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Summer 2003 Friends of Nevada Wilderness Newsletter


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Summer 2003 Friends of Nevada Wilderness Newsletter

  1. 1. Eastward ho!FRIENDS OF NEVADA WILDERNESS SUMMER 2003 Citizens’ Wilderness Proposal for east Nevada now available By Brian Beffort and Shaaron Netherton 16 BLM Wilderness Study Areas, several USFS Barely six months after the designation of 18 roadless areas and numerous citizen-proposed ar- new Wilderness Areas in and around Las Vegas, eas. In total, they stretch from the arid slopes and Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Nevada ruggged canyons of the Mojave Desert to the high Wilderness Coalition have released the Citizens’ peaks and pine forests of mountain ranges around Wilderness Proposal for Eastern Nevada. Ely. Nominating almost 50 areas and more than 3 Among the crown jewels of the proposal are million acres of public land managed by the Bu- the Delamar Mountains, Mormon Mountains, Clo- reau of Land Management ver Mountains and Meadow Val- (BLM), U.S. Forest Service Eastern Nevada is ley Mountains Wilderness Study The 2004 (USFS) and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Areas in southern Lincoln County. home to some ofWild Nevada Service (USF&WS) for Wilder- Another favorite area is the ness designation in White Pine the wildest, most large USFS roadless area in theCalendar is and Lincoln counties, the Propos- rugged and most Schell Creek Range east of Ely. coming! beautiful al comes as Nevada Senators With over 100,000 acres of cloud- Harry Reid, John Ensign and kissed peaks, steep canyons and landscapes. Celebrating newly Congressman Jim Gibbons begin aspen forests, this majestic moun- designated work on a lands bill for the re- tain range faces increasing incur-Wilderness Areas in gion. sions by off-highway vehicles. Wilderness designa- Nevada, as well as “I’m excited to be working on areas in eastern tion offers the best protection for this still-wild Nevada,” said Executive Director Shaaron Neth- lands still awaiting mountain range before it’s torn up by off-road ve- erton, who lived for many years in Ely, Nevada. protection, this hicles. “The region is home to some of the wildest, most calendar will bring The Proposal also includes additions to the Cur- rugged and most beautiful landscapes in Nevada, the beauty of wild rant Mountain, Quinn Canyon and Grant Range and protecting these areas as Wilderness will pro- Wilderness areas, as well as proposed Wilderness Nevada to your vide both recreational opportunity and quality wild- on Highland Ridge, south of Great Basin National home and office. life habitat for generations to come. Park in the Snake Range.Order before Labor “Unlike so many other places in the UnitedDay and get 10% off. (continued on page 4) States, Nevada still has some large tracts of land Order yours today! that remain relatively unmarred by human im- From the front lines Page 2Call 775-324-7667 Hke the Schell Creek Range Page 3 Inside: pacts,” she said. “We encourage Congress to take this opportunity to protect some of our country’s Rewilding Nevada Page 5 last wild lands before their natural character is de- Nuts & bolts of wilderness work Page 6 stroyed by human activity.” New staff in eastern Nevada Page 7 Northern Nevada outreach activity Page 7 The Proposal includes recommendations for 1
  2. 2. d From the front lines by Shaaron Netherton, Executive Director So. Nevada Members It has been a spring of ups and eastern Nevada by this fall. We’ll keep downs for Wilderness with positive Board of Directors our website updated with breaking news. happenings on the local front and We are sadly saying farewell to our Theo Byrns appalling actions on staff members Dino David Charlet the national scene. Fulgencio and Hermi Hiatt Friends of The Eastern Richard Knox. They John Hiatt Nevada Wilderness, both brought tons of Macaire Moran along with several Nevada campaign energy and ideas as No. Nevada Members other conservation groups around the is in full swing. well as diverse backgrounds and country, has initiated experience to Friends Karen Boeger legal action to fight the Bush of Nevada Wilderness’ efforts to protect Henry Egghart administration’s attack on BLM’s The Eastern and we will sorely miss wilderness, Corey Lewis potential Wilderness areas. In a Nevada Wilderness them. Ron Hunter sneaky, behind-the-scenes legal Campaign Friends of Nevada Wilderness is now Roger Scholl maneuver, Secretary of the Interior volunteers have shoveled a lot of dirt Marge Sill in full swing. Gale Norton has gutted the ability of and planted a lot of sagebrush this the BLM to inventory and protect season with restoration efforts in the Executive Director potential Wilderness areas. Nevada, Wilderness areas in the Black Rock with 47 million acres of BLM- Desert region and in the Buffalo Hills Staff Las Vegas managed public land, will be hard hit WSA. A huge thanks to all the volunteers Shaaron Netherton by this action. that make restoration such a success. Reno The Eastern Nevada Wilderness This summer is the time to make a Jeremy Garncarz Campaign is in full swing, and we are difference for eastern Nevada. Please delighted to welcome on board Pam take the time to write letters to the Brian Beffort White, our new rural Wilderness Ely Nevada Congressional delegation and Pat Patera organizer in Ely, Nevada. Find out let them know you support the Citizens’ more about Pam in this issue of the Eastern Nevada Wilderness Proposal. Northern Nevada Office newsletter. It still looks like we may Pam White see a draft public lands bill for PO Box 9754 Reno, NV 89507 Southern Nevada Office (775) 324-7667 Contact your elected representatives Senator Harry Reid Senator John Ensign 1700 E. Desert Inn #406 333 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 333 Las Vegas Blvd., S. Website Las Vegas, NV 89109 Suite 8016 Suite 58203 (702) 650-6542 Las Vegas, NV 89101 Las Vegas, NV 89101 E-mail (702) 388-5020 phone (702) 388-6605 phone (702 388-5030 FAX (702) 388-6501 FAX 400 S. Virginia St., Ste 702 400 S. Virginia St., Ste 738 Get on the list Reno, NV 89501 Reno, NV 89501 (775) 686-5750 phone (775) 686-5770 phone To get Wilderness news and action alerts, (775) 686-5757 FAX (775) 686-5729 FAX subscribe to the Friends of Nevada Wilderness Representative Jim Gibbons Reno, NV 89501 email list: Send post to 400 S. Virginia Street (775) 686-5760 phone Suite 502 (775) 686-5711 FAX with subscribe as subject2
  3. 3. Take a hike:dSchell Creek Range: jewel of the east Photos: (top) Hikers trek theby Ron Hunter, Chairman of Friends of Nevada Wilderness Board of Directors spine of the range. (middle) Looking for adventure? Something off the beat- low the paved road about 10 miles and watch for Hikers gather at the summit. (bottom) A forested ecosystemen track with views to die for? Then visit the the sign to the Forest Service Berry Creek Camp- thrives on high.Schell Creek Range in eastern Nevada. Try climb- ground. The gravel road to the campground is Photos by Ron Huntering South Schell Peak from the Berry Creek drain- about 5 miles. Thisage. This U.S. Forest Service area is part of the campground has ta- You’ll findNevada Wilderness Coalition Citizens’ Wilderness bles and pit toiletsProposal for Eastern Nevada. You’ll find few peo- and makes a great few people,ple, fewer trails and an base camp. From the fewer trailsunparalleled landscape. Berry Creek Camp- and an The hike gains about ground (8,200 ft),3,500 feet in three miles; hike up the North unparallelednot for the faint of heart, Fork of Berry Creek, landscape.but the views from the which opens into atop are worth it. To the huge bowl beloweast is the Mt. Moriah South Schell Peak.Wilderness, to the south- Follow the “patheast is Great Basin Na- of least resis-tional Park, and to the tance” to thenorth is Taft Peak (11,705ft). On the way up are summit of Southconifer species such as Douglas fir and white pine, Schell Peaksub-alpine fir to ponderosa and limber pine.You’ll (11,735), the lastalso see quaking aspen with Basque tree carvings. 500 feet being aYou might run into elk, deer, golden eagles, moun- rather knarlytain bluebirds, American dippers, and blue grouse. scree slope. NoSummer is a great time to visit the Schell Creek trail here, so takeRange. a map, compass, Directions: From Ely Nevada on Highway 93 a sturdy pair ofhead north thru McGill to the turnoff to Duck shoes, and plentyCreek Basin (about 5 miles north of McGill). Fol- of water. This spectacular area is at the heart of the Nevada Wilderness Coalition’s Wilderness Proposal for eastern Nevada. The approach to this area, in the Duck Creek Basin, has been hammered by off road vehicles in the last decade. Though the citizen-proposed area was administratively protected under the Clinton Administration Roadless Rule, the Bush Administration’s relentless assault on roadless areas continues. The only way to see this area’s wildland and wildlife values permanently protected is to designate the area as Wilderness. With the eastern Nevada public lands process underway, now is the time to visit, write letters, and call elected officials to tell them this area needs the protection afforded by Wilderness designation. 3
  4. 4. V Eastern Nevada campaign kick-off (continued from page 1) “The Proposal shows that there’s an abundance of Wil- derness-quality land in Neva- Mission da,” said Kevin Mack, asso- Statement ciate director of the Nevada Wilderness Project, who oversees mapping and inven- tory for the Nevada Wilder- ness Coalition. “We’re also finding that many of these Keeping areas were left out by the Nevada (land management) agencies Wild! in their original inventories.” Nevada’s Congressional Friends of Nevada delegation will spend the Wilderness is summer drafting a lands bill dedicated to for Eastern Nevada, which preserving all might be introduced to Con- qualified Nevada gress as early as September. We expect the bill to re- public lands as semble the Clark County bill Wilderness, in how it legislates Wilder- protecting all ness designation as well aspotential Wilderness other public lands convey- from ongoing ances, and by the way it threats including seeks input from stakehold- mining, over- ers representing diverse in- grazing, road terests. Members of the Ne- construction, and vada Wilderness Coaltion willoff-road vehicle use, spend the summer monthseducating the public generating support for the on the values of – Proposal in the region. and need for – > Wilderness, and improving the Enjoy early order discounts management and Please help win wilderness protection restoration of these for wild lands in Eastern Nevada. on the 2004 public wild lands. Contact your Senators and Wild Nevada Calendar Congressman to express your support. Order before Labor Day and get If you can, tell about particular areas 10% off your order. Price: you’ve visited. Officials will appreciate 1- 4 calendars $12.00 each your comments. Your voice counts 5- 9 calendars $11.00 each when you ask elected officials to 10-24 calendars $10.00 each protect our precious public lands— 100 or more $ 7.00 each your lands! These make great holiday gifts. See page 2 for contact into. Order yours today! Call 775-324-76674
  5. 5. WRewilding Nevada—one road at a timeBy Brian Beffort NCC crew for work on now you see it ... Nevada Wilderness areas have become wilder the boundary betweenand more beautiful since last fall, when the Friends the North and Southof Nevada Wilderness facilitated an agreement be- Jackson Mountains Wil-tween the Nevada Conservation Corps / Great Ba- derness areas, planningsin Institute and the Bureau of Land Management to decommission sever-to conduct wilderness restoration in Nevada. al vehicle trespass Since then, NCC crews (anywhere from eight routes. The rain had Supportto 11 people in size) have conducted three week- other ideas, however,long tours in Wilderness Areas in and around the and drenched the week- Nevada’sBlack Rock Desert-High end with a deluge remi- WildernessRock Canyon National niscent of coastal Ore- with pick &Conservation Area. While gon or Washington. It shovel,in the field, the crews have was too muddy to workrestored over 50 redundant much, and several of ... now you don’t sweat & toil.or trespass vehicle routes in the wiser volunteers It’s fun!wilderness. headed for home and Friends of Nevada Wil- warm, dry beds beforederness encouraged mem- the sun broke out latebers and other interested Saturday afternoon.volunteers to join the NCC Even with the rain, orcrews for weekends that perhaps because of it,combine rewarding work, exciting exploration and the country was beauti-fun campouts under the stars. ful and the weekend ex- Of course, the work isn’t always as efficient as citing. Now we justexpected. In early May, 10 volunteers joined an have to get back out there to finish the work. National Public Lands Day(s) NCC crews aren’t the only ones getting out Work trip in the South Jackson Wilderness September 20, 2003, Ely and restoring Wilder- decommissions a vehicle trespass route. Sept. 27, 2003, Black Rock Desert ness-quality lands in Each year on National Public Lands Day, Nevada. On the week- Several more land management agencies and volunteers end of May 17-19 vol- wilderness celebrate our commitment to our public unteers from the Sierra restoration work lands with a day of work to clean up and Club and Friends of Ne- parties are restore our beautiful public lands. scheduled for the Declare your wilderness vada Wilderness joined · Ely activities will take place in the the Eagle Lake Field Black Rock Desert support with a Timber Creek Campground in the Schell Office of the BLM for this summer. If you “wild” T-shirt Creek Range. A variety of work is planned, a restoration work party are interested in Printed on 100% along with picnic fun. Call (800) 865-8337 to in the Buffalo Hills Wil- joining one of them, organic cotton. get involved. derness Study Area call Brian at (775) New style says: · Black Rock Desert activities will include near the Smoke Creek 0324-7667. The KEEP IT WILD! restoration and clean up, and will include a Desert. Free of rain, the restoration season Please specify BBQ and campout on the playa. Call (775) volunteers successfully will culminate with size: S, M, L, XL 324-7667 to find out more. decommissioned several National Public Cost: $10 + $2 shipping. Mark the dates in your calendar, and get vehicle trespass routes, Lands Day on ready to have fun giving back to your public all the while enjoying September 27. lands! bountiful wildflowers Don’t miss it! and fine spring weather. 5
  6. 6. z The nuts & bolts work of wilderness If you’ve ever wondered, “Just what does designation and our vision for Eastern Nevada Friends of Nevada Wilderness do?” Here is a Wilderness. breakdown of some of our activities in 2003: Federal Policy Nevada State Legislature Outreach L We have been involved in strategy sessions Although Wilderness designation and manage- with conservation groups from around the country A heartfelt ment are federal issues, issues often arise at the to counteract the federal administration’s efforts to Thank You state level that might affect Nevada’s wildlands. undermine wilderness protection. L We have provided information packets and to all the BLM and Forest Service Oversight testimony for the Nevada Legislature Senate and L We have worked with a number of Nevada Friends of Assembly committees on Natural Resources, in- BLM districts on issues affecting wilderness and Nevada cluding testimony on, and amendments to, SJR 3, potential wilderness, including fire planning, nox- Wilderness SJR 4, and SCR 7. All of these resolutions dealt ious weeds, crashed planes, grazing, fences, etc. L We are working with the new members, with wilderness in Nevada and will be given to Nevada’s Federal Con-renewing members, federal agencies in Las Vegas to gressional Delegation. We were We worked with a develop an Interagency Wilder- Life Members able to improve the language to in- number of Nevada ness Management Proposal. L We have attended scoping and Patrons. clude some positive statements BLM districts on issues about Wilderness. affecting wilderness meetings on the Ely District Re- Field Work and potential source Management Plan and L Jeremy and Brian have wilderness. submitted comments on potential spent long days out in Lincoln wilderness in eastern Nevada. County and in the Ely area, con- L We have attended many, ducting inventories and photo documentation of ar- many meetings to improve the management plan eas in our Eastern Nevada Wilderness Proposal. for the Black Rock-High Rock National Conser- Wilderness Land Acquisition vation Area / Wilderness Plan / EIS. L We have worked on several proposed land L We have attended meetings and commented acquisitions through the Southern Nevada Public on the USFS Jarbidge Environmental Impact Lands Management Act. These include the Home Statement road plan near the Jarbidge Wilderness. Camp properties in and around the Wall Canyon L We have worked with other groups to moni- WSA, a parcel to accommodate a trailhead to tor snowmobile use and trespass into the Mt. Rose Hunter Creek and the Mount Rose Wilderness, in- Wilderness. holdings within the Buffalo Hills WSA, plus inhold- ings within the East Humboldt Wilderness and the Notes from the field . . . Arcularius property near the Alta Toquima Wilder- by Jeremy Garncarz ness. In the middle of May, I spent several days Wilderness Restoration mapping the Becky Peak region in the northern L We rallied volunteers to help the BLM and portion of the Schell Creek Range located north- Nevada Conservation Corps restore native habitat east of Ely. The weather cooperated and the map- in the Buffalo Hills WSA and the North and South ping trip was a success. Jackson Mountains Wilderness Areas. From sunrise to sunset, we were out on the Public Education ground, driving or hiking and documenting every L We produced the Eastern NV Wilderness vehicle route in the region. The mapping process is Campaign brochure and associated displays for ed- labor intensive ucational outreach events. and involves taking detailed notes of the area, in- L We have begun production of the 2004 Wild cluding wildlife observed and special natural or Nevada Calendar (order early on the website and man-made features in the area. save $$$. Go to The Becky Peak region is spectacular and cur- L Brian and Jeremy have given numerous slide rently has no level of protection. I’ve encountered shows to community organizations and libraries to pronghorn antelope, elk, deer, wild horses, and a6 share our success with Clark County Wilderness golden eagle while hiking the hills.
  7. 7. zNew staff in eastern Nevada Pamela White recently joined the Friends of stressed that in order to use the land it must beNevada Wilderness staff as the Eastern Nevada managed and protected.Wilderness organizer. She has been living in Ely “There comes a time whenfor almost three years and said she feels both sur- certain areas just need the pro-prised and welcomed by White Pine County and tection of wilderness designationall that rural Nevada has to offer. “I am really to ensure that there is nature leftlooking forward to expressing my passion for pro- to preserve cultural resources,tecting wilderness to the citizens of Lincoln and healthy watersheds, wildlife hab-White Pine Counties,” she said. itat and to provide recreation and Pam spent 10 years living the big city life. She a sense of solitude,” she said.went to Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, Pam’s job is to get out andwhere she earned a business degree in econom- talk to folks about wilderness.ics. Then she began climbing the corporate ladder. She works closely with the staff “All I can say is climbing the corporate ladder of the BLM and USFS, ranch-gave me no peace, and these days I stick to the ers, landowners, recreationistspeaceful climb up a mountain.” and others who use our public Pam is a Wyoming native and was raised a lands in Nevada. She encourag-mountain kid. She says her parents instilled in her es wilderness supporters to getan undying passion and understanding of the bal- involved and she listens to peopleance of nature and maintaining one’s livelihood. who have concerns about wil- “I started camping before I can remember,” derness.she recalls, “and my first backpacking trip was the “We’re here to help solvesummer I turned six.” problems if we can,” said Pam. LasVegas Pam understands that rural communities need “Sometimes really trying to understand people’s is- Volunteerto use the land to fare well economically, but sues with wilderness can lead to creative solutions.” NightNorthern Nevada outreach activity tells Every first Thursday 4-8 pmpeople the dramatic tale of wilderness at Mooseby Pat Patera McGillicuddy’s Happy Hour For more Hundreds of people in the Reno area gained a were treated to this informative and entertaining talknew awareness of wilderness at a wide array of about wilderness. Presented at 30 meetings to folks information, calloutreach events this past year. of all ages and interests, this outreach work also at- 702-650-6542 Earth Day Festival – Of the 8,000 folks who tracted about 100 new member activists.attended this April 26 festival at Idlewild Park, These public outreach events are an integral part Reno areahundreds cruised by the Friends of Nevada Wilder- of attaining wilderness protection for our public Volunteer Nightness booth to view the colorful photo display, pick lands – because it is the public who owns theseup a brochure, and chat with staff members about Raise a glass to lands; it is the public who writes the letters to elect- Wilderness!the value of wilderness to all. ed representatives and to local media; it is the public Every first Wednesday Forever Wild Concert – Walkin’ Jim Stoltz who makes their voices heard about the issues they 5:30 to 7 pmsings rollicking trail songs and soulful ballads that care about. And it is from the general public thatgo straight to the heart. Surely no one could have Friends of Nevada Wilderness draws those special at Silver Peak Breweryleft this benefit concert unchanged! This event people who care about wilderness. Those people, 124 Wonderbrought out 300 folks and inspired 25 newly-minted like you, become our members. (corner Holcomb)activists to join Friends of Nevada Wilderness after We couldn’t do it without you! For more information,the show. If you want to suggest meetings or events at call 775-324-7667 Slide Shows – Civic, social and business which a wilderness show should be presented, call 7groups in the Reno, Sparks and Carson City areas (775) 324-7667.