Lone Eagle Consulting Native American Broadband Applications


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Presented for FCC Indian Training Initiative Conference, July, 2008

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Lone Eagle Consulting Native American Broadband Applications

  1. 1. Global Best Practices on ICT Capacity- building Activities for Rural Communities Presented for APEC TEL March 23, 2008 by Frank Odasz, President of Lone Eagle Consulting. Email: frank@lone-eagles.com Web: http://lone-eagles.com
  2. 2. Lone Eagle Consulting 25 years of Rural ICT Innovations, 1983+ Rural, Remote and Indigenous Learners Fast-track training and measurable outcomes Designing Local, Regional, and National ICT Adoption Strategies Teaching Teachers of Teachers of Teachers Distance Learning Innovations
  3. 3. Wireless Six Miles from Town
  4. 4. Home on the Range
  5. 5. One Billion Online, Six to Go
  6. 6. Food for one week in US $341.98US
  7. 7. Food for one week in Ecuador $31.55US
  8. 8. Food for one week in Chad $1.23US
  9. 9. $100 laptop –Manual Power
  10. 10. ITU Indigenous ICT Conference
  11. 11. ICT Indigenous Commission of the Americas
  12. 12. Indigenous Women ICT Trainers
  13. 13. Weavers in Guatemala-Ecommerce?
  14. 14. Youthful Entrepreneur - Guatemala
  15. 15. In times of change, learners inherit the earth -Eric Fromm
  16. 16. Four Levels of Internet Self- empowerment
  17. 17. Aboriginal Women’s Telecommunications Roundtable, Ottawa, Canada
  18. 18. Social Engineering: Implementing Meaningful Rural ICT Capacity Building Metrics Authentic metrics for what citizens actually do with ICTs defines Success If no one is really benefiting as promised We need to know why! If genuine and positive outcomes are important to you PLEASE Make No Assumptions.
  19. 19. Koyukuk – Alaskan Native Village
  20. 20. Youth and Elders in Koyukuk
  21. 21. The First Digital Generation
  22. 22. Alaska 99% Broadband Access?
  23. 23. “Planting seeds of entrepreneurship must begin early enough in a child’s primary education to establish entrepreneurship as a lifelong choice.” (Strengthening America’s Communities Initiative) http://lone-eagles.com/saci.htm
  24. 24. Eight Wellness Components Essential to a Healthy Village; 1. Safety 2. Health 3. Education 4. Enterpreneurship/Ecommerce 5. Social Services 6. Culture 7. Government 8. Entertainment
  25. 25. Donnie Morrison - Grassroots Champion: The Internet enables us to sell our services and the things we make to people around the world
  26. 26. www.work- live local – work Broadband Backbone Network 200 Mb SDH backbone 2000 users SDSL 802.11 wireless access network
  27. 27. www.work- live local – work
  28. 28. Community Learning is Everyone’s Responsibility K12 Schools, Universities Economic Developers Government Agencies Businesses Elected community leaders Parents, Youth, Citizens Telecommunications Companies
  29. 29. The Community Inclusion Process Begin with presentations to raise awareness that new knowledge bears new opportunities Engage citizens in online learning and interaction on what’s already working for others like them Identify local mentors interested in helping others learn and in developing for-profit mentoring services Engage community leaders, K-12 administrators and educators in understanding key action strategies to build local capacity
  30. 30. Rural Web-raising Event Model
  31. 31. 17 Web Pages in 45 Minutes
  32. 32. Eleutian.com –Wyoming to Asia
  33. 33. The BIG Win-Win–Win Telcos Grow Their Markets, National Economies Prosper and Citizens Realize Authentic Benefits Participatory Community Research Provide Incentives to Task Citizens to Produce Results, and Give Them the Training and Support Necessary for Success
  34. 34. Defining BEST Broadband Applications Telemedicine –highest benefit with minimal skill development Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP – Greatest Citizen participation and benefits with minimal training Community Internet Radio and TV (and on-demand Instructional Videos/Podcasts) 2-way Video with Peers and Mentors? Distance Learning and Application Sharing Ecommerce Support Services
  35. 35. Ideal Broadband Training “Skill Set” To Include Advanced Email and Listserv Moderation Advanced Searching Skills Basic Web Self-publishing Blogs, Vlogs, Wikis, Bookmarking (Del.ic.io.us) Really Simple Syndication (RSS,) Content Management Systems? Building Community Collaborative Capacity Distance learning tools for peer mentoring Cultural Sustainability and Multimedia Expression Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Transnational Activism http://lone-eagles.com/essential-skills.htm
  36. 36. Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies Entry level ecommerce: Ebay, ebay drop off centers Affiliate programs, Google adwords Webraisings – free ecommerce sites Virtual Ecommerce Incubators E-marketing coops, community web business directories, Emalls Ecommerce and Telework Support Networks International trade facilitation networks Micro-multi-nationals Recognizing the Emergence of a global learning culture
  37. 37. Resources to Share: From My Family To Yours http://lone-eagles.com Thank You