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Fall 2003 Nevada Wilderness Project Newsletter

  1. 1. Viva Las Wilderness Viva Las WildernessA Newsletter of the Nevada Wilderness Project www.wildnevada.orgIssue Number 1. December 2003. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and welcome to the PREMIERE issue of Viva Las Wilderness, a newsletter of the happenings of the Nevada Wilderness Project! We look forward to passing along the monthly newsletter to give you updates Our mission is to protect on our current Wilderness campaigns, outings to explore Nevadas potential Wilderness, special Nevada’s remaining events, and other opportunities to learn about Nevadas wild places and how you can get Wilderness as part of the involved. Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think may be interested and send us National Wilderness any questions or comments you may have. Also,Preservation System, and in an effort to save money and paper we are currently only sending the newsletter out to create and sustain an electronically. However, if you would like a hardcopy, please let us know and we will get you enduring grassroots one. We always like to hear from our supporters, commitment to Nevada so please contact us at 775.746.7850 or info@wildnevada.org. Heres to keeping Nevada wilderness. Wild and celebrating the holiday season with loved ones! Page 1
  2. 2. Viva Las WildernessBoard of Directors: Stefan Bergill Kim Jardine Kristie Connolly Brett Riddle Chris Todd Morlee Griswold Tori King Gray Fox in the East Mormon Mountains Proposed Wilderness Staff: (Photo by Ron Hunter) John Wallin Director DONATE TO THE NEVADA WILDERNESS Anna Ball PROJECT TODAY!Development Director Erika PollardConservation Director Kevin Mack Washington D.C. Rep. Contact us at:8550 White Fir Street Page 2
  3. 3. Viva Las Wilderness Reno, NV  89523 Hikers on South Schell Peak in the South Schell Creek Proposed Tel:  775.746.7850 Wilderness Web: www.wildnevada.org (Photo by Ron Hunter) Click here to become a member of the Nevada Wilderness Project and to make a tax deductible donation to help protect Nevadas last remaining Wilderness. Directors Corner: Looking Forward to a New Year As the year winds down, a review of a busy 2003 signifies a busier 2004. In the past year, you have made the Nevada Wilderness Project a conservation force to be reckoned with! With your time, your money, and your dedication to Nevadas unique wild heritage, you are creating the success stories of 2004 yet to be told.At a time when most conservation news is both discouraging and vexing, weve kept a laser-like focuson our mission: to protect Nevada’s remaining Wilderness as part of the National WildernessPreservation System, and to create and sustain an enduring grassroots commitment to NevadaWilderness. It is often a difficult balance for us, because there are so many worthy conservationefforts out there. As the Bush Administration dumps nuclear waste on Nevada, weakens clean airand clean water laws, opens up protected public lands for oil drilling and development, and defilesYellowstone National Park with snowmobile smog, we have a difficult choice. That choice is to getinvolved in a wide variety of public lands issues in a minor way, or keep our focus on protectingNevada Wilderness, the wildest and most under appreciated state in the lower 48. We choose tomarshal our limited resources on affirmative Nevada Wilderness campaigns, and in the processempower a new generation of Nevada Wilderness advocates.In the past year, the Project, our members, and our volunteers have accomplished an incredibleamount of work! Weve conducted wilderness inventories of hundreds of thousands of acresthroughout the state: in Eastern Nevada, where we continue to work with the Nevada WildernessCoalition on the Eastern Nevada Wilderness Campaign, and north of Pyramid Lake, where weinventoried 200,000 acres of BLM Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs). Weve inventoried some potentialadditions to Mt. Rose Wilderness, just outside of Reno. Weve gotten thousands of letters written onbehalf of the Eastern Nevada Campaign, dozens of letters to the editor, and we conducted fourvolunteer outings to Citizen-Proposed wilderness areas like Becky Peak, Shellback Ridge, and BigRocks. Weve given slide shows, tabled at Farmers Markets, spent lots of time on campus at UNLVand UNR, and taken our letters and clipboards to the trails.Why do we do this? We believe getting you and your friends to realize your grassroots power is themost important work we do. So if youd like to learn more, or want to recruit friends to do theshoulder-to-grindstone work of Wilderness protection, contact me at john.wallin@wildnevada.org. Wehave lots of ways to utilize your particular talents, whatever they may be!In 2004, we have a chance to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of Wilderness in EasternNevada. We may also have a chance to protect Wilderness in Pershing County (about an hour and ahalf northeast of Reno, on I-80) This county contains a number of BLM WSAs, and a remarkablecitizen-proposed area called Lava Beds. Look for an update on these areas in the coming months.Also look for updates on our work in Gold Butte, the Spring Mountains, and Mt. Rose. As always,well be working every step of the way with our partners in the Nevada Wilderness Coalition.Thanks again for all your support in making 2003 an unbelievably successful year for the NevadaWilderness Project. May your holiday season be a wonderful time for you to spend time with familyand friends!John Wallin, Director Page 3
  4. 4. Viva Las WildernessEastern Nevada Wilderness UpdateSenator Reid, Senator Ensign, and Congressman Gibbonsstaff members continue to work with the NevadaWilderness Project and the rest of the Nevada Wilderness Volunteer Spotlight:Coalition (Nevada Wilderness Project, Friends of NevadaWilderness, Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club, Red Rock Matt AlbrechtAudubon, The Wilderness Society, Nevada OutdoorRecreation Association and Campaign for AmericasWilderness) on potential public lands legislation in Lincolnand White Pine Counties of Eastern Nevada. Among otherpublic lands issues, this potential legislation will includedesignating new Wilderness in these two Counties.However, As Congress nears their end of the year recessthrough mid-January 2004, hopes for an introduction of aLincoln County public lands bill before the recess dwindle.The Nevada Wilderness Coalition continues to gain publicsupport for our Citizens Wilderness Proposal for Lincoln andWhite Pine Counties and continues to encourage the Matt climbing at Big Rocks Proposed Wilderness inCongressional delegation to include as much the nearly 4 Eastern Nevada. (Photo by John Wallin)million acre Wilderness Proposal as possible. The CitizensWilderness Proposal includes approximately 3,272,800acres of proposed Wilderness in Lincoln County and 709,225 Matt Albrecht recently joined the Nevadaacres in White Pine County for a total of 51 proposed new Wilderness Project as our (volunteer)Wilderness areas. This includes public lands managed by Volunteer Coordinator. When hes notthe Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, working in sales for Patagoniasand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Beneficial Ts, an organic cotton t-shirt company in Reno, Matt spends his timeAs negotiations continue in Lincoln County, the Nevada rock climbing, hiking, camping, skiing,Wilderness Project and our Coalition partners have put a and hanging with good friends in thehigh priority on protecting the Big Four Wilderness Study mountains. Hailing from southernAreas of southern Lincoln. These areas include the California and landing in the Reno/TahoeDelamar Mountains Proposed Wilderness, the Meadow area after college, Matt claims “now thatValley Range Proposed Wilderness, the Mormon Mountains I have given up on reversing the agingproposed Wilderness, and the Clover Mountains Proposed process Ive committed to making theWilderness. In addition to the Big Four Wilderness Study most out of the rest of my time here”. InAreas of southern Lincoln County, their are several Citizen following that commitment, fromProposed Wilderness Areas of high priority to the September to November of this year,Wilderness community. These include portions of the Matt did an internship with the Project.Pahranagat Range, Big Rocks Proposed Wilderness and His salary and benefits were paid byseveral areas within the Mount Irish Range. See articles Patagonia, while Matt did outreach tobelow for highlights of several of these areas. local businesses, tabled and got letters supporting Wilderness signed at events, trailheads, UNR, and local businessesStay tuned in early 2004 for a potential Lincoln County public including Wild Oats and Sundancelands bill introduction... Bookstore. Matt did a fantastic job and basically filled in the gaps whenever and wherever we needed him! When discussing his ongoing volunteer Page 4
  5. 5. Viva Las Wilderness When discussing his ongoing volunteer work with the Project, Matt says " as busy as the NWP staff are, Ill help out by working with folks that are passionate like we are about Wilderness. I want to get 100 people out to proposed Wilderness. After seeing how beautiful and unique these places are, Ill have 100 new volunteers to help protect them!" Desert Hills - Pahranagat Proposed Wilderness (Photo by John Wallin) DONATE to the Nevada Wilderness Project TODAY! Click hereHouse Party Fundraising Successes!As the Nevada Wilderness Projectpushes through to the end of 2003, wehave ramped up our fundraisingefforts. As part of those efforts, two ofour new board members have verygenerously hosted house parties toraise funds for the Project and to helpget the word out about our work. OnNovember 8, 2003, Southern Nevadaboard member, Professor Brett Riddle,hosted a fabulous Wildernessfundraiser/house warming party at hisnew digs up in Cold Creek. Locatedright next to the Mt. CharlestonWilderness and the Mt. SterlingWilderness Study Area, UNLV biologydepartment faculty, grad students,and other friends gathered to siplibations, talk Wilderness, andcontribute to the Nevada Wilderness One of the fantastic views from board member Brett Riddles home inProject. The event was great fun andwe all look forward to spending more Cold Creek, Nevada. (Photo by Brett Riddle)time soaking in the views from Brettssolar powered home! Thanks Brett!. Page 5
  6. 6. Viva Las WildernessMore recently, on November 20, ourfabulous board member, Kim Jardinehosted a hugely successful houseparty fundraiser at her funky housenorth of Reno. Kim gathered friendsfrom Patagonia, chefed up some tastyappetizers and had her partner Marcialgive an incredible slide show of theirwonderings in Nevadas Wilderness. Itwas a great evening with additionalentertainment by Kims granddaughter,Oceana, and a great success in termsof funds raised! Thanks Kim andMarcial! Board chair Stefan Bergill chats with Eddie Occhipinti, Christina Allen, Tena Garlick, and Pakorn Chumsalab at board member Kim Jardines house party. (Photo by Marcial Riley) Following up on Kims fabulous house party with the majority of attendees working at Patagonias warehouse facility in Reno, we had an incredible daylong fundraising event at Patagonias corporate headquarters in Ventura, CA on December 4. Nevada Wilderness Project board members and Patagonia employees in Ventura, Chris Todd and Morlee Griswold, orchestrated a Fabulous Wilderness silent auction followed by an after work fundraising party. Both fundraising efforts were hugely successful! Since the Nevada Wilderness Project was created under Patagonias roof in Reno, it was fun to spend some time with our larger Patagonia family in Ventura. It was especially exciting to have Patagonias founder, Yvon Chouinard, attend the fundraiser and praise the Nevada WildernessNWPs favorite t-shirt design. Created by two former fabulous Patagonia employees! Project to party goers as the "best thing weve (Patagonia) ever done". Yvon was referring to the fact that the Nevada Wilderness Project is truly a product of Patagonias fantastic environmental mission and the employee internship program they offer employees to work with environmental groups during their time working for Patagonia. The result is that all Nevada Wilderness Project employees are actually former Patagonia employees who left TO ORDER A "FABULOUS the company to pursue Wilderness protection in Nevada full WILDERNESS" ORGANIC time! COTTON T-SHIRT AND We owe so much of our success to Patagonia and its DONATE TO NWP, CLICK INCREDIBLE employees! Thank you so much to Yvon HERE! and Malinda Chouinard, Chris Todd, Morlee Griswold and all of our Patagonia supporters!! Page 6
  7. 7. Viva Las WildernessIf you are interested in hosting a houseparty for the Nevada WildernessProject, please let us know! Its easy,its fun and its a great way to raisefunds for Nevadas Wilderness.Contact us at info@wildnevada.org orgive us a call at 775.746.7850.WHAT EXACTLY IS WILDERNESS?Click here for a description ofWilderness.Click here for facts on what you canand can not do in Wilderness. Photo by Marcial Riley The D.C. ConnectionKevin Mack is the Nevada Wilderness Project’s Washington D.C. Representative. He works out ofthe Wayburn Wilderness House on Capitol Hill—just a five minute walk to the Capitol. The WayburnWilderness House houses the offices (or, in the case of the Project, cubicle!) of national and statewilderness groups from around the country. Kevin is the only Nevada wilderness activist based in ournation’s Capital.Kevin works to bridge the gap between the grassroots activity YOU generate in Nevada, and the hallsof Congress where Wilderness bills are drawn. Kevin formerly worked in Nevada managing ourongoing inventory of wilderness. He travels back to the state regularly to meet with our members,volunteers, and fieldworkers. A typical day in DC will see him working on ArcView software to developmaps for Wilderness proposals based on fieldwork, meeting with members of Nevada’s Congressionaldelegation, and working with other Nevada Wilderness Coalition members to educate other keyCongressional staff on Nevada’s unique wilderness resource.Look for Kevin’s DC Update on the progress of the Eastern Nevada Wilderness Campaign in futureissues of “Viva Las Wilderness.”January 2004 Calendar: Page 7
  8. 8. Viva Las WildernessJanuary 20, 2004WILDERNESS VOLUNTEER HAPPY HOURPlease join the Nevada Wilderness Project and the Nevada Wilderness Coalitionfor a happy hour/volunteer night on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 from 5:30 to 8:30p.m. at the Great BasinBrewery in Sparks. Come hear about the latest happenings with Wilderness in Eastern Nevada, learn abouthow you can help and meet new folks interested in protecting our wild places. Tuesday nights are "TightwadTuesdays" at the Great Basin Brewery with $2 pints o beer, so come on down and join us!Not interested in drinking beer? Come anyway for a soft drink and a good wilderness lovin crowd.For directions, check out the brewery website at www.greatbasinbrewingco.com .Eastern Nevada Wilderness Proposal Area Spotlight:Delamar Mountains Proposed WildernessOne of Southern Lincoln Countys Big Four Wilderness Study AreasThe 126,257 acre Delamar Mountains Proposed Wilderness is located in far southern Lincoln Countyapproximately 75 miles to the north of Las Vegas and 15 miles southeast of Alamo, Nevada. One ofthe "Big Four" Wilderness Study Areas of southern Lincoln County, the Delamar Mountains Wildernessproposal area encompasses the southern portion of the Delamar Range and represents the entireDelamar Mountains Wilderness Study Area managed by the Ely District of the BLM. With its deepcanyons and rocky cliff faces, the area provides steep, rugged terrain for desert bighorn sheep, avariety of raptors, the banded Gila monster, and threatened desert tortoise. Along with providingimportant wildlife habitat, the area is also filled with ancient cultural sites including rock art, milling Page 8
  9. 9. Viva Las Wildernesssites, lithic scatters and shelters. The preservation of these areas from vandalism and degradation isimportant to the culture and history of native people. The Delamar Mountains Proposed Wildernessprovides excellent primitive recreational opportunities including hiking many of the deep canyons androcky washes, scrambling among cascading rock gardens or rocky cliff faces, hunting upland gamebirds, horseback riding near Gregerson Basin and photographing or studying any of the area’smagnificent vistas, rocky plateaus, or Joshua trees rooted on the long sloping bajadas. To reach the Delamar Mountains Proposed Wilderness area from Las Vegas, take Interstate 15 north to State Highway 93 north. Follow 93 north for approximately 45 miles to Kane Springs Valley Road. Access into the Delamar Mountains Proposed Wilderness can be gained by following Kane Springs Valley Road east for several miles. The Proposal Area will lie to the north of Kane Springs Valley Road with various access routes taking off to the north. Remember to stay on existing vehicle routes and to pack out what you pack in.If you are interested in visiting the Delamar Mountains Proposed Wildernesswith us, give a call (775.746.7850) or send us an email (info@wildnevada.org).We are always eager to take folks out to explore these places!Great Holiday Gift Ideas!Help Protect Wilderness while giving and drinking organic coffee!Grounds for Change will donate 15% of all sales fromorders placed via this link to Nevada WildernessProject.Grounds for Change is a family owned and operatedcoffee roasting company offering certified fair trade,organic and shade grown coffee from communitiesthroughout Latin America and the Pacific.They offer great gift packages including coffee,organic chocolate, handicrafts from around theworld, and more.Click here or on the Grounds for Change logo tobegin.GIFT MEMBERSHIPS TO THE NEVADA WILDERNESS PROJECT Page 9
  10. 10. Viva Las Wilderness Give a gift membership to the Nevada Wilderness Project and give a family member or friend the opportunity to help protect more of Nevadas incredible wild places.  Members of the Project receive invitations to special events, newsletters to keep updated on the latest happenings, and the opportunity to directly impact the protection status of OUR public lands. Click here or on the Nevada Wilderness Project logo to make an online gift donation.Have a safe and happy holiday season! We look forward to seeingyou all in 2004!- John, Kevin, Anna, and Erika Page 10