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Portfolio Office Welcome Pack


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How do you make sure your enterprise porfolio office adds value and people understand the services it provides. One way is to publish a Welcome Pack. This presentation was created by the Office for National Statistics as part of the implementation of portfolio management. I think it's really nice of them to share it in the hope that it helps other people.

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  • Love the Welcome pack. The information is comprehensive yet maintaining the right level of information. It seems that the ONS is really doing some good work.

    A great way to advertise the strengths of the ONS and its PDU

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Portfolio Office Welcome Pack

  1. 1. This presentation contains a Portfolio Delivery Unit (PDU) Welcome Pack.We used this at the Office for National Statistics during the implementationof enterprise portfolio management. It was used to help people understand the new PDU team, the portfolio management services that the team provided to the organisation and importantly, the value that people would experience from those services.It’s very nice of ONS to share this document, so if you found it useful be nice too and send a little thank you tweet to @statisticsONS
  2. 2. Portfolio Delivery Unit (PDU)Welcome Pack:Our Vision, Structure, Services and Value29 August 2012Version 1.0
  3. 3. Introducing the PDU We live in an increasingly complex world and whilst the old saying remains true “change is the only constant”, the speed in which things are changing is rapidly PDU Vision increasing.ONS successfully delivers theright projects and programmes, This has been a big year for ONS, the outcomes of the ONS 2012 Programme andin the right way and with the “Breaking the Mould” have inspired a more collaborative, holistic portfolio managementright people every time. approach to delivering our projects and programmes. To drive this new way of working forward, the Portfolio Delivery Unit (PDU) is nowWe will achieve this by: established and working collaboratively across ONS, ensuring our resources are invested in the right projects, that we deliver those projects successfully and continually • Ensuring our investments in develop the skills of our project delivery teams. projects and programmes contribute to ONS Strategy and People are central this and one of PDU‟s most important roles is to develop professional together, we realise the benefits career paths in project and programme management and to make sure people from our investments experience a long, energised and exciting career in ONS. • Providing consistent and This PDU Welcome Pack will provide you with information on how PDU is structured, effective governance that is what it does and the value you will experience. There‟s no doubt it will evolve over time, driven by professional standards however for now, it represents a massive step forward for ONS and a sure sign that ONS is serious, and will continue to be serious, about managing change successfully. • Focusing on our people, collaborating, learning from each I hope you find this welcome pack useful. If you have any comments or can think of a other and developing careers in way to improve it, please let one of the team know. ONS Regards, Craig • Living the ONS values of respect, pride and working Deputy Director (Interim) Portfolio Delivery & Assurance together to do better in Organisational Capability and Performance Directorate everything we do
  4. 4. Portfolio Delivery Unit: Our Model The right way ONS Values Project PMO Management Programme Business Management Analysts Portfolio Delivery Business Change Financials Leadership Lifecycle Investment & People & Information Process Planning, risk, Benefits dependencies Investment Strategic Skills, Information & Governance Contribution resources assurance The right investments The right people
  5. 5. Key services provided by the PDU Portfolio Delivery Plans & Resource Professional Risk & Issues Status Dependency Milestone Forecasting Finances Delivery Management Reporting Planning Management Tracking People & Processes Business Portfolio Recruitment Portfolio Change Quality Training & Knowledge Change Level & Governance Control Assurance Career Path Management Lifecycle Dependencies On boarding Investment & Information Portfolio Post Information Executive Finance Cost Investment Journey Benefits & Implementation Management Information KPI’s Management Appraisal Management Strategy Reviews
  6. 6. The PDU Team [name] Skills, Capability and Assurance I work with Project and Programme [name] Craig Kilford: Deputy Director (Interim) Management professionals helping to plan Investment and Information I make sure the PDU vision is realised and careers in ONS. I make sure we allocate I am responsible for making sure ONSthat we provide great, value added portfolio and reallocate the right people to the right invests in the right projects and management services to all stakeholders projects. I also manage the overall realises the agreed benefits assurance process, including all internal and central government assurance [name] [name] [name]Skills, Governance and Communications Portfolio Planning and Governance Business Cases and Finance I co-ordinate the support for the PDU I am responsible for the ONS Portfolio I coordinate the Benefits Investment including the resourcing and dependency Delivery Journey, and the underlying Group (BIG) and the financial and management. I also focus on planning and reporting activities. I also benefit management reporting of all communications, making sure the right manage the executive information that gets projects.people get the right information at the right sent to ELT Business and ONS Board time [name] [name] [name] Benefits and Reporting Risk, Reporting and Governance Portfolio Planning and Governance I support people with the benefits I coordinate the governance processes responsible for the ONS Portfolio Delivery management process ensuring ensuring that portfolio risks are effectively Journey and all the underlying planning benefits are treated in accordance with managed and projects are supported with and reporting activities ONS standards standards Portfolio Delivery Team: The Programme Managers, Project Managers, PMOs, and Business Analysts are working collaboratively with business areas‟ teams delivering projects and programmes successfully
  7. 7. Value Experience: People and Processes Key value you will experience Things we do to drive your value experience • Ensure standards meet the needs of project teams Provision of standard, repeatable and • Provide coaching and support for project management deliverables professional processes that increase quality1 where needed of project management deliverables and • Build a portfolio knowledge centre so we learn from each other and comply with ONS and best practice standards our experiences • Create and publish a clear Portfolio Delivery Strategy, including a detailed portfolio assurance map Enhanced decision making due to higher • Publish high quality monthly Executive Information Packs quality, and more timely provision, of2 • Provide a high quality reporting and escalation process, with flexible information enabling increased delivery monthly „Zooms‟ for decision and assurance confidence • Build and maintain great relationships with major stakeholders and governance teams • Provide a standard “business change lifecycle” so everyone knows how we deliver change in ONS A collaborative, energised and open team • Work with Directors to allocate and re-allocate project management, culture where the ONS Values and Breaking3 PMO and Business Analyst resources where needed the Mould principles form the core of what we • Chair Monthly Portfolio Delivery Team meetings enabling a shared do voice from the portfolio delivery team • Provision of training, development and PPM events More effective allocation of project and • Regularly updated Portfolio Delivery Strategy incorporating planning business area resources based on an standards to enable key milestones to be managed4 increased understandingof the overall portfolio • Work collaboratively to ensure timely, high quality status information of change and through reduction of risk on portfolio milestones, risks, dependencies and resources Reduced effort of recruiting quality people,on- • Central PDU recruitment process and on-boarding5 boarding, and meeting their training and • Coordination of training and career development solutions across the development needs portfolio
  8. 8. Value Experience: Portfolio Delivery Key value you will experience Things we do to drive value experience • Provide development centres for the portfolio delivery team together with More focus on your long term tailored career paths that match individual aspirations and business needs. career in ONS with a provision of • Provide a home for project professionals from which they can derive a sense of1 training, development and a sense of energy, collaboration, enthusiasm and belonging belonging • A resource allocation / re-allocation process giving project professionals a steady transition from project to project • Facilitate all recruitment for project, programme, PMO and Business Analyst More efficient recruitment for PPM skills for projects in the portfolio2 skills with forward looking skills • Portfolio level resource plans enabling better understanding of the resource planning demand and capacity within • Improved decision-making through a streamlined and supported internal More efficient approach to business case production, process3 Governance approvals, within ONS • Clear route, guidance and support through the external Treasury and Efficiency and Central Government Reform Group approvals process Increased consistency, efficiency • Provision of clear templates, guidance and support for internal and external and quality of reporting packs and (Major Projects Authority, Efficiency Reform Group) approvals and assurance4 other stakeholder information • Creation of standard Highlight Reports and Project Board packs supported by requirements new planning guidance Reduced time and effort with the • Creation of standard reporting information that can be re-used and modified provision of information to multiple5 quickly to meet the needs of all stakeholders e.g. highlight report feeds ELT stakeholders information packs and other Cabinet Office returns
  9. 9. Value Experience: Benefits and Investment Key value you will experience Things we do to drive value experience • Support business areas throughout the staged business case process More effective personal support • Ensure tools and templates are flexible and fit for purpose1 throughout the project start up and • Provide training when required business case process • Coordinate the Benefits Investment Group (BIG) which provide advice, input and assurance on all key areas of the business case Improved overall mechanisms of • Ensure a proportionate, flexible approach to benefit exercises depending benefits planning, tracking and on project type and size2 realisation, saving time and • Development of an ONS Benefits Eligibility Guidance increasing confidence in the benefits • Monitor realisation and report to ELT and ONS Board each quarter • Provide a high quality governance process including Portfolio Delivery Committee More efficient investment decision • Ensure process and support produces fit for purpose business cases3 making based on better information, • Assess each business case for contribution to strategic aims transparency and communication • Manage relationship with Cabinet Office and HM Treasury • Timely and appropriate communication of key investment decisions More effective allocation of • Prioritisation processes in line with financial planning and updates to the4 resources based on a clearer Portfolio Delivery Journey understanding of portfolio priorities • Integrate benefits realisation plans into the Portfolio Delivery Journey Production of higher quality • Provision of lessons learned and knowledge sharing facility5 business cases first time, reducing • Benefits Discovery Workshops helping people to work more the amount of effort needed to amend collaboratively with all aspects of their projects benefits.
  10. 10. Our Key Customers ELT Business Committee ONS Board Major Projects Authority Provide timely, high quality Portfolio Provide timely information to Provide timely and accurate status Delivery status information and ensure an understanding the status of information and facilitate all assurance recommendations that enable effective ONS Portfolio Delivery Journey needs decision making Executive Directors/ Senior Portfolio Delivery Committee Responsible Owners Provide timely, high quality business Ensure Executive Directors are Efficiency Reform Group cases and portfolio status information provided with high quality support on Provide timely, high quality business to support sound recommendations to all aspects of project delivery, cases, plans ensuring compliance with the Executive Team especially allocation and reallocation governance processes of the right skills PPM Community Project / Programme Managers, and Work with the PPM Executive Finance Team PMO Managers Champion, and PPM Head of Ensure accurate control and reporting Provide high value end to Profession to share knowledge, of forecast and actual financial end project and programme experiences, and lessons, performance management support services to to develop PPM capability help deliver successfully within ONS ONS Business Areas Strategy & Standards IT Team Ensure Business Areas are engaged Strategy and Standards Directorate Ensure strong team working and communicated to effectively Work closely with the Design Authority relationships and communication regarding resources requirements to ensure the portfolio aligns with the links are in place to enable shared overall portfolio timescales and Statistical Business Strategy understanding of plans, risks, delivery progress issues and dependencies
  11. 11. Portfolio Delivery Governance Overview ONS Board Provide strategic direction on the ONS Strategy and successful delivery of the ONS Portfolio of projects and programmes Decisions to enable portfolio Executive Board delivery success Ensure the portfolio‟s ongoing contribution to ONS strategic objectives. Make portfolio delivery decisions regarding project investments, resources, portfolio prioritisation, sequencing and the overall realisation of benefits Portfolio Delivery Committee Review the portfolio status and make investment recommendations to Timely, high Executive Leadership Team on funding, resources, risk, portfolio quality status sequencing, dependencies and overall deliverability information Business Investment Group (BIG) Provide a robust, supportive and consistent approach to the production of business cases that support the request for investment Portfolio Delivery Unit Provide all processes, structures and information required to enable effective decision making and portfolio delivery success
  12. 12. Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you have a standard reporting process for projects? You’ve sent me something and I don’t see the value, whoYes, because things move so quickly all projects work to a can I speak to about this?fortnightly reporting cycle. Deadline for all reports (using the Please tell the person that sent it to you immediately andstandard highlight report) is published in our calendar on they will clarify, if you still don‟tsee the value please contactpage 12. Please call [name] if you have any queries. Craig Kilford.How do I recruit project management people? I have a suggestion for improvement, who do I speak to?All Project, Programme, PMO and Business Analyst Speak to anyone on the PDU team and it will be raised at ourrecruitment for projects is coordinated by the PDU. The next team meeting.PDU has a resource pool of PPM Skills and is responsiblefor allocating and reallocating skills. Please contact [name] I need some project management training, who can Ifor assistance. speak to? We don‟t provide accredited training directly but as part ofHow is PDU working with the IT PMO? career planning we do organise training where required.PDU has a written handshake agreement with the IT PMO Please contact [name] for assistance.which ensures we share information, collaborate and learn I’m not in a project or programme management team,from each other. can I still have project management training?My project is coming to an end, how do I find a new post? We‟ll definitely try for you, although the portfolio deliveryIf you‟re a programme or project manager, Project team take priority because there isn‟t a huge budget.Management Office (PMO) or Business Analyst please contact How is PDU measuring its effectiveness? The Head of[name] who will help. PDU scored the perceptions of 65 people across the PPMI want a career in project management, what do I do? community against a „Happiness Index‟. This will bePlease contact [name] who can advise on career repeated to show progress across key areas. Pleasedevelopment. ONS is totally committed to developing the contact Craig Kilford if you‟d like to know moreproject and programme skills of it‟s people. Where are you located? We are located in Newport , room 1.301, but frequently travel between sites where appropriate
  13. 13. PDU Governance Calendar Meeting names have been removed. The calendar has been left to provide you with an indication of the governance timings. Please note that this calendar is based on a fortnightly highlight reporting mechanism and a monthly Executive Management Meeting
  14. 14. Contact the PDU All contact details have been removed. However if you would like further information on the use of the ONS Portfolio Delivery Unit Welcome Pack feel free to email the team. Contact: Postal address: Portfolio Delivery Unit (PDU) Office for National Statistics Government Buildings Newport NP10 8XG
  15. 15. Suggest a presentation subject by emailing Or Tweeting @MrPortfolio