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Craig's Value Experience Plan


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A free download of Craig's Value Experience Plan which is used during the implementation of portfolio management and benefits management to help Senior leaders understand the value they should experience.

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Craig's Value Experience Plan

  1. 1. Craig’s Value Experience Plan By Craig KilfordNote to Reader: Craig’s Value Experience Plan is used to provide a one pager to senior executives helpingthem understand the the value they will experience over the course of a specific time scale and the keythings that will drive that experience.I created this to help during the implementation of portfolio management and benefits management acrossorganisations. However, you can use this for any situation and timescales. I also include a happiness scorewhich I use as a performance target and check each period.I hope you find this useful, if you have any questions zap me a tweet @MrPortfolio
  2. 2. Value Experience Plan for Senior Executives: Adopting Portfolio Management PERIOD 1 PEROD 2 PERIOD 3 PERIOD 4 - We appreciate where we -We can see our overall - The Portfolio Unit is Senior are already good and areas - We understand the portfolio delivery journey, functioning and establishedExecutive Value to improve Portfolio Office functions the big milestones and killer principles of ‘right people, Experience - We have a good sense of and resource requirements dependencies right place, right time’ are in what the future will look like -We know a robust and - We are starting to see how place with portfolio management resourced action plan is in our projects contribute to our -We feel the value of -We have a clear place. strategy portfolio management and understanding of our role in - We are starting to see the -We can see the overall use the information to make the portfolio process and overall status of the portfolio portfolio return on delivery decisions what to expect -Our teams have been investment - Overall we feel an - We have an initial shared engaged and seem excited - We are making decisions energised sense of team understanding of the about being part of the regarding delivery work across the portfolio functions of the Portfolio overall portfolio delivery -We are making portfolio and we are definitely getting Office delivery decisions better at delivering change Portfolio Journey, Portfolio Delivery Key Value Add Portfolio Office Vision, Strategic contribution Strategy, Portfolio Office Portfolio Office Business Case, Welcome Pack, analysis, portfolio return communication events, deliverable Capability Assessment on investment, PPM career Executive Information development BIG Meeting (Benefits Key Activities: Consultations, Portfolio Portfolio delivery Investment Group), Check all plans, Portfolio Office structure PPM Office team recruitment governance, Benefits Eligibility deliverable and structure engagement with PM’s Guidance, planning capabilities and development, standards Communication, Engagement and CollaborationHappiness score with Portfolio Delivery 4/10 5.5/10 7/10 9/10 (out of 10)
  3. 3. Value Experience Plan for Senior Executives Adopting Benefits Management PERIOD 1 PEROD 2 PERIOD 3 PERIOD 4 Executive We understand where we We are starting to makeBoard Member I am aware of the high are going and how We start to see the value tough investment Value level business case of delivering all the benefits management will decisions based on Experience position help us projects for the first time project prioritiesKey Value Add Business Case review 1st Draft of Executive Benefits from priorityPortfolio Office Sponsor Briefings Benefits report created projects incorporated in deliverable findings communicated Business Areas Benefits reporting All Business Cases Draft Benefits Eligibility Initial Benefits Discovery Measurable benefits are Guidance and Business Workshops with priority reviewed visible and agreedKey Activities: Area engagement projectsPortfolio Office deliverable Benefits Team shaping, Benefits Eligibility planning & ways of Benefits Investment Colleagues understand Guidance communicated working with Group (BIG) Meeting to all projects what benefits are valid Transformation Office Communication, Engagement and CollaborationHappiness score with Benefits Management 4/10 5.5/10 7/10 9/10 (out of 10)
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