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Missouri Farm to School Resources


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Missouri Farm to School Resources
Annette Triplett and Lorin Fahrmeier, University of Missouri Extension

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Missouri Farm to School Resources

  1. 1. Food From the Farm Kindergarten Lesson Guide Seasonal and Simple: A guide for Developed for the kindergarten farm to school program Food From the Farm, enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables this Kindergarten Lesson Guide includes 50 lessons focusing on healthy eating Seasonal and Simple is a guide to help and agriculture. By teaching the Food From the Farm lessons, teachers will you select, store and prepare fresh fruits meet educational standards in health, science, math, communication arts, and vegetables. The recipes use simple visual arts, information and communications technology literacy, and theater. preparations and seasonings, so you can The lessons are organized by season, and are grouped into themes. taste the goodness of a fruit or vegetable $50 • at the peak of its flavor. The fruits and vegetables are listed in the guide by their growing season — spring, summer and fall.Do you ever think about where your food comes from? How did it Nutrients and associated health benefitsget to your grocery store, school or farmers market? Travel with are listed with each fruit or vegetable.Tomás the Tomato on this journey from the farm to your table. $15 • Seasonal and Simple for Food Service: A guide for quantity preparation and service of fresh fruits and vegetables The recipes in the guide are listed by the fruit or vegetable growing season and were tested by food service professionals. $20 • the Farm to You From the Farm to You Coloring Book From the Farm to You DVD$7.50 • $1 • 2012 Telly Award Winner Missouri Farm to School Resource GuideSpecial conference price: $5 Bulk educational price: $0.40 each $10 • This guide includes the basics of what is farm(Call 800-292-0969 to order (Call 800-292-0969 to order (This publication is still in production, to school, current farm to school efforts inat discounted price.) at discounted price.) so it may be a few days before it is Missouri, and information for food service available to purchase online.) staff and farmers on how to get started. FREE download files/FTSguide-final.pdf Grow Eat Grow: A Seasonal and Simple Guide for Gardening and Cooking with Kids Grow Eat Grow is filled with a variety of ideas for growing fruits and vegetables ResouRce Guide 1 and simple steps for preparing and enjoying them with kids. Start with the first Grow section for inspiration to begin or transform a garden. Or, go straight to the Eat section and find new ideas for preparing the fruits and Contact vegetables you grow, buy at a farmers market or roadside farm stand, through Annette Triplett community supported agriculture (CSA) or at your local grocery store. $17 • Lorin Fahrmeier equal opportunity/ADA institution