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Broadband Community WiFi (ISOC) C2C Summit.pdf

  1. Nazar Kirama Internet Society Tanzania Chapter Broadband Community WiFi Kigamboni Community Innovation Hub “The WiFi for Everyone”
  2. What is Internet Society?: Founded in 1992 by Internet Pioneers like Vine Cerf, Internet Society is a Global Organisation with more 130 Chapters Worldwide. Vision: Internet is for everyone Mission: Promotes and supports Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives and a force for good in society. Joins
  3. Role of Kigamboni Community Network HubTo provide Broadband WiFi to; Schools, Health Centres, Dispensaries,Local Police stations, Primary Courts, community centres, youth & women groups, entrepreneurs, public institutions, households and individual citizens.
  4. Broadband Community WiFi Hub @Kigamboni
  5. Achievements ; These have been connected to broadband WiFi 5 Schools 2 Health Centers 1 Police Station 1 Serekali ya Mtaa Office 1 Ward Executive Office 1 Community Center The work continues………….
  6. Where does Community Broadband WiFi comes from? It is an implementation of Tanzania Digital Inclusion Program(TADIP)
  7. TADIP seeks to close the Digital Divide in rural and urban Tanzania. connectivity+digital literacy+innovation spaces for youth+digital goods+ Local Content = TADIP activities Key Word: Connecting people to Digital Opportunities through Affordable and Meaningful Access
  8. Objectives: 1. Connect 4 million citizens to the meaningful Internet in 10 years 2. Provide Essential Digital Skills to 1 million youth and women in 10 years 3. Provide Digital E-Learning Skills 50,000 teachers in 10 years 4. Create 200 Community Network Innovation Hubs in 10 years.
  9. Is this thing about Community Broadband WiFi through Community Network Innovation Hubs sustainable? One might ask. The answer is YES! But HOW?? The answer is in the sustainable model below
  10. Sustainability Model Formula In the absence of Spectrum allocation for Community Internet Service Providers like Community Network Innovation Hubs, we employ below formula Affordable +Meaningful Broadband Internet = Wholesale Data Package+Cooperative Cost Sharing+X Maths: AMBI=WDP+CCOS+X Where X is Ready Infrastructure from Social Investor(s)
  11. Who are the Social Investors? The Social Investors can be; 1. Community members who decide to fundraise to put up their infrastructure to connect themselves. 2. Government. 3. Benefactors or Granters.
  12. Replication Details If you want details on how to start Community Network Innovation Hub in your area, please contact us for specific details
  13. Free e-Learning Learning never stops@ ISOCLearning Portal Various courses available online Visit: Its free!!!
  14. Thank you. Nazar Kirama, ISOC Tanzania President email: Asante.