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Portfolio reporting: Meandering thoughts


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A collection of thoughts based on a lot of enjoyable experience, as well as few mistakes when implementing Portfolio Reporting

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Portfolio reporting: Meandering thoughts

  1. 1. Meandering thoughts on Portfolio Reporting By Craig Kilford
  2. 2. There is a fine between success and failure with reporting
  3. 3. Portfolio reporting has a very ‘un-cool’ reputation
  4. 4. But you can make it ultra cool if you want to
  5. 5. Make sure you involve Management Board from the start
  6. 6. Don’t bore people with more paperwork!
  7. 7. Management Dashboard, not the whole engine room!
  8. 8. Take time to design a sexy dashboard, everything adds value
  9. 9. Show PMs why reporting will help them, get them excited
  10. 10. Involve PMs in the reporting design, make it theirs
  11. 11. Test it with a couple of PMs, you’ll both learn lots
  12. 12. Make some programmes famous, everyone wants fame
  13. 13. Make guidance interesting (audio or video can be very cool)
  14. 14. You are not too important to help people complete reports
  15. 15. Don’t grass on people, but make it obvious who is being a grumpy little shit
  16. 16. Keep talking to people, even after implementation
  17. 17. Suggest a presentation subject by emailing Or Tweeting @MrPortfolio