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2012 NGB New Varieties-Flowers


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2012 NGB New Varieties-Flowers

  1. 1. •Perennial Zone 6, blooms all summer•Warm, sunset-orange hues brightensummer borders and containers•Upright, compact habit•Grow in full sun•Loved by hummingbirds•Heat and Drought tolerant•Agastache hybrid
  2. 2. •Perennial Zone 5•Grow in full to part sun beds andcontainers•Suitable for indoor houseplants•Continues to flower all season in coolerclimates•Bright bicolor rose blooms•Alstroemeria var.
  3. 3. •Full sun annual•Largest flowers of any Angelonia•Perfect combination of delicate mini-orchid looking flowers•Tough as nails, heat and droughttolerant•Containers, low edging, water garden•Blooms late spring through summer•Angelonia angustifolia
  4. 4. •Full sun annual•Fresh color addition to Serena series•Performs beautifully in both single andmixed containers•Mid-blue flower spikes are prolific•Continues to flower all summer•Complements red and yellow annuals•Angelonia angustifolia
  5. 5. •Most vigorous trailing begonia•Perfect for large patio pots andhanging baskets•Grows quickly and trails from anycontainer•Dark foliage makes vivid red flowersreally pop•Blooms late spring through fall•Begonia boliviensis
  6. 6. •Attractive compact fibrous begonia•1-inch blooms are consistently double•Adds season long color to combinationpots, as a patio specimen, or as a lowedging in landscape plantings•Grow in sun or shade•Heat, drought and rain tolerant•Begonia semperflorens
  7. 7. •Annual for full to partial sun•Super heat tolerant•Fiery red-orange blooms cover theplant from late spring until frost•Well branched plant looks full and lushin a pot or hanging basket or in agarden with a rainbow of other colors•Begonia boliviensis
  8. 8. •Shade loving annual•Huge mounded plant with shiny bronze foliage•Large 3-inch red blooms•Makes a bold statement in all garden settings,containers and baskets•Blooms late spring through fall•Begonia hybrid
  9. 9. •Full sun Perennial Zone 7•Low, mounding habit hugs the ground•Creates a colorful evergreen color spot•Charming 1½ inch white flowerspunctuate flashy variegated foliage inMay and June•Has survived some brutal winters•Cistus x hybridus
  10. 10. •Annual for part sun to shade•Great blend of „Versa Crimson Gold‟and „Versa Lime‟ where the maroon redand gold contrast with chartreuse•Attractively fills out containers toaccent any patio or deck•Blooms summer to frost•Solenostemon scutellariodes
  11. 11. •Durable and rugged annual•Brilliant trendy chartreuse color andserrated leaves hold up in sun or shadewithout fading or spotting•Tall, bushy, mounded upright habit•Perfect background for hot pinks andintense purples in gardens andcontainers•Solenostemon scutellarioides
  12. 12. •Full sun drought tolerant annual•Very rare and unique – one of the fewdouble bicolor Cosmos varieties•Showy pink and white double bloomsturn every cottage garden into paradise•Free flowering, blooms all summer longproducing plenty of bouquets•Cosmos bipinnatus
  13. 13. •Perennial Zone 4•Vigorous, fast growing and hardy•Hexagonal to octagonal leaves aresilver centered with a dark ring aroundthe edge•Lovely large pink flowers on shortstalks from August to November•Cyclamen hederifolium
  14. 14. •Annual for sun, partial sun or shade•Large 3-5 inch pink bicolor blooms•Excellent branching upright habit•Long flowering from early spring tofrost with great garden performance•Deadhead for added blooms• Dahlia hybrid
  15. 15. •Full sun annual for patio and garden•Boasts dramatic 6-inch bicolor blooms•Tremendous flowers grow on a plant thatdoesn‟t require staking or extra care•Strong performer no matter where youlive – cold, heat, drought, rain and windtolerant•Dahlia hybrid
  16. 16. •Full sun Perennial Zone 4•Wide melon-yellow petals surroundorange cones on this summer to frostbloomer•Fragrant and elegant welcoming plant•Use in mass for the border, in a mixedbed or for a cut flower•Echinacea hybrid
  17. 17. •Full sun Perennial Zone 5•Eye-catching double flower power•Very hardy and branches well for years ofenjoyment•Gardeners will love the clean foliage andbrilliantly colored blooms•Available in Orangeberry and Raspberry•Echinacea purpurea
  18. 18. •Full sun Perennial Zone 5•Bright, rich color and long bloom time•Excellent branching and sturdy stems•Proven hardiness for years of enjoyment•Drought tolerant and very floriferous•Also available in „Hot Coral‟ and „SandyYellow‟•Echinacea purpurea
  19. 19. •Full sun Perennial Zone 3•Broad petaled “suns” of hot orange-redfloat over the mounded foliage•Blooms spring, summer and fall•10 inches tall and 20 inches wide•Multitude of uses: borders, containers,mixed bed, mass.•Gaillardia x grandiflora
  20. 20. •Full sun to partial sun annual•Deer resistant bushy compact plantsbloom from summer to fall•Red, puffball blossoms held high abovethe foliage create a blaze of color•Ideal for containers, flower beds andwildflower patches•Long lasting cut flower•Gaillardia pulchella
  21. 21. •Annual for full to part sun containers,hanging baskets or low edging•Enjoy bright eyed lilac blooms fromsummer to frost•Small dark green leaves contrast nicelywith the bright colored blooms•Compact upright plants•Pop Idols series available in five colors•Pelargonium zonale
  22. 22. •Full sun annual•Huge 4-inch orange colored blooms•Displays up to 5 blooms at once•Expect color all season long with thisbeauty•Upright green plant perfect for gardenedging and containers•Gerbera jamesonii
  23. 23. •Full to part sun Perennial Zone 5•Improved version of „Fireball‟ withtwice the flower power and half theplant size•Vigorous, compact and long blooming•Easy to grow in almost any garden•Attractive mounded habit•Geum hybrid
  24. 24. •Sun or shade Perennial Zone 4•Tolerant of cold, heat, drought, rain, frost•Blessed with seriously crisped greenleaves with a white veil•Attractive combination of tight, compacthabit and short white flower stalks•Tons of uses - container, low edging,ground cover or houseplant•Heuchera hybrid
  25. 25. •Partial sun Perennial Zone 4•Leaves of red brown bordered inlime green•Broadly scalloped leaf edges•Vigorous mound of dense crowns•Beautiful habit ideal for container,low edging and ground cover•Heucherella
  26. 26. •Full to part sun annual•Attention grabbing beautiful maple-leaved deep burgundy foliage•Shiny tall plants glow in the sun•Add beautiful color, texture andheight to your landscape•Does well in very wet conditions•Hibiscus acetosella
  27. 27. •Shade annual hardy to Zone 11•Bright red, large 2-inch bloomsprovide instant color•Blooms early spring to frost•Strong garden performance•Containers, hanging baskets, andlow edging•Impatiens walleriana
  28. 28. •Annual for full sun to shade•Brightens your porch or patio fromspring through a light frost•Outstanding in hot and humidconditions – it takes the heat!•Holds up well in wind and rain•Impatiens x hybrid hort
  29. 29. •Annual for part sun to shade•Ideal choice for busy home gardeners•Full-bodied growth habit is well suited togarden beds and large containers•Huge flowers up to 3 inches acrossprovide a high-impact color show allspring and summer•Impatiens hawkerii
  30. 30. •Full sun Perennial Zone 5•Lightly ruffled, double, broad-petaledwhite flowers are bright yellow whenthey first emerge•No unpleasant “Shasta smell”•Butterflies and bees love them•Leucanthemum x superbum
  31. 31. •Annual for full and partial sun•Big bushy shape over 24 inches tall•Purple fruit appear in the fall andattracts pheasants•Pairs well with other vigorous plants inlarge-size container and performs wellin wetlands•Leycesteria formosa
  32. 32. •Full to partial sun annual•Flowers look like miniature snapdragons•Ideal for mass color in the cool times ofthe year - spring and fall•Great color in mixed containers•10 to 15” plants bloom in profusion•Linaria maroccana
  33. 33. •Full sun annual•Double crested flowers are the largest ofthis type of French marigold•Plants are excellent performers under awide range of conditions•Fragrant blooms and foliage attract bees•You‟ll love its low maintenance appeal•Tagetes patula
  34. 34. •Full sun annual•Towering 4 foot tall Thai marigold•Explodes with dazzling yellow 4-inchblooms on very long stems•Ideal for vases, blooms impartdistinctively sweet marigold fragrance•Tagetes erecta
  35. 35. •Full sun Perennial Zone 6•Fabulous addition to rock gardens,mixed beds, or ground cover on banks•Versatile plant forms a silver mat withpurple blue flower spikes•Plants bloom all season long withoutmaintenance - it never gets messy!•Nepeta hybrid
  36. 36. •Highly variegated green and whitefoliage with touches of rose•Exciting new accent for largecombination pots and landscape•Grow in sun or shade•Plants can reach four to five feet tall•Attractive corn ears have dark kernelsthat can be popped•Zea mays
  37. 37. •Full sun annual•Colorful rosettes of leaves look likea large, exotic flower•Adds color to fall and winter gardensor containers when temperatures fallbelow 55F to 60F degrees•8-12 inch plants make great edging•Brassica oleracea
  38. 38. •Full to part sun annual•This cape daisy offers an incrediblyunique color bloom to gardeners•Rust colored blooms contain a hintof purple with a dark eye•Wonderful in containers•Osteospermum hybrid
  39. 39. •Full to part sun annual•This osteo doesn‟t close! It‟s doubleblooms stay open all day and nightfor high-impact garden appeal•Perfect for cool-season decorating•  available in pink, silver or purple•Osteospermum ecklonis
  40. 40. •Full to part sun annual•Provides continuous color to yourgarden, containers and hanging baskets•Create a stunning centerpiece bygrouping 5 plants in a low container•Cold, rain and wind tolerant groundcover or at the front of your flower beds•Osteospermum ecklonis
  41. 41. •Full sun annual•Huge, upward-facing blooms cover theneat and tidy plants•Bicolor flowers add pizzazz to gardens•Great for spring and fall patiocontainers and entryway displays•Pansy wittrockiana
  42. 42. •Annual proven hardy to Zone 5•Easy spreading color spring and fall•Incredibly unique cool-season basketstrail up to 30 inches•Quick, high-impact groundcoverspreads up to 24 inches•Superior overwintering•Viola x wittrockiana
  43. 43. •Plants are covered with 1.5-inch flowers•‘Freefall’ begins as a low mounding plantthat develops into a full spreadingcascading habit as it grows•Covers an area with fewer plants persquare yard or fewer per basket or pot•Early flowering biennial for sun or shade•Viola sp.
  44. 44. •Full sun annual•Blooms profusely giving gardensand containers lots of color in thecool season, both spring and fall•Large flowers 3-3 1/2 inches areheld just above compact plants•Edible ornamental•Viola wittrockiana
  45. 45. •Full sun annual•Nature series is widely touted for itsoutstanding ability to bounce backafter rain and freezes•Tidy, compact plants coverthemselves in upright facing bloomsgiving solid cover wherever they areplanted•Viola wittrockiana
  46. 46. •Full to partial sun annual•Offers gardeners the best of boththe calibrachoa and petunia worlds•Strong, large blooms promise truegarden performance•More tolerant of high pH, so lessprone to chlorosis and iron deficiency•Holds up well in all types of weather•Petchoa hybrid
  47. 47. •Full sun annual•Star-patterned rose blooms explodewith color all season long•Strong trailing habit perfect forhanging baskets and combinationplanters•Exceptional cold and frost tolerance•Petunia hybrida
  48. 48. •Full sun annual•Mounded, spreading plant is easy togrow and maintain•Bright, petite coral blooms with acreamy throat for added interest•Performs equally well in small spaces,hanging baskets and containers•Petunia x hybrida
  49. 49. •Full sun annual hardy to Zone 5•Delightfully scented flowersaveraging 4 blooms per stem•Never-before-seen tricolorsnapdragon with unusual veining•Ideal cut flower•Climbing habit requires staking•Lathyrus odoratus
  50. 50. •Part sun to shade Perennial Zone 4•Will please you with its vigor,glossiness and beautifully markedheart shaped leaves•Trailing habit great for hangingbasket, ground cover, or low edging•Small white blooms in early spring•Tiarella hybrid
  51. 51. •Annual for full sun•Unique pink-and-white bicolor flowerheads contrast with rich green foliage•A heat lover that thrives throughoutsummer‟s heat and humidity•Ideal trailing habit for containers andhanging baskets•Deadhead for non-stop blooms•Verbena hybrida
  52. 52. •Full sun annual•Spring and fall bloomer•Covers itself in blooms giving a solidpop of color wherever it is planted•Purple bicolor 1 to 1.5-inch blooms•Edible ornamental•Viola cornuta
  53. 53.  •Full sun annual •Amazing flower power •Frosty blue color 1 to 1.5-inch blooms •Strong over-wintering ability •Exceptional heat tolerance •Lasts through sudden bursts of warmth that can occur in spring •Viola cornuta
  54. 54. •Full sun annual•Brilliant red flowers add a blast ofcolor to fall, winter and springgardens and containers•Attracts butterflies and bees•Edible ornamental•Viola cornuta
  55. 55. •Full to partial sun annual•Blooms early and is free-flowering•Gorgeous novelty color•Makes excellent groundcover or cool-season containers•Plants remain compact in heat and cold•Excellent overwintering ability•Viola cornuta