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AWN puzzle cards


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AWN puzzle cards

Published in: Education
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AWN puzzle cards

  1. 1. ‫خ‬ ‫ح‬ ‫ج‬ ‫ث‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ب‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ش‬ ‫س‬ ‫ز‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ذ‬ ‫د‬ ‫ق‬ ‫ف‬ ‫غ‬ ‫ع‬ ‫ظ‬ ‫ط‬ ‫ض‬ ‫ي‬ ‫و‬ ‫ه‬ ‫ن‬ ‫م‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ك‬ Cut the red letters to form the puzzle pieces. Students need to place them in the correct place on the Alphabet board. Get the students to shuffle puzzle pieces and then place them on the board twice while pronouncing each card as they do. Ask them to turn the board over and ask them to place the puzzle pieces in alphabetical order.
  2. 2. ‫خ‬ ‫ح‬ ‫ج‬ ‫ث‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ب‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ش‬ ‫س‬ ‫ز‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ذ‬ ‫د‬ ‫ق‬ ‫ف‬ ‫غ‬ ‫ع‬ ‫ظ‬ ‫ط‬ ‫ض‬ ‫ي‬ ‫و‬ ‫ه‬ ‫ن‬ ‫م‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ك‬