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AWN Basic Reading


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AWN Basic Reading

Published in: Education
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AWN Basic Reading

  1. 1. Conversation All language material and design is the property of Nadia Selim. All rights reserved 2011-2014. Images used in this book are licensed and © Graphics !‫سف‬‫آ‬ ‫ي‬ِ‫م‬ُ‫آ‬ ُّ‫ب‬ ِ‫ح‬ُ‫آ‬. ‫آلن‬‫جدة‬! ‫آ‬‫ر‬‫ك‬ُ‫ش‬. ‫هل‬َ‫آ‬! 1. Match the words/phrases to the appropriate pictures.