.DEP News Releases – Find this section and print out a couple copies of the entire file. Then tuck this intothe folder for paperwork on your next DEP sign-up. When your candidate fills out his/her contract,complete the first news release and send a copy to his/her high school newspaper or intranet site sothat others can see that their classmate is joining the Navy. Also send copies to local newspapers.Finally, give the rest of the packet to the DEPs parents and encourage them to notify the newspaper astheir kid advances.Q&A Vignettes – Find the vignette About America’s Navy and fill in the blanks to make it appear that it isjust from you. Then make enough copies so that you can leave two copies with each of the schools youwill be contacting in the next few weeks. One copy goes to the counselor that you always see. The othercopy is for the editor of the school news.Follow this up with another vignette of our choosing three weeks from now … and another three weekslater. Better yet, if you can provide me with the names of the editors, and their email addresses, I’ll issuethese for you.With the few minutes that you have left, review the event support material so that you know what is atyour disposal for job fairs, football games, wrestling matches, and other such events coming up in yourarea.I don’t have a corner on all the good ideas, so please call me with any other suggestions you might havefor ways that public affairs can support your one-on-one recruiting effort. Happy recruiting with NRDChicago.MC2 Kennedy PAO615-332-0926