15 December 2011 1HBCT Weekly Update


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Happy Holidays from 1HBCT!!!
15 December 2011 1HBCT Weekly Update, please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of 1HBCT. Welcome Home this week we start seeing 4-4 CAV and 2-34 AR Torch and Advon Parties returning and next week we start pushing out 1-16 IN Redeployment windows and dates! Please continue to check the 1HBCT Hotline for updates on Ceremony times! 785-240-6783. This week will be the last for the Weekly News till January 2012! Enjoy your Holidays!

You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page at http://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx.

If you are having issues reading this you can click on this link to read the weekly news. http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct. And we are always up and posting new information on Facebook! Join us at www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm

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15 December 2011 1HBCT Weekly Update

  1. 1. Happy Holidays from 1HBCT!!!15 December 2011 1HBCT Weekly Update, please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of 1HBCT. Welcome Homethis week we start seeing 4-4 CAV and 2-34 AR Torch and Advon Parties returning and next week we start pushingout 1-16 IN Redeployment windows and dates! Please continue to check the 1HBCT Hotline for updates on Ceremonytimes! 785-240-6783. This week will be the last for the Weekly News till January 2012! Enjoy your Holidays!You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page athttp://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx.If you are having issues reading this you can click on this link to read the weekly news.http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct. And we are always up and posting new information on Facebook!Join us at www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm
  2. 2. Free Massages – Cause Helping America’s Military Wounded: Cause Massage: Helping America’s MilitaryWounded! Injured Soldiers and Family/Care Takers (Includes PTSD, TBI and other stress related conditions).Come get a Chair Massage or Reiki Locations: Resiliency Learning Center (1st & 3rd Tuesday every month).Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Call 785-240-6257 or 785-240-7192, or email rile.dmwracs@conus.army.mil to scheduleyour time! http://www.riley.army.mil/documents/ResiliencyDocuments/110914132152.pdf*APPLICATIONS NOW ACCEPTED 2012 MILITARY SPOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS: The National Military Family Association isnow accepting applications for its annual Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program. TheAssociation recognizes the unique challenges todays military spouses face pursuing additional training oreducation. Scholarships of up to $1,000 are awarded to help ease the financial obstacles that accompanypursuing a higher education. Scholarships are awarded in six categories: General (High School GED, Englishas a Second Language, Post-Secondary, Graduate); Licensing Fee; Science, Technology, Engineering, or MathDegree (to include certain healthcare fields); Spouses of Fallen Service Members; Spouses of WoundedService Members; Vocational or Technical Certification Applications will only be accepted online and mustbe submitted by midnight EST, January 31, 2012. Spouses of uniformed service members (active duty, NationalGuard and Reserve, retirees, and survivors) from any branch or rank are eligible to apply. The scholarshipfunds may be used to assist with tuition, fees, and school room and board. Apply now!www.militaryscholar.orgNORAD GEARS UP TO TRACK SANTA CLAUS: For the 56th year running, the North American Aerospace DefenseCommand (NORAD) will add the job of tracking the global flight of Santa on Christmas Eve to its mission ofNorth American aerospace warning and control. NORAD stands the watch protecting the skies of North America365 days a year, but on Christmas Eve the children of the world look to NORAD and our trusted partners tomake sure that Santa is able to complete his mission safely," said Army Gen. Charles H. Jacoby, Jr. Jacobycommands NORAD, as well as U.S. Northern Command, both based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. TheNORAD Tracks Santa mission "is a duty to the children of the world," he added, "and a privilege weveenjoyed for 56 consecutive years." From a NORAD video of the 2010 Santa flight, a military specialist looksup from a bank of computer screens: "Sir," he says, turning to look at the camera, "weve picked up BigRed on the radar. Hes entering from the northeast." "Recommend fighter escort as he transitions overNorth America," the specialist adds, as the video shows an F-16 moving down the runway. This year, theNORAD Tracks Santa website went live December 1 and features a Countdown Calendar, a Kids CountdownVillage with holiday games and activities that change daily, and video messages from students and troopsfrom around the world. The website is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese,Brazilian, Portuguese, and Chinese. For the first time, using free apps in the Apple iTunes Store and in
  3. 3. the Android market, parents and children can use their smart phones to count down the days until Santa andhis reindeer take off from the North Pole to deliver presents to kids everywhere. Facebook, Google+,YouTube, and Twitter also offer tracking opportunities. Santa followers can type "@noradsanta" into eachsearch engine to get started. And thats not the only technology that goes into the Santa trackingmission. To track the big man in red, NORAD uses radar, satellites, Santa cams, and fighter jets. A NORADradar system called the North Warning System consists of 47 installations strung across the northern borderof North America. On December 24, NORAD monitors the radar systems continuously for indications that SantaClaus has left the North Pole. The moment radar indicates a lift-off, satellites positioned in geo-synchronous orbit at 22,300 miles from the Earths surface are equipped with infrared sensors, which enablethem to detect heat. Rudolphs bright red nose gives off an infrared signature that allows the satellitesto detect Santas sleigh. NORAD starting using the Santa cam network in 1998. Santa cams, according toNORAD, are ultra-cool, high-tech, high-speed digital cameras prepositioned at many locations around theworld. They use the cameras once a year to capture images and videos of Santa and his reindeer. In theair, Canadian NORAD pilots flying the CF-18 fighter will intercept and welcome Santa to North America. Inthe United States, American NORAD fighter pilots in F-15s, F-16s, or F-22 Raptors will fly alongsideSantas airborne sleigh pulled by his famous reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Once data is collected on December 24, it is pushed into Google Maps andGoogle Earth so families all over the world can follow Santa. Thanks to these systems and technologies,starting at midnight Mountain Standard Time on December 24, visitors to the NORAD Santa website can watchSantas progress around the globe. It all started in 1955 when a Sears media advertisement directed kidsto call Santa Claus but printed a telephone number that rang through to the crew commander on duty at theContinental Air Defense Command Operations Center. The colonel on duty told his staff to give all childrenwho called in a "current location" for Santa Claus. The tradition continued when NORAD replaced CONAD in1958. To track Santa, go to www.noradsanta.org.SAVE THE DATE! REVISED! News from USD 475:* No School on FRIDAY, December 16TH for High School Students* Christmas break begins December 19, 2011* School begins again on January 3, 2012 Dining CardCampaign<http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs065/1103596070624/img/115.jpg Dining Card Campaign: The GearyCommunity Schools Foundation has been busy this holiday season with the 3rd Annual Dinning Card Campaign.Many of you participated in this great event and because of you we raised over $38,000 for USD 475 schoolsand the Geary Community Schools Foundation. Congratulations to all of the 16 different schools whoparticipated, the foundation for organizing this great event, and you for your support! Dinning Cards arestill available and can be purchased from the foundation by calling (785) 717-4063.
  4. 4. Stay Connected to Whats Going On WITH USD 475! Like us on FacebookHTTP://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=axjhxzdab&et=1108950343673&s=6056&e=001ojHVqOHRgtZUwRTD8VvOe3d_TI9tJvy0zh71N5eDtZcdz9LlwWEksClWBKY7GpdkAwQL6tMMGYa8DewJBXvrJCguL_THNwyZoVoeYJGB_Gcj0ISGvgi16wJsfjOLkngr Now with MorrisHill and Milford Elementary!December 2011 Real Warriors Campaign: HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE REAL WARRIORS CAMPAIGN The Real WarriorsCampaign wishes our nations heroes and the families who support them a joyful holiday season. Sometimes,events such as holiday parties can be stressful for returning warriors, so wed like to remind you of ourarticle, Easing Holiday and Reintegration Stress(http://www.realwarriors.net/guardreserve/reintegration/holidaystress.php). If you or a loved one needssupport at any time anywhere in the world, you can log onto the Real Warriors Live Chat athttp://www.realwarriors.net/livechat from your computer or smart mobile device or call the DCoE OutreachCenter from the U.S. at 1-866-966-1020 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress with PTSD Coachhttp://www.realwarriors.net/active/treatment/ptsdcoach.phpThe Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD and the Defense Departments National Centerfor Telehealth and Technology collaborated to develop a free mobile app to help service members andveterans learn about and manage the symptoms that commonly occur after traumatic events. PTSD Coach is asupplement to psychological health care and support received by service members and veterans experiencingsigns or symptoms of PTSD. Family and friends of service members and veterans are also encouraged to usethe mobile app to learn about PTSD and support resources.Helping Families Understand Combat Stress http://www.realwarriors.net/family/support/combatstress.phpWelcoming home a loved one from a deployment is an emotional time for service members and their families.As a family member, you hope that your warrior quickly reintegrates to "normal" life, but the stressesassociated with combat experience can linger. This article can help you understand the causes and symptomsof combat stress, as well as situations that can trigger a stress reaction and how to help protect yourservice member from stressful circumstances.Resources for Transitioning Back to Schoolhttp://www.realwarriors.net/guardreserve/reintegration/education.phpMany members of the National Guard and reserve choose to enroll in higher education or vocational programswhile continuing to serve their country. National Guardsmen and reservists share a common bond and uniqueexperiences that often differ from the experiences of other students at their school or university. Someindividuals may experience challenges adjusting to student life, relating to their fellow classmates andnavigating benefits options. Fortunately, many benefits, resources and services are available to helpNational Guardsmen and reservists transition back to school.
  5. 5. HOLIDAY ECARDS: http://www.realwarriors.net/ecard/holiday The holidays can be a difficult time when you areapart from those you love. Whether you are a service member, veteran or military family member, you cansend a free ecard to someone you are thinking of this holiday season.