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Discussion 1 q


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Discussion 1 q

  1. 1. JABATAN TEKNOLOGI MAKLUMAT DAN KOMUNIKASIDISCUSSION 1DECEMBER 2012COURSE CODE FP512 COURSE NAME WEB PROGRAMMING 1DISCUSSIONTITLEINTRODUCTION TO WEB ENVIRONMENT AND PHP HYPERTEXTPREPROCESSORThrough this assessment students will be able to:1. Apply key concepts and techniques in the current development of a world wide web (WWW)application. (CLO 1)INSTRUCTION1. This is the group discussion. Each group is required to propose a web-based project based on theinterest or needs of each group and documented it. Each site must meet discussion rubric and thefollowing content:i. Title 2 marksii. Objectives 6 marksiii. Scope 4 marksiv. Basic element in web page development such as:a. monitor sizes and resolutionb. “live” space in the browser window 5 marksc. monitor display colors and systems colors in browserd. graphic file formats and resolutionse. typographyv. The terminologies of web servers such as:a. web pageb. browserc. hyperlinkd. URL 5 markse. Domain namef. IP addressg. HTTPvi. Dynamic web content technologies such as:a.messagesb.text 8 marksc. imagesd.variable user inputTOTAL MARKS: 20 marks