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Summer 2004 Nevada Wilderness Project Newsletter


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Summer 2004 Nevada Wilderness Project Newsletter

  1. 1. Viva Las WildernessA Newsletter of the Nevada Wilderness Project www.wildnevada.orgIssue Number 4. June 2004. Our mission is to protect Nevada’sremaining Wilderness THIS ISSUE as part of the National Wilderness SPECIAL Eastern Nevada Wilderness UpdatePreservation System, Lincoln County Public Lands Bill Introduced to Congress and to create and sustain an enduring 770,000 acres of Wilderness included grassroots Nevada Wilderness Coalition Press Release on bill introduction commitment to Nevada Wilderness. Nevada Wilderness in the Media Local news articles on the Lincoln County bill introduction Take Action Help protect additional wilderness in Lincoln County Write a letter for the Pahranagat Range Wilderness Directors Corner Protecting Wilderness is about people and the place Membership Update Board of Directors: A call for new members to help protect Lincoln County wilderness Stefan Bergill Fundraising Fun Kim Jardine Patagonia hosts successful Erik Holland Art Benefit Show Brett Riddle Chris Todd Volunteer Spotlight:Janur Yasa Morlee Griswold Caring About Deserts from Bali to Nevada Tori King The D.C. Connection Wilderness Proposals and Fieldwork Staff: June & July Calendar of Events John Wallin Sparks Hometowne Farmers Market, Fabulous Wilderness Volunteer Happy Hour t Director Nevada Congressional Delegation Contact Info Mailing address, phone number, email address, and website info for Nevadas Kristie Connolly Congressional delegation Page 1
  2. 2. Viva Las Wilderness Associate Director Anna Ball Development Director Erika Pollard Conservation Director Kevin Mack  Washington D.C. Rep. Contact us at: 8550 White Fir Street Reno, NV  89523 Tel:  775.746.7850 Web: Pershing Countys China Mountain Wilderness Study Area. (Photo Kristie Connolly)Eastern Nevada Wilderness Update:Nevada Congressional Delegation announces the introduction of the LincolnCounty Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act of 2004 - 770,000acres of wilderness designation includedOn Wednesday, June 16, the entire Nevada Congressional Delegation announced the introduction ofthe omnibus Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act of 2004. This is akitchen-sink bill with provisions for recreation, development, and conservation in Eastern Nevada .Due to your hard work and support, 770,000 acres of wilderness designation are included inthis legislation! This represents yet another tremendous opportunity for Nevadans andAmericans to protect our wild heritage.Read on for more information on the bill including the Nevada Wilderness Coalition Press Release onthe bill, media coverage of the legislation and how you can take action today to help support theprotection of additional areas.Nevada Wilderness Coalition Press Release on the Lincoln CountyConservation, Recreation, and Development Act of 2004For Immediate Release:June 16, 2004Contacts:Shaaron Netherton, Friends of Nevada Wilderness,(775) 324-7667 (w) or (775)-750-6119 (c)John Wallin, Nevada Wilderness Project,(775) 746-7850 (w) or (775)-250-1635 (c)Susan Potts , Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Page 2
  3. 3. Viva Las Wilderness(702)-650-6542 (w) (702)-375-2817 (c)Brian ODonnell , The Wilderness Society,(303)748-6388Coalition Seeks Additional Wilderness Protection in Lincoln County BillRENO, NV- Today the Nevada Wilderness Coalition reacted to the introduction of theLincoln County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of 2004, an omnibus publiclands bill sponsored by Senators Reid and Ensign along with Representatives Gibbons,Porter and Berkley. The bill includes a title designating several wilderness areas in LincolnCounty . The bill also removes some land from Wilderness Study Area status. Othercontroversial public land issues are included in various titles of the bill. The environmentalcommunity is united in opposition to provisions in the bill that grant rights of way forpipelines that could transport rural Nevada s water to Las Vegas .The Nevada Wilderness Coalition has proposed approximately 2.5 million acres forwilderness designation in the County. The Lincoln County legislation would designatesignificantly less wilderness."While the legislation will protect some important places, much more needs to be done," saidJohn Wallin, Director of the Nevada Wilderness Project. "This legislation takes someimportant steps forward in conserving Nevada s wild heritage, but fails to protect severalworthy areas.""We are pleased to see our Congressional delegation addressing wilderness in LincolnCounty ," said Shaaron Netherton, Executive Director of Friends of Nevada Wilderness."However, many areas have been left out that need wilderness protection-at the top of thatlist is the Pahranagat Range ."As part of its "Citizens Wilderness Proposal for Eastern Nevada ," the Coalition hasadvocated for protecting the Badger Peak area of the Pahranagat Range . This ruggedmountain range just 90 miles from Las Vegas boasts the "Shooting Gallery," a remarkableseries of petroglyph panels."The Pahranagat Range should be protected as wilderness," said John Hiatt of Red RockAudubon Society. "It includes many archeological treasures threatened by irresponsible offroad vehicle use and vandalism. We are hopeful that this special place will be added to thebill as it works its way through Congress."The Nevada Wilderness Coalition is also concerned that some protected areas may includetoo many "cherrystems," or jeep trails, that penetrate deep into wilderness areas. These trailscan result in destroyed habitat and lead to off road vehicle traffic criss-crossing terrain."Well want to take a close look at all the cherrystems to ensure that they do not damagecultural resources and harm fragile springs," said Hiatt. Page 3
  4. 4. Viva Las WildernessNevada Wilderness in the MediaReno Gazette Journal, June 16, 2004"Nevada lawmakers want to expand auctions of federal land" By Ken Ritter, AP writerLas Vegas Review Journal, June 17, 2004"Bill speeds up plan to bring LV rural water" by Samantha Young, Stephens Washington BureauLas Vegas Sun story, June 17, 2004"Proposed Lincoln County development ripped" by Launce RakeTAKE ACTION: Help protect additional Wilderness in Lincoln CountyA significant priority of the Nevada Wilderness Coalition was left out of the Lincoln Countylegislation.The BLM portion of the Desert Hills-Pahranagat Proposed Wilderness is a mosaic of canyons,peaks, and ridgelines home to an array of archeological resources and sensitive wildlifehabitats. Road building in the area has led to increased pressure from ATVs and off roadvehicles that threaten the areas wilderness characteristics. For more information about the area,visit our website: feel free to call us directly: John Wallin at 775-250-1635, Kevin Mack at 202-266-0465. Petroglyphs and a view of the proposed Pahrangat Range Wilderness (Photo by John Wallin) Page 4
  5. 5. Viva Las WildernessPlease write a letter to your Senators and Congressperson to protect the PahranagatRange .To ensure that your letter is hand delivered to the delegation, please fax (202) 544-5197 or e-mail that letter directly to Kevin Mack in our Washington , DCoffice. Please include your name and address. Hand delivery of these letters will ensure thatCongressional security procedures do not delay your voice reaching Congressional ears!If you do send a letter to a local office through the mail, please make sure you send us a copyas well to: Nevada Wilderness Project, 8550 White Fir, Reno , NV 89523 . This ensures wehave a record of your letter for the delegation.Sample Letter:Dear Nevada Delegation,I am deeply concerned about the preservation of Nevada’s wild heritage as well as veryencouraged to see that the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of2004 includes the designation of significant public lands as wilderness. However, I wassurprised and saddened to see that an extremely critical and significant area was left out of thebill. Please revise the act to include the Desert Hills- Pahranagat Proposed Wilderness! It is amosaic of canyons, peaks, and ridgelines home to an array of archeological resources andsensitive wildlife habitats. Its wilderness character is increasingly threatened by irresponsibleoff-road vehicle use. It deserves to be protected intact for future generations to experience.Sincerely,(Your name)(Your address) Page 5
  6. 6. Viva Las WildernessPetroglyphs at the "Shooting Gallery" in the proposed Pahranagat Range Wilderness (Photo by John Wallin)Directors Corner: Protecting wilderness is about people as much as place. John Wallin, Director One thing that has become clear to me in five years of working on Nevada wilderness, and that is that wilderness campaigns are about people as much as places. I thought about this on a recent backpacking trip into Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness, about three and a half hours north of Reno in the Black Rock/HighRock Emigrant Trail National Conservation Area. Little High Rock is a deeply cut canyon in classichigh desert country, with ample springs and a stunning array of wildlife, including bighorn sheep andcougar. It is the perfect place to introduce people to the Nevada they didnt know. During thecampaign to protect these areas, we would bring people out to Little High Rock for weekend trips.Later, as the campaign progressed, these people would bring their friends and the chain of connectionof people to place added another link.The building of this chain of connection is what the Nevada Wilderness Project is all about. Intandem with our work with the excellent member groups of the Nevada Wilderness Coalition, we havebeen honored to work with so many wonderful people who have taken it upon themselves to care forspecific places, and to translate that caring into action. The most gratifying aspect of our work iswhen volunteers new to the wilderness community take it upon themselves to write letters, give slideshows, take their friends to different places. When this work happens without our prompting,wilderness wins. Page 6
  7. 7. Viva Las WildernessI used to think of Little High Rock first in terms of springs, raptors, and bighorn. Now I think of LittleHigh Rock first in terms of the people who worked so hard to protect it.With the recent introduction by Senators Ensign and Reid of the Lincoln County Conservation,Recreation, and Development Act, we have another opportunity to protect almost 770,000 acres ofwilderness. It is exciting work we do, giving people the opportunity to take part in something muchlarger than themselves. Take a minute today to to take action for the Pahranagat Range. Thatperson standing in mirror is the next link in the chain of connection to these wild places!Membership Update: Urgent request for new members! We need your support in this critical time. When other states are fighting a defensive battle to protect public lands from national and statewide threats to environmental policy, we are in the unique proactive position of having a bill introduced to Congress for the protection of 770,000 acres of pristine wilderness quality lands in Eastern Nevada . Our members are critical to our success in seeing the passage of this bill during this Congressional term! We are currently 330 members strong and each of you has been instrumental to the introduction of this bipartisan effort-- Anna Ball, by the Nevada delegation. It is important that our numbers increase further inDevelopment Director order to ensure our success. If you are not yet a member, now is the time to get involved in what will be an unprecedented third consecutive victory for wilderness in Nevada ! With the passage of this bill we will have protected 2 million acres of permanent Wilderness since the Nevada Wilderness Project’s inception in 1999. Wilderness is the highest level of protection for our public lands, keeping them intact and pristine for future generations to enjoy. All new members who join at any level significant to you between now and July 15, will be entered into a drawing for a Patagonia Torrentshell jacket (retail value $199). Join today! For all current members that also want to participate, your name will beWin this Patagonia Torrential thrown into the drawing for every new member that you encourage to join jacket! between now and July 15th and for every gift membership you donate on behalf of your friends and family! Donate today! Drawing will end at 12:00pm on July 15th. The winner will be notified via e-mail. You can also send donations by mail to: Nevada Wilderness Project 8550 White Fir St. Reno , NV 89523 Thank you once again to all of our members for your continued support and dedication. This bill would not be possible without you!Fundraising Fun Volunteer Spotlight: Page 7
  8. 8. Viva Las Wilderness p gFrom Tahoe to Tonopah: Janur YasaErik Holland Art Benefit Show Success!Our May 12 fundraising event with local Reno artist, ErikHolland, was a wonderful success. Thank you to all whocame over to Patagonia that evening to enjoy some horsd’oeuvres, conversation and Nevada landscape artworkby Erik as well as learn more about Nevada WildernessProject! A big thank-you to Patagonia for hosting the artshow and providing such a great space for the event.Erik sold several paintings and was able to speak withmany folks about his passion for Wilderness inrelationship to his art. The Project gained several newmembers, spread the word on our current efforts inEastern Nevada and received a portion of the art saleproceeds. We appreciate Erik’s support for NevadaWilderness Project and look forward to hosting anotherevent with him in the future. (Click here for a brief bio on Growing up in Tabanan, Bali, Janur YasaErik) thought all deserts were like the Sahara. "Where I grew up, it was a tropical climate,"For those of you who missed the event, Erik’s artwork is he said. "Deserts were sandy, barren placeson display at Patagonia through the month of June. Stop without trees."on by for a look or give us a call at 775.746.7850 withquestions. Patagonia is located at 8550 White Fir Street Janur moved to the US in 1995. On his firstin Reno. trip in Nevada, he was stunned to see trees and the vast sagebrush ocean. "I found the high desert intriguing," he said. "My perception that Nevada is sand and nothingness has really changed! Ive seen bighorn sheep, birds, all kinds of wildlife." Janur has done fieldwork for the Project, and is our volunteer webmaster through his consulting business, Moksa Designs. He loves skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking, and enjoys putting his skills to work for wilderness protection. "I like finding Nevada Wilderness Project member, Jane Sherman, takes in Erik different ways to help, and Im excited to try Hollands "Wild Nevada Sky" along with other Nevada landscape to help the Project protect this beautiful paintings. desert landscape."The D.C. ConnectionKevin Mack, Washington D.C. RepThe Eastern Nevada Wilderness Proposal - What about all that fieldwork?When Nevada Wilderness Project and the Nevada Wilderness Coalition released ourjoint proposal for wilderness designation in Lincoln and White Pine counties, werelied on help from many quarters. The bulk of the work was carried out by NevadaWilderness Project, but thanks to the efforts of many others we were able to offer avery comprehensive vision for wilderness in those counties. Millions of acres wereinvolved, with the thousands of photographs and piles of dusty maps providing the basis for ourdecision making process. Page 8
  9. 9. Viva Las WildernessSo now that the Lincoln County bill has been introduced, how has all that hard earned fieldworkimpacted the decision makers in Washington ? Firstly, it is important to note that fieldwork was avital component of the Mojave Desert Wilderness proposal we released in 2001 and the legislation thatwas passed that next year. Thanks to the efforts of fieldworkers and grassroots organizers, over30,000 acres of non-Wilderness Study Area (WSA), non-agency recognized wilderness quality landsare now protected forever as wilderness. While we did not get everything that deserved to beprotected, this bill showed everyone in Nevada and around the country that citizens’ wildernessinventories do make a difference. The managing agency is no longer the final word on which of ourpublic lands should be protected as Wilderness. This is the most important challenge that we atNevada Wilderness Project have met in the past five years. We have successfully challenged thenotion that only agency recognized wilderness quality lands can be considered for wilderness byCongress. This has wide ranging implications in every state with public lands and an unmetwilderness potential.The current Lincoln county public lands bill, like the Clark county bill, has a strong wildernesscomponent. The legislation is by no means perfect, it is however a great first step and builds on theexample set forth in the Clark County legislation that non-WSA Bureau of Land Management (BLM)land can be considered for wilderness designation by the Congress. The recognition of citizeninventoried lands in the Lincoln county legislation bodes well for future public lands bills in Nevada .The volumes of inventory data collected during the past two campaigns has made it easier for theentire coalition to talk about each area as a place with an identity and to address concerns aboutvehicle routes and cherrystems with specifics based on the facts on the ground.The task for each of us is to continue to support an aggressive field inventory of these lands aroundthe rest of the state and to support that inventory with an even greater grassroots effort. With yourongoing support, we will continue to make great gains on protecting ALL of Nevadas remaining wildplaces.June & July 2004 Calendar of Events:Sparks Hometowne Farmers MarketCome on down to Victorian Square each Thursday evening this summer from 4-9p.m. to enjoy fresh produce,tasty food, live music and information from local non-profit organizations. The Nevada Wilderness Projectwill have an informational table and merchandise for sale once a month during June, July and August.Stop on by to become a member of the Project, hear about the latest happenings with Nevada Wilderness,sign a letter asking for more Wilderness in the state and check out our fun t-shirts, tote bags, and drinkcoozies for sale!When well be there:July 22 ("Earth Day" theme night)August 12WILDERNESS VOLUNTEER HAPPY HOURS - RenoNew Summer Schedule!Please join the Nevada Wilderness Project for our Fabulous Wilderness happy hour/volunteer night the lastTuesday of every month from 6-8 p.m. at the Great Basin Brewery in Sparks!For the summer months, while UNR is out of session and The Record Street Cafe is closed in the evenings, wewill go back to getting together once a month at the Great Basin Brewery from 6-8p.m. (note the time changeas well!).Come enjoy a coffee, beer, glass of wine or soft drink and some food and hear about the latest happenings Page 9
  10. 10. Viva Las Wildernesswith Wilderness in Eastern Nevada, learn about how you can help and meet new folks interested in protectingour wild places.Come on out and join us for a good wilderness lovin crowd and conversation!UPCOMING HAPPY HOUR DATES:June 29 from 6:00 to 8:00p.m. at Great Basin Brewery in Sparks.July27 from 6:00 to 8:00p.m. at the Great Basin Brewery in Sparks.For directions to the Great Basin Brewery, check out the brewery website . CONTACT INFO FOR NEVADAS CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATIONSenator Harry Reid Representative Jim GibbonsCLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINK CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINKCarson City Las Vegas600 East Williams Street, #302Carson City, NV 89701 600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 680Phone: 775-882-7343 Las Vegas, Nevada 89101Fax: 775-883-1980 Phone: 702-255-1651 Fax: 702-255-1927Las VegasLloyd D. George Building Reno333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, # 8016 400 South Virginia Street, # 502Las Vegas, NV 89101 Reno, Nevada 89501Phone: 702-388-5020 Phone: 775-686-5760Fax: 702-388-5030 Fax: 775-686-5711Reno Elko400 So. Virginia Street, # 902 491 4th StreetReno, NV 89501 Elko, Nevada 89801Phone: 775-686-5750 Phone: (775) 777-7920Fax: 775-686-5757 Fax: (775) 777-7922Rural Nevada Mobile Office Washington D.C.Phone: 775-772-3905 100 Cannon House Office BuildingFax: 775-201-6010 Washington D.C. 20515 Phone: 202-225-6155Washington Fax: 202-225-5679528 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510Phone: 202-224-3542 Representative Shelley BerkeleyFax: 202-224-7327 CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINK Las VegasSenator John Ensign 2340 Paseo Del Prado, Suite D-106 Las Vegas, NV 89102CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINK Phone: (702) 220-9823 Fax: (702) 220 9841 Page 10
  11. 11. Viva Las Wilderness Fax: (702) 220-9841Carson City Washington DC600 East William St., # 304 439 Cannon House Office BuildingCarson City, Nevada 89701 Washington, DC 20515Phone: (775) 885-9111 Phone: (202) 225-5965Fax: (775) 883-5590 Fax: (202) 225-3119Las Vegas333 Las Vegas Blvd. South, # 8203Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 Representative Jon PorterPhone: (702) 388-6605Fax: (702) 388-6501 CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL LINKReno Henderson400 So. Virginia St. #738 2501 N. Green Valley Pkway, #112DReno, Nevada 89501 Henderson, NV 89014Phone: (775) 686-5770 Phone: 702-387-4941Fax: (775) 686-5729 Fax: 702-434-1378Washington Washington364 Russell Senate Building 218 Cannon House Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510 Washington, DC 20515Phone: (202) 224-6244 Phone: 202-225-3252Fax: (202) 228-2193 Fax: 202-225-2185TDD: (202) 224-7638If you are interested in visiting any of our Eastern Nevada WildernessProposal Areas, give a call (775.746.7850) or send us an email( If we cant join you, we can always guide you towardsome fabulous Wilderness locations! Page 11
  12. 12. Viva Las WildernessTO ORDER A "FABULOUS WILDERNESS" ORGANIC COTTON T-SHIRTAND DONATE TO THE NEVADA WILDERNESS PROJECT,  CLICK HERE!Help Protect Wilderness while giving and drinking organic coffee!Grounds for Change will donate 15% of all sales fromorders placed via this link to Nevada WildernessProject.Grounds for Change is a family owned and operatedcoffee roasting company offering certified fair trade,organic and shade grown coffee from communitiesthroughout Latin America and the Pacific.They offer great gift packages including coffee,organic chocolate, handicrafts from around theworld, and more.Click here or on the Grounds for Change logo tobegin.GIFT MEMBERSHIPS TO THE NEVADA WILDERNESS PROJECT Gi if b hi h N d Wild Page 12
  13. 13. Viva Las WildernessGive a gift membership to the Nevada WildernessProject and give a family member or friend theopportunity to help protect more of Nevadasincredible wild places.  Members of the Project receiveinvitations to special events, newsletters to keepupdated on the latest happenings, and the opportunityto directly impact the protection status of OUR publiclands. Click here or on the Nevada Wilderness Projectlogo to make an online gift donation. Page 13