April 2004 Mineral King Group Newsletter, Sierrra Club


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April 2004 Mineral King Group Newsletter, Sierrra Club

  1. 1. Sierra ClubApril, 2004 Mineral King Group NewsSierra Club Mineral King Group/ 559-739-8527Web: http://kernkaweah.sierraclub.org/mineralking/Final Sequoia Monument Plan is Bad News The Sierra Club and other major In his Proclamation, President Clinton environmental organizations are dismayed protected not only the Giant Sequoia by the Final Plan for the Giant Sequoia groves but the entire range of ecosystems National Monument.. The Forest Service within Monument boundaries, “Oak has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to woodlands and chaparral to high-elevation the intent and purpose of the Proclamation subalpine forest, numerous meadows and and ignored our three years of constant streams .. an interconnected web of habitats reminders that they must follow the for moisture-loving species.” He Proclamation. specifically included wildlife such as the Nearly four years after President Pacific fisher and the California spotted Clinton signed the Proclamation creating owl, along geological and archaeological the Giant Sequoia National Monument, resources. He pointed out that the forest the Forest Service has released the Final needed to be restored from the effects of a Decision about how they want to manage century of fire suppression and logging. the Monument: the news for Giant Further, he directed in the Proclamation Sequoias, indeed for all species of the that the removal of trees, except for “When we Monument, is not good. Continued on page 4…. try to pick out anything by itself, we Was this the Intent of the Proclamation? find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” John Muir NOTE: These photo are straight out of the Monument Final Plan depicting the types  of "management" allowed for the Monument including inside groves: heavy machinery, tremendous soil disturbance and logging! Individual Highlights: Your Vote Needed – 2 Upcoming Outings & Events – 3 Volunteer at LeConte Lodge – 7 Science Lesson Plans – 2 Register to Vote! – 3 Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer! – 8
  2. 2. Your Vote Needed in Sierra Club Board Election You may have heard about the The website features enhanced controversy revolving around this year’s navigation so you can easily see all Sierra Club Board of Directors (BOD) candidates answers to a particular election, which has received national question, all the 14 answers of a media coverage. Club entities, unlike particular candidate, or any combination. individual Club leaders, cannot take All answers are limited to 150 words. positions on the election, but often The Candidates Forum Q&A members wonder how they can find out website is a list of candidates answers to more about the candidates than the ballot key questions, presented in such statement. a way that you can easily contrast and This year, there is impartial and compare their positions. relevant information on the Board of This is an important election, Directors candidates online at: and your informed participation will http://www.sierraclub.org/bod/ help determine our future direction. The 2004election/candidate_forum/. National Club is offering this feature to It contains responses from all 17 further the Clubs tradition of an open candidates to 14 key questions and democratic election and to help you developed from a survey of grassroots cast a knowledgeable and informed vote. Club leaders during January. You may also wish to consult with trusted Club leaders – contact any of our Chapter or Group Ex Comm leaders to obtain their personal views. Science Lesson Plans Inspired by John Muir Now Available The Sierra Club announces new for implementing California Education standards-aligned Science Lesson Plans Code Section 37222 and celebrating John inspired by and using John Muirs Muir’s Birthday each April 21. While the adventures and explorations. John Muir original Study Guide is focused on was the famed naturalist, explorer, History and Social Science, the new writer, conservationist, renowned for his lesson plans are aligned to the California exciting adventures in Californias Sierra Academic Content Standards for Science Nevada, among Alaskas glaciers, and or each grade level, K-12. world wide travels in search of natures Both curricula can be used at any beauty. As a writer, he taught the people time of the year, and contain subject of his time and ours the importance of matter relevant outside California as well. experiencing and protecting our natural The new Science Lesson Plans heritage. were written by Janet Wood, M.S. Learning about John Muirs life Geoscience Education, with the John can serve as a launching pad to science- Muir Education Committee of the Sierra based environmental studies through Club. Janet is the Treasurer of the Mineral plant and animal habitats, ecosystems, King Group. earthquakes, avalanches, glaciers, Teachers may obtain the new geology, weather, biodiversity, and Science Lesson Plans free of charge at the forests, as we discover that, as John following website: Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to http://www.sierraclub.org/ everything else in the universe.” john_muir_exhibit/lessons/science/ The Science Lesson Plans arePage 2 of 8 the latest installment in the John Muir Study Guide, a K-12 Curriculum Guide
  3. 3. Upcoming Outings Upcoming Dinner Socials April 17, 2004 – Lady Bug Trail – 3 Dinner Socials in Visalia: miles to Cedar Creek, 6 miles RT, April 14 at 6 p.m - Canton Restaurant Moderate, 3500 ft to 5000 ft elevation. May 12 at 6 p.m. - TBA Meet at 8:30 at Martha Vineyard Parking June 9 at 6 p.m. - picnic at Blain Park Lot near McDonalds. Trip Leader: Sharon Meckenstock 559-732-8458. May 22, 2004 – Tokopah Falls, (or alternate location in case of excessive snow). 3.5 miles RT, Easy, 6720 ft to 7250 ft. Spectacular falls in Spring! Trip Leader: Sharon Meckenstock 559-732- 8458. June 12, 2004 - Muir Grove – 4 miles RT, Moderate, 6750 ft to 6830 ft. This wonderful outing is an educational one geared towards increasing the Clubs knowledge of flora. Participants will be lectured on wildflowers in the upper Sierras and have the opportunity to learn photo techniques from an experienced and talented photographer, Explore, enjoy and Pam Coz-Hill, as she points out the protect the planet. natural beauty of the wilderness. Call trip leader to sign up: Pam Coz-Hill 733- 3882, cnyn_flwr@yahoo.com.Sierra Club Members Need to Register to Vote! Local Sierra Club leaders were recently You can also always obtain a shocked to learn that an amazing percentage of registration card from the Tulare County Sierra Club members are not registered to vote, Elections office in the County Courthouse. or did not vote in the last Presidential election. To have a registration card mailed to In fact, if a majority of Sierra Club members had you, call (559) 733-6275 or 1-800-345- voted in the last Presidential Election, we would VOTE or go to the following website to have not be now dealing with the most extremist anti- a registration card mailed to you: environment President in U.S. History We know that Sierra Club members are among the most http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/votereg1.html educated and intelligent members of our society! Once filled out, you can simply mail We need you to register to vote, and to VOTE in your form! You can even register as a IN THE NEXT ELECTION! In one recent local permanent absentee voter, if you prefer to election, only 19 votes separated winning and vote by mail. losing, so every vote counts! For more information, visit the Tulare In California, and especially in Tulare County Elections Department Voter County, it is easy to register to vote! Registration web page: To register, you must simply complete a http://www.tularecoauditor.org/elections/ voter registration card. You can find register.htm registration cards at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office, city hall, most US Post Offices. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Sequoia Monument (continued from page 1) personal use fuel wood, may take place that have grown too thick and close only if clearly needed for ecological together creating a fire hazard and for restoration and maintenance or public “ecological restoration.” This is the same safety. excuse for logging they used a quarter of a century ago! That language seems pretty straight forward. The forest needs to be The Sierra Club Sequoia Task Harmful Logging Miles restored and trees can only be removed Force supports removal of easily for very good reasons. ignitable brush and small trees, those 4 Away from Structures to 8 inches in diameter from within about 200 feet of developed areas and How to best protect The final Management Decision structures. That should be the first structures in a forest! Somehow the Forest Service priority in reducing fuels and promoting interprets this stricture on tree removal public safety. Cooperative projects with to mean they can continue logging and private property owners and home sell 7.5 million board feet of timber construction using less flammable every year, enough to fill 1500 logging materials is the real key. trucks, for each of ten years. They say Bushes and small trees, the ones they can justified removing ANY that carry fire, are almost never taken to species of trees up to 30 inches in the sawmill because they are too small. diameter from the Monuments forests They are not merchantable and are and Sequoia Groves. The Sierra Club NOT included in the 75 Million Board fought to stop such management Feet of timber the Forest Service plans practices with a lawsuit in the mid to sell from the Monument in the next 1980s. ten years. Scientists tell us that large How do they justify all this tree trees are almost NEVER a flammability removal? They say that this heavy problem; they are very difficult to manipulation is needed to thin the trees ignite! So where is all the projected commercial timber coming from if not for protection of structures and public safety? The Forest Service will 40 inches in diameter and larger. HeForest Service “Management” “develop” huge so-called “threat and astutely notes that it would seem of Sequoia Groves defense zones” that will extend more reasonable to protect, not log, 30 inch than 1 1/2 miles from structures, and, in trees if one hopes to quickly restore 40 addition, they will thin many south and inch trees. west facing slopes. While there may be limited There is no justification for situations that require tree removal heavy forest manipulation in areas up to instead of prescribed fire alone, cutting 3 miles in diameter centering on and removing trees must be the last developed areas. There is no evidence resort, not the first. That is what the that intense thinning of the forest does Proclamation clearly says. That is what anything except make the forest hotter, we demand! dryer and more flammable; further, it destroys the old-forest habitat that is already deficient on Monument lands because of past logging. As one Sequoia expert pointed out, this Monument has a Page 4 of 8 serious deficit of large trees i.e. those
  5. 5. Sequoia Monument (continued from page 4)Sequoia National Park’s Long History of Successful Management How could the Forest Service been excellent. If you have not driven insist that wide spread removal of large or hiked through Sequoia National Park trees is “clearly necessary” and is their recently you should. Prepare for a treat. only option, when Sequoia National You will see a healthy beautiful Park, with the same objectives, forest with redwoods and other species successfully avoids tree removal on looking much like the forest John Muir forests adjacent to Monument lands, in described in his ramblings through the the same Giant Sequoia groves and Sierra in the 19th century with a full Sierran forest ecosystem? The Park has range of healthy forest conditions been using prescribed fire for decades to including evidence of recent fire. You protect communities, reduce fuels, will find yourself wondering why the create diversity, stimulate the growth of Forest Service can’t do the same thing in young sequoias and enhance wildlife the Monument. habitat in a healthy forest. They seldom resort to tree removal. The results haveThe Monument Should be Managed by the Park System Because the Forest Service refuses to intent and spirit of the Proclamation. “The battle we have fought, comply with the spirit of the After many field trips to Sequoia Proclamation, the Sierra Club’s position National Park, the Sequoia Task Force and are still fighting, for the is that Monument should be managed by believes the results of their management forests is a part of the the National Park Service--specifically are excellent. Sequoia National Park has eternal conflict between Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park-- a proven track record and offers the right and wrong, and we instead of by the Forest Service. We are nations highest standards in resource NOT recommending that the Monument management. The Monument deserves cannot expect to see the end become a Park; it should remain a nothing less. of it. I trust that our Club National Monument, managed in strict will not weary in this forest accordance with the Proclamation that well-doing. The fight for the created it. Almost all the nations National Monuments are managed by forest parks and reserves is the Park System; the Giant Sequoia by no means over”. National Monument should be too! The - John Muir, 1895 Park Service would comply with theWhat’s Next? Nearly every national and local and going through the stress of litigation, environmental organization is studying but we are not going to turn aside and let the final Monument Management Plan. the Forest Service go ahead with The Sequoia Task Force/Sierra Club will business as usual. These lands are no file an administrative appeal by the longer in the timber base; they are now March 1st deadline. a National Monument which supersedes The Forest Service received over all past directives. If they will not listen 16,000 comments on their Plan, many of to us they will have to listen to the them from those of you reading this courts. article. The Forest Service didnt listen. The Administrative Appeal process is the Forest Service’s last chance to change its ways without our going to court. We do not enjoy filing lawsuits Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Sequoia Monument (continued from page 5) What You Can Do If you want to put in your two Urge the State’s continued support for cents worth, now the most effective one of California’s most treasured thing you can do is to write our United resources. States Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Tell them that the Let our leaders know how important it is Management Plan the Forest Service has for the Giant Sequoia National adopted is a Logging Plan, not a plan Monument to have the highest and best to protect the Monument’s resources. management possible; urge their Point out that the Plan they have support! adopted would cost 3.4 million dollars per year while the rejected Alternative 4, which relies on prescribed fire as the primary management tool with little tree cutting, would only cost 2.1 million dollars per year. This would save taxpayers 1.2 million dollars every year AND provide sound management. Ask them to demand that the Forest Service withdraw the Management Plan and write a new one that complies with President Clinton’s Proclamation. If the “I want to ensure that these Forest service refuses to listen ask themmajestic cathedral groves, which to support efforts to transfer the John Muir called management of the Giant Sequoia Get on the Sequoia Task Force National Monument to the National Park Newsletter Mailing List and e-mail Alert `natures masterpiece, Service. You can also let the new List. Send your name, address, and email are protected for future California Governor know that you are address to:generations to study and enjoy.” proud of the state’s role in successfully sequoia@kernkaweah.sierraclub.org - President Bill Clinton, championing the Monument against http://www.sierraclub.org/ca/sequoia/ Tulare County’s lawsuit to dismantle it. April, 2000. Contact Your Representatives! Urge the Governor to continue Senator Barbara Boxer Californias strong defense of this United States Senate wonderful Monument! 112 Hart Senate Office Building Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Washington D.C. 20510 (202) State Capitol Building 224-3553 Sacramento, CA 95814 boxer.senate.gov/contact Phone: 916-445-2841 Fax: 916-445-4633 Your Representative: governor@governor.ca.gov U.S. House of Representatives, <mailto:governor@governor.ca.gov> Washington, DC 20515 (202) 224-3121 Senator Dianne Feinstein To Find and Write Your United States Senate Representative: 331 Hart Senate Office Building http://www.house.gov/writerep/ Washington D.C. 20510 (202) 224-3841 feinstein.senate.gov/email.html Page 6 of 8 http://feinstein.senate.gov/email.html
  7. 7. Volunteers Needed at Sierra Club’s Home in Yosemite Valley Please call or email the Curator to discuss volunteering at LeConte Memorial Lodge this season. For more information, see: http://www.sierraclub.org/education/ leconte/volunteering.asp CONTACT: Dr. Bonnie J. Gisel, Curator, 209 372-4542; 209 403-6676 LeConte Memorial Lodge, leconte.curator@sierraclub.org the Sierra Club’s home in Yosemite National Park, is celebrating its Centennial during the 2004 Season which begins on April 30, 2004. We are looking for Sierra Club Members interested in volunteering one week to assist in keeping the doors of the Memorial open to our many visitors. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet families and friends from around the world and to share your own interests in wilderness. Please consider spending one week this season with us at LeConte Memorial Lodge. As a volunteer, entrance to the Park is free, and you may camp with us, free-of-charge, under the Ponderosa Pine near the Merced River with a wonderful view of Half- Dome. Many weeks are still The LeConte Volunteer Campsite is nestled in the available. Bring a friend or family forest, next to the river, just beyond this meadow! member and volunteer together. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Sierra Club Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!Mineral King Group Your local Sierra Club Group is composed P.O. Box 3543 entirely of volunteers. Dont just sit back and let others . Visalia, CA 93278 do all the varied tasks. Mineral King group has 400 Please send us your e-mail USA members and just a few keep things going. Volunteer a address for periodic news updates from the Mineral little time it doesnt have to be a big commitment. King Group. E-mail your Phone: (559) 739-8527 Here’s a few ideas of how to get involved: request to: 1. Attend a “mailing party” to send the next newsletter. harold.wood@ E-Mail: sierraclub.org harold.wood 2. Send us our e-mail address for periodic updates and @sierraclub.org activities. 3. Attend a hearing or meeting of our local board of supervisors or planning commission and report back to We’re on the Web! group. See us at: 4. Come to a group meeting or social. 5. Write a letter or e-mail supporting a club priority to http://kernkaweah. your legislators. sierraclub.org/mineralking 6. Visit our website! 7. Register to vote and help get out the vote for pro- environment candidates. Your Mineral King Group 8. Please contact us if you’d like to help at any level! is your local Sierra Club We need you! Group for Tulare County The Group ExComm meets the fourth Monday of the west of Porterville, and for month. Any member is always welcome to attend. Kings County. For more information, contact our Membership Chair: Beverly Garcia 592-9865 or gmachine@psnw.com.SIERRA CLUBP.O. Box 3543Visalia, CA 93278USA