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Nathan Hayes resume


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Nathan Hayes resume

  1. 1. Nathan Hayes 1776 E Belmont Cir Memphis, TN 38108 9014159287 or SUMMARY To obtain a position which rewards dedication and commitment for growth and advancement. Seek a position which supports the development of dedicated professionals HIGHLIGHTS Excellent communication skills Multidisciplinary exposure Design instruction creation Lean principles Knowledge Creative problem solver Complex problem solver Analytical problem solver Advanced critical thinking Data driven expert ACCOMPLISHMENTS Mastered engineering software programs, including mat lab, constructor, excel, antennas, ladder logic EXPERIENCE Memphis city schools, Memphis, TN. Science teacher, February 2002 - June 2012 Taught, assessed, monitored, mentored, and loved working with students. Taught various courses such as: physics chemistry, physical science, technology, eighth grade science, eighth grade history, algebra I and algebra II, advanced math. Did various project based think shows. Did various experiments which engaged students in data collection and analysis. Taught students to think critically and analytically. EDUCATION The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN Masters of Electronics with a certificate in Lean and leadership Physics, May 2013 - Present Grand Canyon University, Phoenix AR PHD Educational Leadership, June 2012 - January 2020 Masters in Science Physics, Aug 1988 – May1990 BS in Electronics technology, August 1997 - January 2016 University of Memphis Teachers certification in Physics August 2002 - January 2016 BS Physics, August 1981 - January 2016 SELECTED AS TECHNOLOGY STUDENT OF THE YEAR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS IN 2000 (Recognition and a certificate) Projects: Multiplexing, Expert system shell to solve a simple DC circuit problem, Thermoacoustic engine, vacuum system Various engineering courses: Smart grid, Power quality, Wind power, Power stability, digital signal design, professional development